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Sin fubdued, death destroy'd, man redeemed,

These are glorious works divine. 3 People, nations, tongues and kindreds !

Hail, all hail the mighty God:
Praise Jehovah frong in battle :
Shont the garment rollid in blood.
Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah,
High hofannas shout abroad. :

The Truth and Faithfulnefs of God.:
E humble saints, proclaim abroad,

The honors of a faithful God,
How jult and true are all his ways,

How much above your highest praise ! ; 2 The words his sacred lips declare,

Of his own mind the image bear :
What should him tempt, from frailty free,

Bieit in his self-füfficiency?
3 He will not his great felf deny :

A God all truth can never lie :
As well might he his being quit,

As break his oath, or word forget.
4 Let frighten'd rivers change their courses

Or backward hasten to their fource ;
Swift thro' the air let rocks be huri'd,

And mountains like the chaff be whirl'd, $ Let fun and stars forget to rise,

Or quit their stations in the skies;
Let Heav'n and earth both pass away,
Eternal truth shall ne'er decay.

6 True to his word, God gave his Son,

To die for crimes which men had done ;
Blest pledge! he never will revoke,

A single promise he has spoke.


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Let earth and skies reply,


his name :
His love and grace adore,
Who all our forrows bore ;
Sing aloud evermore,

Worthy the Lamb.
2 Jesus, our Lord and God,
Bore fin's tremendous load,


his name :
Tell what his arm hath done,
What spoils from death he won ;
Sing his great name alone ;

Worthy the Lamb.
3 While they around the throne,
Cheerfully join in one,

Praising his name :
Those who have felt his blood
Sealing their peace with God,
Sound his dear fame abroad,
Worthy the Lamb.

ransom'd' race,
Our holy Lord to bless ;

Praise ye his name:

4 Join, all

In him we will rejoice,
And make a joyful noise,
Shouting with heart and voice,

Worthy the Lamb.
5 What tho' we change our place,
Yet we shall never cease

Praising his name ;
To him our songs we bring,
Hail him our gracious: King;
And without cealing fing,

Worthy the Lamb. 6 Then let the hosts above, In realms of endless love,

Praise his dear name :
To him ascribed be
Honor and majesty,
Thro' all Eternity ;

Worthy the Lamb.

The Pardoning God.

REAT God of wonders ! all thy ways

Are matchless, godlike, and divide ;.
But the fair glories of thy grace
More godlike and unrival'd shine :
Who is a pard’ning God like thee?

Or who has grace so rich and free? 2 Crimes of such horror to forgive,

Such guilty daring worms to spare,
This is thy grand prerogative,
And none fall in the horor share,
Who is a pard’ning God like thee?
Or who has grace lo rich and free ?

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3 Angels and men, resign your claim

To pity, mercy, love and grace ;
These glorious crown Jehovah's Bame
With an incomparable blaze.
Who is a pard'ning God like thee?

Or who has grace fo rich and free? 4 In wonder lot, with trembling joy,

We take the pardon of our God,
Pardor, for crimes of deepest dye,
A pardon feal'd with Jesus' blood.
Who is a pard’ning God like thee?
Or who has grace so rich and free?

Pardon spoken by Chrift.

Saviour, let me hear thy voice

Pronounce the words of peace ! And all my warmest pow'rs fhall join

To celebrate thy grace.
2 With gentle fmiles call me thy child,

And speak my fins forgiv'n :
The accents mild fhall charm mine ear;

All like the harps of heav'n.
3 Cheerful, where'er thy hand snall lead,

The darkest path I'll tread ; - Cheerful I'll quit these mortal hores,

And mingle with the dead. 4

When dreadful guilt is done away,
No other fears we know ;
That hand, which scatters pardon down,
Shall crowns of life bestow.




The Universal prayer. LET the Indian, let the negro,

Let the rude barbarian see, That divine and glorious conquest, Once obtain'd on Calvary ; Let the gospel, let the gospel, let the gospel,

Loud resound from pole to pole.
2 Kingdoms wide that fit in darkness,

Let them have the glorious light,
And from eastern coast to western,
May the morning chase the night, [demption,
And redemption, and redemption, and re-

Freely purchas'd, win the day.
3 May the glorious day approaching,

From eternal darkness dawn,
And the everlasting gospel
Spread abroad, thy holy name ; [ers
All the borders, all the borders, all the bord-

Of the great Immanuel's land.
4 Fly abroad, thou mighty gospel,

Win and conquer, never cease ;
May thy lasting wide dominion,
Multiply, and Atill increase ;
Sway thy sceptre, fway thy sceptre, fway thy
Saviour, all the world around. [sceptre,

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