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Page 150 - Pretty ! in amber to observe the forms Of hairs, or straws, or dirt, or grubs, or worms ! The things, we know, are neither rich nor rare, But wonder how the devil they got there.
Page 10 - An admirable and most forcible way to drive up water by fire, not by drawing or sucking it upwards, for that must be as the philosopher calleth it, infra spheeram activitatis, which is but at such a distance. But this way hath no bounder, if the vessels be strong enough ; for I have taken a piece of a whole cannon, whereof the end was burst, and filled it...
Page 371 - Behold, I will bring again the shadow of the degrees, which is gone down in the sun-dial of Ahaz, ten degrees backward. So the sun returned ten degrees, by which degrees it was gone down.
Page 10 - One vessel of water rarefied by fire driveth up forty of cold water ; and a man that tends the work is but to turn two cocks, that, one vessel of water being consumed, another begins to force and refill with cold water, and so successively, the fire being tended and kept constant, which the selfsame person may likewise abundantly perform in the interim, between the necessity of turning the said cocks.
Page 173 - GEOLOGY is the science which investigates the successive changes that have taken place in the organic and inorganic kingdoms of nature ; it enquires into the causes of these changes, and the influence which they have exerted in modifying the surface and external structure of our planet.
Page 484 - I at length found myself,' says he, 'as if placed in a charnel-house, surrounded by mutilated fragments of many hundred skeletons of more than twenty kinds of animals piled confusedly around me : the task assigned me was to restore them all to their original position. At the voice of comparative anatomy, every bone, and fragment of a bone, resumed its place.
Page 197 - In all the particulars just enumerated, the Negro structure approximates unequivocally to that of the monkey. It not only differs from the Caucasian model ; but is distinguished from it in two respects ; the intellectual characters are reduced, the animal features enlarged and exaggerated.
Page 65 - I filled a glass flask half full of distilled water, in which I mixed various animal and vegetable substances; I then closed it with a good cork, through which I passed two glass tubes bent at right angles, the whole being air-tight. It was next placed in a sand-bath, and heated until the water boiled violently, and thus all parts had reached a temperature of 212° F.
Page 136 - ... a large pipe into a cylindrical vessel, and there condensed, makes a vacuum, which causes the weight of the atmosphere to press on this vessel, and so presses down a piston that is fitted into this cylindrical vessel, in the same manner as in Mr. Newcomen's engine, with which he raises water by fire.
Page 65 - I performed my experiments during the summer, to that of heat. At the same time I placed near it an open vessel, with the same substances that had been introduced into the flask, and also after having subjected them to a boiling temperature. In order now to renew constantly the air within the flask, I sucked with my mouth, several times...

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