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PROPHECY XLII. The restoring of the kingdom to Israel. Acts i. 6. P. 304.

PROPHECY XLIIT. The present rejection and final conversion of the Jews, when

the fulness of the Gentiles shall have come. Rom. xi, 1-33. P. 306.

PROPHECY XLIV. The visible manifestation of Christ to confound Antichrist.

Rev i. 7. P. 314.

Conclusion. P. 316.


VOL. I. 4.1. 8. Note, for the comma after finished place a period 5. I. 17. Note, for, after days place . 15. I. 4 from the bottom for ther read their 19. I. 18. for Thus read thus 20. 1. 4. Note, for , after advent place . 42. I. 15. for last read lost 47.1. 23. Note, for di read da 51. last line Note, place the mark of a parenthesis after excepted 55. I. 3. for lose read loose 59. I. 9. for companies read companions 75. 1. 25. erase , after is 89. 1. 16. for bare read bear 91. I. 14. for sat read set 107. I. 3 from the bottom for the is thee read thee is the (in a few copies 119. 1. 22. Note, for your grow read yop1880 14 171. 1. 17. for now read new 187. l. L. for Delt read Delta 196. 1. 3. for real read reel 215. 1. 10. Note, erase , after them 220. 1. 1. for . after Antichrist place, . 230. 1. 20. for descrbe read describe 248. I. 4. from the bottom Note, insert that between tongue and shadi 252. 1. 8. Note, for 815nlalo read Elvimleło 253. d. 12. for natives read nations


The judicial blindness of the Jews--their preservation from · entire destruction. Isaiah vi. 8-13. P. 102.

PROPHECY V. The birth of Christ---his second advent—the blessings of his millennian kingdom--the restoration and conversion of Israel--the exhaustion of the mystic Euphrates and Nile the overthrow of the Antichristian sovereign of the mystic Babylon in the land of Palestine. Isaiah xi. xii. xiii, xiv. 1-27. P. 105.

PROPHECY VI. The dispersion of the Jews--the irruption of Antichrist at the

time of their restoration—the character of some maritime nation destined to restore the converted Jews--the occupa. tion of mount Zion by Antichrist_his invasion of Egypt the state of Egypt at this period--the religious connection of Assyria, Israel, and Egypt. Isaiah xvii. xviii. xix. P. 144.

PROPHECY VII. The dispersion of the Jews-their restoration from the west

-the lamentation of Judah on account of the treachery of Antichrist-his restoration in the inidst of great political troubles--the overthrow of Antichrist-the triumph of the restored Jews--the certainty of their restoration and of the overthrow of Antichrist-the exhaustion of the Euphrates and the Nile. Isaiah xxiv. xxv. xxvi. xxvii. P. 193.

PROPHECY VIII. . The dispersion and subsequent restoration of the Jews--the overthrow of the mystic Assyrian. Isaiah xxx, 17-33. P. 216.

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The desolation of the mystic Edom--the miracles of Christ

at his first and second advent-the restoration of the Jews, Isaiak xxxiv. xxxv. P. 221.

PROPHECY X. The first advent--the second advent--the overthrow of

Antichrist the conversion and restoration of the spiritually blind Jews--a denunciation against Babylon. Isaiah xlii. xliii. 1 21. P. 230.

PROPHECY XI. The gathering both of Jews and Gentiles into the millennian,

church--the greatness of Israel--the fall of Antichrist. Isaiah xlix. 5—26. P. 240.


The joy and prosperity of the once desolate church of Judah

at the time of the restoration--the vain gathering together. of Antichrist. Isaiah liv. P. 246.


The spiritual glory of the millennian church-the continental

restoration of the ten tribes—the maritime restoration of the converted of Judah. Isaiah lx. P. 250.


The restoration and conversion of Judah--the triumph of

Christ over the mystic Edom, Isaiah lxii. Ixiii, P. 257.


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