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(PROPHECY XV. The call of the Jews--the mystic birth of the Jewish nation

a description of the Antichristian confederacy—its overthrow-the scattering of such as escape-the restoration of the converted ten tribes—the glories of the millennium. Isaiah lxvi. 5-24. P. 273.

.PROPHECY XVI. The captivity, restoration, conversion, and union, of Israel and Judah--the invasion of Palestine from the north by Antichrist-his destruction.' Jer. ii. 1-18. iv. 5—29. i. 13—15. vi. 1, 22, 23. X. 22-25. xii. 10-17. P. 284.

PROPHECY XVII. The idolatry of the Israelites in the land of their dispersion| their restoration by sea and hy land—the punishment of Judah--the general conversion of the Gentiles. Jer. xvi. 13--21. P. 299.

... PROPHECY XVIII. A denunciation against those who have tyrannized over Israel

-the restoration and conversion both of Israel and Judab. Jer. xxiii. 1–8. P. 304.

PROPHECY XIX. The general restoration of Israel--the restoration of Judah in a

time of great trouble--the overthrow of Antichrist the certainty of the restoration of Israel, and his happy state subsequent to it. Jer. xxx. xxxi. P. 307.

PROPHECY XX. The desolation of the mystic Edom. Lamen. iv. 21, 22.

Pa 321.


VOL. II. '

The restoration and conversion of the Jews.

13--21, P. 3.

Ezek, xi,


The restoration and conversion of Judah and Israel--the con

version of the Gentiles— Jerusalem the head of all churches, though not by the Mosaical covenant. Ezek. xvi. 46–63. P. 5.


The restoration of Israal-the long sufferings of the Jews in

the course of their return. Ezek. XX. 33-44. P. 8.

PROPHECY XXIV. The overthrow of the mystic Tyre and her prince preparatory

to the complete restoration and prosperity of Israel. Ezek. xxvi. 7--21. xxvii. xxviii. P. 13,


The dispersion of Israel through the tyranny of their shepherds

-God will require his people at their hands—the restoration of Judah partly in a converted and partly in an unconverted state--the opposition of the unconverted to the converted, a proof that the unconverted will be restored by Antichrist-downfall of the mystic Edom-the political revival, restoration, and final union of Israel and Judahthe overthrow of Gog and Magog at the end of the Mil. lennium. Ezek. xxxiv, xxxv. xxxvi. 1--32. xxxvii. xxxviii, xxxix. P. 49.


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Descriptive character of the powers that will compose the

Antichristian confederacy-the progress of Antichrist to
Palestine-his overthrow there the restoration of Judah
during a tiine of great trouble at the close of the 1260
years. Dan. ii. 40-45, 34, 35. vii. 7-27. Rev. xiii.
xvii. Dan. xi. 36-45. xii. Rev. xvi. 12-21. xviii.
P. 109.

The restoration of Israel - their instrumentality in converting

the Gentiles-the state of the Jews in tbe days of their dis-
persion. Hosea i. 2-11. ii. 21---23. iii. P. 140.

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.. PROPIIECY XXVIII. ini, The captivity of Judah and Israel the application of some

of their members to the mystic Assyrian to effect their restoration--their distress--their final political revival. Hosea v. &-.15. vi. P. 147.

The successive restoration of Judah and Israel. Hosea xi.

Ser 12. P. 158.a

PROPHECY XXX. The restoration and conversion of Israel-his rejection of . Anticbrist. Hosea xiva P, 162,

Irruption of Antichrist inta Palestinem his destruction there

pomgeneral effusion of the Holy Spirit-a description of the
overthrow of the coufederated nations at the period of the
restoration of Judah. Joel is 1-14. ii, ii, P. 367a


PROPHECY XXXII. The dispersion of the Jews, and the occupation of their

country by foreign invaders-their restoration and triumph over the mystic Edom. Amos viii. 11, 12, ix. Luisa 15 P. 200.

PROPHECY XXXIII. The certainty of the restoration of Judah and Israel. Micah

ii. 12, 13. P. 205.

PROPHECY XXXIV. The glories of the millennian church-the mystic birth of the

Jewish nation--the overthrow of the Antichristian Confede. 'racy partly by the instrumentality of the Jews the advent of Christ-be protects the now converted Jews, and destroys the mystic Assyrian— the instrumentality of the Jews in the conversion of the Gentiles. Micah iv. v. P. 207.


Lamentation of the dispersed church of Israel-a promise of

her restoration and the overthrow of Antichrist. Micah vii. P. 219.

PROPHECY XXXVI. The dispersion of the Jews--the sacking of Jerusalem by the Romans--the call of the converted Jews--their triumphant settlement in their own land--the destruction of the mystic Nineveh--the prevalence of pure religion the instrumen

tality of some great maritime nation in restoring the Jews. : Zeph, 1.2--18. ii, üi. P. 227.

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PROPHECY XXXVII, The various dispersions of Israel by four kingdoms of the · Gentiles--the final restoration and prosperity of the Jews

-the miraculous overthrow of Antichrist, Zech. i, 12-21, P. 255.

PROPHECY XXXVIII. The general restoration of the Jews, and the conversion of

the Gentiles, Zech. viii. 2–23. P. 263.

PROPHECY XXXIX. The instrumentality of Judah in the overthrow of Antichrist

--the restoration of Joseph--his office of converting the Gentiles-the fate of Egypt and Assyria. Zech, X. 3-12, P. 267.


The miraculous overthrow of the Antichristian confederacy

-the conversion of certain Jews in Jerusalem-the preser, vation and conversion of the third part of the Antichristian confederacy—the previous sacking of Jerusalem by Antichrist-the manifestation of Messiah to destory Antichrist the extermination of false religion--the destruction of Antichrist-the prevalence of true religion-the nature of the plague with which the faction of Antichrist will be afflicted--the part which Judah will act--the final conversion and prosperity of Judah. Zech. xii. xiii. xiv. P. 273.

PROPHECY XLI, The restoration of the Jews at the close of the times of the Gentiles. Luke xxi. 20.-24. P. 298.


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