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Of our dear brother's precious duft,
Until the rifing of the just.

3 One with the body of the Lamb,
Seal'd with Immanuel's new name,
A member of his flesh and bone,
By blood redeem'd, to heav'n he's gone.
4 Then mourn not o'er the lifeless clay,
But wait the refurrection day;

When Chrift the Saviour fhall appear,
And he come with him in the air.

A Funeral Hymni

1 MOST precious in our Saviour's fight,


Are all his faints unnotic'd death!

He bears them to eternal light,
When they refign their mortal breath.
2 Precious the foul by him redeem'd ;
From threat'ning evils fnatch'd away,
Precious their duft, by him efteem'd,
He'll raise it at the latter day.


Free from this world's unnumber'd cares,
From Satan's rage, and human fpite,
From fin's diftrefs and gloomy fears;
How precious this in fefus' fight!

4 All this, and more, our brother proves
Now he the Son of man can fee;
He fees, he feels, he joys, he loves,
And all from intermiffion free.


HYMN CLXXVII. L. M. [S. STENNETT.] I THUS we commemorate the day,

On which our dearest Lord was flain; Thus we our pious homage pay, Till he appears on earth again. z Come, great Redeemer, open wide The curtains, of the parting sky; On a bright cloud in triumph ride, And on the wind's (wift pinions fly.

3 Come, King of Kings, with thy bright train, Cherubs, and Seraphs, heav'nly hots; Affume thy right, enlarge thy reign,

As far as earth extends her coafts.

4 Come, Lord, and where thy crofs once stood, There plant thy banner, fix thy throne; Subdue the rebels by thy word,

And claim the nations for thy own.


C. M. [1. LANE.]

This my blood was fhed for many.

1 MORTALS, behold the dying love
Of your redeeming King;

Ye, who redemption's wonders prove,
His mighty praise fhould fing:

2 While you his broken body fee,
And feast on heav'nly bread;
Mark how he groan'd on Calvary;
Behold him, with the dead.

3 Sinners! the cup, o'erflowing, view,
And taste the cheering wine;
Think how his fide was peirc'd for you,
T' appeafe the wrath divine.

4 Then let his praife be your employ
While life and breath remain ;

Soon fhall we foar to realms of joy,
And raise a louder ftrain.




My Body given for you.

JESUS, when faith with fixed eyes

Beholds thy wond'rous facrifice,

Love rifes to an ardent flame,
And we all other hope difclaim.

2 With cold affections who can fee,

The thorns, the fcourge, the nails, the tree,
Thy flowing tears, and purple sweat,
Thy bleeding hands, and head and feet?

3 Look, faints, into his opening fide,
The breach how large, how deep, how wide!
Thence iffues forth a double flood,
Of cleanfing water, pard'ning blood,

4 Hence, O my foul, a balfam flows,
To heal thy wounds and cure thy woes ;-
Immortal joys come ftreaming down,..
Joys, like his grief, immenfe, unknown.
5 Thus I could fit, and ever fing
The fuff'rings of my heavhly King;
With glowing pleasure spread abroad
The myf'ries of a dying God,



Do this in remembrance of me.

IN mem❜ry of our dying Lord,

We take the facred bread and wine;
And thankfully his grace record,
How bright his love and mercy fhine!

2 In lively figures here we fee
The crucifi'd Redeemer's face,
Expiring on the curfed tree,
To ranfom our apoftate race.
Sinners to fave from endless woes,
The wrath divine he finks beneath;
The law's dread curfe he undergoes,
At once difarming fin and death.
4 Here Jefus all his grace difplays,
And makes his brighteft glories known;
To him each faint glad homage pays,
And triumphs in his crofs alone.


L. M. I. LANE.]

The love of Chrift commemorated.


REAT God, thy pow'r and wisdom shine, In all the works thy band hath wrought; But mercy, love, and grace divine, Exceed the pow'r of fpeech, or thought. 2 Thy precious blood, immortal Lamb, Takes from the world its guilt away; Our fin, and curfe, reproach and fhame. Are drown'd in thine own crimson fea. 3 Salvation! 'tis a welcome found, To weary, fouls by fin opprefs'd;


Here, finners, you may heal your wounds,
And foothe your griefs and fears to reft.

While in this dark abode we stay,
Our feeble voices let us raise

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Then up to glory wing our way,
And join the eternal fong of praise.


C. M.


Shewing forth the Lord's death.

! TOGETHER with these symbols, Lord, Thy blessed felf impart;

And let thy very flesh and blood
Feed the believing heart.

2 Let us from all our fins be wash'd
In thy redeeming blood;

And let thy fpirit be the feal,
That we are fons of God.

3 Come, Holy Ghost, with Jesus' love,
Prepare us for this feaft;
And let us banquet with our Lord,
And lean upon his breast.


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Jefus, at the Feast of Love.

OUR heav'nly Father calls,

And Chrift invites us near;

With both, our friendship shall be sweet,
And our communion dear.

2 God pities all our griefs;
He pardons ev'ry day;
Almighty to protect our fouls,
And wife to guide our way.

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