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Afüst us, Lord to offer up

Our ev’ning sacrifice.
2 Minutes and mercies multiply'd,

Have made up all this day ;
Minutes came quick, buţ mercies were

More swift and free than they. 3

New time, new favor, and new joys,
Do a new song require ;
Till we thall praise thee as we would,

Accept our hearts' desire. 4 Lord of our days, whose hand hath sex

New time upon our score ; 'Thee

may we praise for all our time, When time shall be no more. HYMN CCXVIII.

[STEELE.] A birth day thought. A

LMIGHTY father, gracious Lord,

Kind guardian of my days,
Thy mercies let my heart record,

In songs of grateful praise.
2 In life's first dawn, my tender frame

Was thy indulgent care,
Long ere I could pronounce thy name,

Or breathe the infant pray'r. 3 Each rolling year new favory brought,

From thy exhauslels store :
But Oh! in vain my lab'ring thought

Would count thy mercies o’er.
4 Yes! I adore thee, gracious Lord,

For favors all divine ;

C. M.

That I have known thy facred word

Where Jesus' glories fhir.e.
5 And when this mortal frame decays,

And ev'ry weakness dies;
Complete the wonders of thy grace,
And raise me to the skies.
HYMN CCXIX. P. M. [Robinson.]

New Year's Day.
OME, thou fount of ev'ry blessing,

Tupe my heart to sing thy grace :
Streams of merey never ceasing,
Call for fongs of louJet praise :
Teach me some melodious fonnet,
Sung by flaming tongues above ;
Praise the mount; O 6ix me on it,

Mount of God's unchanging love. 2 Here I raise


Hither by thy help I'm come ;
And I hope by thy good pleasure,
Safely to arrive at home :
Jesus fought me when a stranger
Wand'ring from the fold of God;
He to save my soul from danger,

Interpos'd with precious bloud. 30! to grace how great a debtor,

Daily I'm constrain’d to be!
Let that grace, Lord, like a fetter,
Bind my wand'ring heart to thee !
Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it
Prone to leave the God I love;
Here's my heart, Lord, take and seal it,
Seal it from thy courts above.

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A Wedding Hymn.
INCE Jesus freely did appear

grace a marriage fealt;
O Lord we ask thy presence here,

To make a wedding guest.
2 Upon the bridal pair look down,

Who now have plighted hands,
Their union with thy favor crown,

And bless the nuptial bands. 3 With gifts of grace their hearts endow,

Of all rich dow'rics best !
Their substance bless, and peace bestow,

To sweeten all the reit.
4 In purest love their fouls unite,

That they with christian care,
May make domestic burdens light,

By taking mutual share.
5 True helpers may they prove indeed,

In prayer, and faith, and hope ;
And see with joy a godly seed

To build their houshold up. 6 As Isaac and Rebecca give

A pattern chalte and kind;
So may this married couple live,

And die in friendship join'd.
7 On ev'ry soul assembled here,

O make thy face to shine ;
Thy goodness more our hearts can cheerz.
Than rich:ft food or wine.


The Mourner's Hymn. + PEACE is the Lord Jehovah's hand,

That blalts our joys in death ; Changes the visage once so dear,

And gathers back the breath. 3

Tis he, the potentate supreme,
Of all the worlds above ;
Whofe fteady counfels wisely rule,

Nor from their purpose move.
3 Our cov'nant God, and Father he,

In Christ our bleeding Lord;
Whoie grace can beal the bursting heart,

With one reviving word.
4 Fair garlands of immortal bliss,

He weaves for ev'ry brow;
And thall rebellious pafsions rise,
When he corrects us now.
5 Silent in our Jehovah's name;

We kiss the scourging hand;
And yield our comforts and our life,
To thy supreme command.

For a time of General Sickness. ! DEATH with his dread commission seald,

In awful state he takes the field,

And founds his dire alarms.
2 Attendant plagues around him throng,

And wait his dread command:

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And pains and dying groans, obey

The lignal of his hand.
3 Look up ye heirs of endless joy,

Nor let your fears prevail ;
Eternal life is your reward,

When life on earth {hall fail.
4 Those arrow's that shall wound your flesh,

Were giv'n him from above ;
Dip't in the great Redeemer's blood,
And feather'd all with love,

A funeral thought. ·

ORD thou hast been thy children's God,

All pow'rful, wife, and good, and just; In ev'ry age their fafe abode,

Their hope, their refuge, and their trust, 2 Before thy word gave nature birth,

Or spread the starry heav'ns abroad;
Or form'd the varied face of earth,

Fron everlafting thou art God. 3 Great father of eternity,

How thort our ages in thy fight !
A thousand years how swift they fly,

Like one short, silent watch, of night! 4 Uncertain life, how soon it flies !

Dream of an hour, how short our bloom
Like spring's gay verdure now we rise,

Cūt down at night to fill the tomb ! 5

Teach us to count our short’ņing days,
And with true diligence, apply

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