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National Anthem.

LL hail Almighty, glorious Sire,
Great Ancient of eternal days!
Thy mercies claim the full toa'd lyre;
And all the ftrength of perfect praise.
2 'Twas thine, O God, in elder time,
To make thy glorious arm right bare ;
When thofe, who trod, this defert clime,
Were made, of thee, thy guardian care.
3 In vain the wily hunter fpread,

Ten thoufand ambush'd deaths around:
Their trembling hearts appall'd with dread,
Their fpirits felt thy fecret wound.
4 Amazement feiz'd the favage foe,
Thy terrors fmote his proudeft force'
Thy dew, unftrung the warrior's bow;
Thy tempeft, rul'd the arrow's courfe.

5 Then bloom'd the wafte, at thy command;
Peace, onward led fair freedom's ray;
Life's focial arts adorn'd the land;
Religion fhone in fun bright day.

6 Thefe wond'rous works, O Lord, were thine; Thine be the glory, honor, praife;

While choral fymphonies divine,

In Heaven, and earth, prolong the lays.

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Hymn for America.

COLUMBIA rife, arife, to praife!

Lead all thy millions forth,

And loud the grateful Anthem roll,
Far round this globe of earth.
2 A God, a God, demands the fong,
Thy Father's God and thine :
To him, afcribe th' impaffion'd ftrain,
And fwell the note divine.


In ancient days, in times of old,
He made his goodness known:
Nor lefs to thee, of mightiest good,
Has boundless mercy fhown.

4 'Mid warlike scenes, a gracious God
The cov'ring banner fpread;

Whilft Independence tower'd on high,
And fmote the world with dread.

5 From that aufpicious, brilliant morn,
Till peace her olive wav'd ;

Th' eternal's arm, and his alone,
Time's nobleft fabric fav'd.

6 Then rife Columbia, rife to praise !
Lead all thy millions forth;
And let the fhout of heart-felt joy
Awake a fleeping earth.



National Thanksgiving.

Į PRAISE, O praise the Mighty God! Sound his praifes far abroad;

Thousands, millions rife to praise !
Hymn the Lord in grateful lays;
Age and youth in chorus join!
Praise, O Praise, the pow'r divine;
Roll the Anthem wide around:
Let all nations hear the found.

2 Mightieft mercies claim the fong;
Loud to heav'n the ftrains prolong;
Boundless goodness calls for praise;
High to Jah, exalt the lays;

Tongues of men and tongues of flame,
Shout his glory; trump his name ;
Swell the chorus; nerve the strain;
Spirits, Elders, cry Amen.

3 Angels, men, a moment paufe!
Who can fing the Great first Cause ?
Or, one half his bounties trace,
In creation, nature, grace?
Harps feraphic, mortal lyres,
Heav'nly hofts, and human choirs.
Time's full round, and endless days,
All muft fail, in perfect praise.




Columbian Anthem.

GRACIOUS Parent, Bleffed Father,

Lord of Angels, God of men,

At thy footstool millions bending,

Praife thy great and glorious name;

Mighty goodnefs, boundless mercy, countless All demand the festal fong.

2 Public, private, bleffings, mercies,

More than men can ever count;


• War removed, peace fecured, Swell of blifs of vaft amount.

Freedom reigning, Law triumphant, Order Union binding, call for praife.


3 On, from Hampshire's northern billow,
Far, to Georgia's fouthern bound,
Peace and plenty, arts and commerce,
Spread their richeft bleflings round.

Rife, Columbia, wake thy millions, rife Co-
High Hofannas fhout abroad.

4 Gracious Parent, Bleffed Father,

Let thefe bleffings long abide ;
Great Preferver, fave from folly,
Vain purfuits, ambition, pride;


And in fpirit, deep recording, all thy goodMay Columbia live to God.


5 Whilft all nations, tribes and kindreds, Indians, Negroes, Pagans rude,


Tafting freedom, praifes rend'ring,
Hail the Lord, forever good;

And thy Temple, holy, holy, God Almighty,
Be the world of human kind.




EAR! gracious heav'n! oh! hear the fervent prayer! May all the family of man below,

The bleffings of their common Father fhare! And thankful hearts who feel th' impaffion'd Of gratitude, for human good, divine, [glow Pronounce as one," the kingdom pow'r and glory thine."

2 Give to all Kings, Republics, Empires,States,
Thy wisdom to inform, direct and guide;
And banish thou, from earth, the horrid traits
Of mad ambition, av'rice, luft and pride :
All nations bind in amity's foft chain :
And wide from east to west, extend Meffiah's


3 Lead forth the day, that day is known to thee; To man, thy promife, Lord, that day hath


When white rob'd peace fhall rule from sea

to fea,

And gladden'd earth, in emulance of heav'n, Their common int'refts bafe on boundless


Their name, the nature, effence of the God


4 Difpel thofe clouds that darken Europe's


Say, to the world's full tempeft, hush, be still;
From fuperftition rend the veil of night;
On bigots, drop the dew of Hermon's hill;
Let knowledge, virtue, freedom wide extend;
And hour evolving hour to brighter blifs

5 The greater good, thy lib'ral foul defigns, We humbly wait, in that more perfect day, When faith her delegated pow'r refigns; And hope no longer smooths life's thorny way: But love, thy love, the love of God, fhall ftill abide,

And deepen mercy's ever rifing, rolling tide.

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