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4 The rich inheritance of heav'n

Your joy, your boast is freely giv'n ;
Fair Salem your arrival waits,

With golden freets and pearly gates. 5 Her bless'd inhabitants no more,

Bondage and poverty deplore ;
No debt, but love immensely great,

The joy Nill rises with the debt.
6 O happy fouls that know the found?

Celestial light their steps furround,
And shew that jubilee begun,
Which thro'eternal years shall run.

All in AH.
HOME, tho' we can truly fing,

In our fleth dwells no good thing:
Yet on him who gives us all,
We're embolden's still to call.
2 Blind, and foolish once were we,

Christ our wisdom now we see
In this wisdom, we confide,

By this, we are justifi'd.
3 Once in breaking God's command,
Doom'd to death beneath his hand

; Now we're call’d to own and bless,

Jesus Christ, our righteousoess. 4 Without purity of heart

Truth divine will say depart,
But this holiness we find,
In the Saviour of mankind.


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5 Many, mighty are our foes!

Human thele, angelic chose,
Where for refuge fall we fee?

Chrif our great redemption fee ! 6 Seraphs, flames of sacred firs,

View this inyltry with desire ;
Hark! ibe bright enraptur'd throng

Catch, and raile the grateful fong. 7 Oye.ihrones of heav'nly light,

Since you're fav'd from endless night,
· And since we are rais'd to you,
Let uş Atill the fong pursue.

Alpha and Omega. *H

AIL, Alpha and Omega, hail!

Thou great beginning, glorious end!
From first to last, fiom lait to first,
God, Father, Saviour, Brother; Friend.
No change of will, nor lapse of pow'r,
Shall alter or impede thy plan
One grand, consistent, perfect whole,

Is thine, thou head of ev'ry man. 3 Ere morning stars, creation sang,

?Th eternal purpose was complete ;
Nor can the idle whirl of time,
Thy everlasting love defeat.

FAITHFUL and true, the Man divine

On ev'ry promile stamps Amen...


Nor e're shall fail a single line,
Engrav'd by love's eternal pen.
“ Let man be sav'd,” the Father said:
“ So be it ;" Jesus, Jesus cried :
Nay more, the Saviour bow'd his head :

That man might live, Christ Jesus died, 3

Amen of God! Amen of man!
Beginning ! Author ! final End!
High praise await Salvation's plan,
There one Amen for all is pen'd.

Baptizer with the Holy Spirit and Fire,
JESUS, in ancient days,

Thine Ifriel saw thc Aame
From heav'n descend, to visit earth,

And prais'd thy glorious name. 2 Give us to join their fong,

To hail thee, ever good;
And mid the fire, may we adore,

Th' unchanging, gracious God. 3 Thy fan fhall purge the floor :

Thy fire, the chaff dellroy :
And gath'ring of the cleansed wheat,
Thy fheaves Thall sing for joy.
Blessed in Him with all Spiritual Blessings.
WHAT bleflings in the Lamb abounk !

To all who know the joyful sound :
Thy countenance, O Lord, sall shine
On them, with brightness all divinc.


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2. The grievances which them opprefs'd,

In Jelus now they fee redress'd;
This mercy we thy worms now prove,

And bless thy grace, thou God of love. 3 Infinite wisdom! all our days

Wilt we admirė thủ pleasant ways;
Thy paths are peace; we'll run and bless
The Lord our life and righteousaefs.
HYMN CXXII. L. M. [Arts.]

Deity and Humanity of Chrif.
RE the blue heav'ns were tretch'd abroad,

From everlasting was the word : With God he was; the word wặs God,

And mult divitely be ador'd.
2. By his own pow'r were all things made,

By him fupported all things fand;
He is the whole creation's head,

And angets fly at his command. 3

Ere sin was born, or Satan fell,
He led the holt of morning stars ;
Thy generation who can tell,

Or count the number of thy years?
4 But lo, he leaves those heav'nly forms,

The Word descends and dwells in clay,
That he may hold converfë with worms,
Dressd in such feeble felh as they
$ Mortals with joy behold his face,

Th'eternal Father's only Son ;
How {ùll of truth! how fuil of grace !
When thro’his eyes the Godhead shore !

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Archangels leave their high abode,
To learn new myst'ries here ; and tell
The love of our descending God,
The glories of Immanuel.

Door. ; AWAKE, our fous, and bless his name:

Who opens wide a door of hope

In Achor's gloomy 'vale:
2 Behold the portal wide display?d,

The building Atrong and fair ;
Within are pastures fresh and green,

And living streams are there."
3 Enter, my foul, with cheerful halte,

For Jesus is the door ;
Nor fear the serpent's 'wily arts,

Nor fear the lion's roar.
4 O may thy grace the nations lead,

And Jews and Gentiles 'come,
All trav’lling thro' one beauteous gate
To one éternal home.

Eternity and Deity of Chrift.
AIL: high, exalted righteous man,

First of the ways of God!
Whose work of love in thee begun,

As witnessd by thy blood:
2 Before the fons of God declar'd

With shouts their folemn joy:


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