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And he shall save me to the end,
Through Jesu's blood.


He by himself hath sworn,
I on his oath depend,

I shall on eagles' wings up-borne,
To heaven ascend;

I shall behold his face,

I shall his power adore;
And sing the wonders of his grace
For evermore!


MY gracious Redeemer I'll love,

His praises aloud I'll proclaim, And join with the armies above To shout his adorable name. To gaze on his glories divine Shall be my eternal employ, And feel them incessantly shine, My boundless ineffable joy.

2 He freely redeem'd, with his blood,
My soul from the confines of hell,
To live on the smiles of my God,
And in his sweet presence to dwell.
To shine with the angels of light,
With saints and with seraphs to sing,
To view with eternal delight,
My Jesus, my Saviour, my King.

3 In Mesheck, as yet, I reside,

A darksome and restless abode! Molested with foes on each side, And longing to dwell with my God.

>, when shall my spirit exchange
This cell of corruptible clay,
For mansions celestial, and range
Thro' realms of ineffable day!
4 My glorious Redeemer! I long

To see thee descend on the cloud,
Amidst the bright numberless throng,
And mix with the triumphing crowd.
O, when wilt thou bid me ascend,
To join in thy praises above,
To gaze on thee, world without end,
And feast on thy ravishing love.

5 Nor sorrow, nor sickness, nor pain,
Nor sin, nor temptation, nor fear,
Shall ever molest me again,
Perfection of glory reigns there.
This soul and this body shall shine,
In robes of salvation and praise,
And banquet on pleasures divine,
Where God his full beauty displays.

6 Ye palaces, sceptres, and crowns,
Your pride with disdain I survey;
Your pomps are but shadows and sounds,
And pass
in a moment away:
The crown that my Saviour bestows,
Yon permanent sun shall outshine;
My joy everlastingly flows,
My God, my Redeemer, is mine.


'HOU dear Redeemer, dying Lamb,
We love to hear of thee;
No music like thy charming name,
Does sound so sweet to me.
O may we ever hear thy voice,
In mercy to us speak,

And in our Priest will we rejoice,
Thou great Melchisedec.

2 Our Jesus still shall be our Theme,
While in this world we stay,
We'll sing our Jesu's lovely name,
When all things else decay:
When we appear in yonder cloud,
With all his favour'd throng,
Then will we sing more sweet, more loud,
And Jesus be our Song.



1 MARK the soft-falling snow,

And the diffusive rain;

To heav'n from whence it fell,
It turns not back again:

But waters earth
Thro' every pore,
And calls forth all
Its secret store.


2 Array'd in beauteous green
The hills and valleys shine,
And man and beast are fed,
By Providence divine:

The harvest bows
Its golden ears,

The copious seed
Of future years.

3" So, saith the God of grace,
"My gospel shall descend,
"Almighty to effect
"The purpose I intend:
"Millions of souls
"Shall feel its pow'r,
"And bear it down
"To millions more.

4"Joy shall begin our march,
"And peace protect our ways,
"While all the mountains round
"Echo melodious praise:

"The vocal groves
"Shall sing the God,
"And ev'ry tree
"Consenting nod."


1 GUIDE us, O thou great Jehovah,
Pilgrims, through this barren land;
We are weak, but thou art mighty;
Hold us with thy powerful hand:
Bread of heaven, &c.
Feed us till we want no more.
2 Open, Lord, the crystal fountain
Whence the healing waters flow,
Let the fiery cloudy pillar
Lead us all our journey through:
Strong Deliverer, &c.
Be thou still our strength and shield.

3 When we tread the verge of Jordan,
Bid our anxious fears subside;

Death of deaths, and hell's destruction,
Land us safe on Canaan's side:
Songs of praises, &c.
We will ever give to thee.


LOVE divine, all loves excelling,
Joy of heaven, to earth come down,
Fix us in thy humble dwelling,
All thy faithful mercies crown!
Jesus, thou art all compassion!

Pure, unbounded love thou art;
Visit us with thy salvation!

Enter ev'ry trembling heart. 2 Come, almighty to deliver,

Let us all thy grace receive; Suddenly return, and never,


Never more thy temples leave: Thee we would be always blessing, Serve thee as thy hosts above; Bless, and praise thee without ceasing, Glory in thy perfect love.

3 Finish then thy new creation,
Pure and spotless let us be;
Let us see thy great salvation,
Perfectly restor❜d by thee;
Chang'd from glory into glory,

Till in heaven we take our place;
Till we cast our crowns before thee,
Lost in wonder, love, and praise.

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