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And taking up his room,
Difpenfing life and grace:

The law by Aaron's priesthood came,
But grace and truth by Jefus' name.
2 My Lord a priest is made,
As fware the mighty God,
To Ifr'el and his feed;
Ordain'd to offer blood,

For finners who his mercy feek,
A priest, as was Melchizedek.
3 He once temptations knew,
Of ev'ry fort and kind,
That he might fuccour fhew,
To ev'ry tempted mind:

In ev'ry point the Lamb was tried
Like us, and then for us he died.

4 He dies, but lives again,

And by the altar ftands;
There fhews how he was flain,
Op'ning his pierced hands.

Our Prieft abides, and pleads the cause Of us, who have tranfgrefs'd his laws. 5 I other Priests disclaim,

And laws, and off'rings too,
None but the bleeding lamb
The mighty work can do:

He fhall have all the praise, for he
Hath lov'd, and liv'd, and di'd for me.


C. M. [WATTS.]

High Prieft, merciful and faithful.
WITH joy we meditate the grace
Of our High Priest above

His heart is made of tenderness,
His bowels melt with love.

z Touch'd with a fympathy within,
He knows our feeble frame;

He knows what fore temptations mean,
For he has felt the fame.

3 But fpotlefs, innocent, and pure,
The great Redeemer ftood,

While Satan's fiery darts he bore,
And did refift to blood.

He, in the days of feeble flefh,
Pour'd out his cries and tears,
And in his meature.feels afresh
What ev'ry member bears.

5 He'll never quench the fmoaking flax, But raise it to a flame:

The bruifed reed he never breaks,
Nor fcorns the meanest name.

6 Then let our humble faith addrefs
His mercy and his pow'r,
We fhall obtain deliv'ring grace,
In the diftreffing hour.


S. M.


Seeker and Saviour of the loft.

JESUS, 'tis thine to feek,
'Tis thine to fave by grace,
thine to

The ruin'd, wand'ring, loft, undone,

Of Adam's guilty race.

2 No height, nor depth of fin,

Of wretchedness, or woe,

Precluded, Lord, thy boundless love,
To helpless man below.

3 Deep as our depths of guile,
Didit thou, O Chrift, defcend;
And lo, the prodigal is found,
Of his almighty friend.
4 Come, grateful finners, come,
The feeker, Saviour, laud;
Forever blefs his gracious name';
And praise the loving God.



Sinner's Friend....:

!YE children of my God,

Ye dear, peculiar race,

Who're wash'd in Jesus' blood,
And fav'd, thro' faith by grace.
Attend and join to tell his fame,
Whom John the baptift call'd the Lamb.

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He lov'd the finner's train ;

His love, him forc'd to die,...?

Compell'd him to be flain


For us, and in our stead, he flood,
With all his garments roll'd in blood.

3 His heart he fet on us

When we were enemies;
And on th' accurfed crofs,
Amidft his tears and cries,
He pray'd for us, who us'd him fọ,
Father, they know not what they do!

He thought upon us, when
The blood ran from his heart;
In all his grief and pain,

In all his chiefelt smart :

Tho' we it caus'd, he all forgave,
And bare it, that he might us fave.
5 Still he remains the same,
His foes he loves, and cries,
Believe ye in my name,

Lift up, ye loft, your eyes;
Behold me, and you yet shall live,

I freely will falvation give.




HE Lord my pafture fhall prepare, And feed me with a fhepherd's care; His prefence fhall my wants fupply And guard me with a watchful eye; My noon day walks he fhall attend, And all my midnight hours defend. 2 When in the fultry glebe I faint, Or on the thirsty mountains pant, To fertile vales, and dewy meads, My weary, wand'ring fteps he leads Where peaceful rivers, foft and flow, Amid the verdant landscape flow... 3 Tho' in the paths of death I tread, With gloomy horrors overspread, My ftedfaft heart shall fear no ill, For thou, O Lord, art with me ftill; Thy friendly crook fhall give me aid, And guide me thro' the dreadful hade.

4 Tho' in a bare and rugged way,
Thro' devious lonely wilds I ftray,'
Thy bounty fhall my pains beguile ;"
The barren wilderness fhall fmile,
With fudden greens and herbage crown'd,
And streams fhall murmur all around.

Son of Man.

AWAKE my foul, arife,"

Review falvation's plan :
Behold all nature's fov'reign Lord
The Son, the Son of Man.

What need of further proof,
That God is love fupreme?
Here goodness, mercy, juftice, grace,
In full refplendence beam.

3 Will Jefus e'er deny,

This title which he wears?"

Sure no; for 'mid his glorious throne,
The name of Man he bears.

4 Then truft my foul, thy All,
To God, to Man, in one :

And humbly wait the coming day,
Which crowns the perfect Son.

HYMN CXLIII. L. M. [JAMES RELLY.] Unchangeable. 1 HERE fhall no trouble or dismay

Reach us, nor want, nor fin, nor shame,
For Chrift to day and yesterday,
And to eternity's the fame.


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