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COME, let us ascend,
My companion and friend,
To taste of the banquet above!
If thy heart be as mine,
If for Jesus it pine,

Come up into the chariot of love.

2 By faith we are come
To our permanent home:
And by hope we the rapture improve:
By love we still rise,

And look down on the skies,
For the heaven of heavens is love.

3 Who on earth can conceive,
How happy we live

In the palace of God the great King?
What a concert of praise,
When our Jesus's grace
The whole heavenly company sing?


4 What a rapturous song,
When the glorified throng
In the spirit of harmony join?
Join all the glad choirs,
Hearts, voices, and lyres;
For the burden is mercy divine.

Hallelujah they cry

To the King of the sky,
To the great everlasting I AM:
To the Lamb that was slain,
And that liveth again,
Hallelujah to God and the Lamb.


WHAT tho' my frail eyelids refuse,

Continual watching to keep,
And always as midnight ensues,
Demand the refreshment of sleep;
A sov❜reign Protector I have,
Unseen, yet for ever at hand;
Unchangeably faithful to save,
Almighty to rule and command.
2 From evil secure and its dread,
I rest if my Saviour is nigh;
And songs his kind presence indeed,
Shall in the night season supply.
He smiles and my comforts abound,
His grace as the dew shall descend;
The walls of salvation surround,
The soul he delights to defend.
3 Inspirer and hearer of prayer,
Thou feeder and guarder of thine,
My all to thy covenant-care,
I sleeping and waking resign.
If thou art my shield and my sun,
The night is no darkness to me;
And fast as my moments roll on,
They bring me the nearer to thee.


4 Thy minist'ring spirits descend,
To watch while thy saints are asleep;
By day and by night they attend,
The heirs of salvation to keep:
Bright seraphs despatch'd from the throne,
Repair to their stations assign'd,

And angels elect are sent down,
To guard the elect of mankind.
5 Thy worship no interval knows,
Their fervor is still on the wing;
And while they protect my repose,
They chant to the praise of my King:
I too in the season ordain'd,
Their chorus for ever shall join,
And love and adore without end,
Their faithful Creator and mine.


WEET as the shepherd's tuneful reed, From Sion's mount I heard the sound: Gay sprang the flow'rets of the mead,

And gladden'd nature smil'd around. The voice of peace salutes mine ear! Christ's lovely voice perfumes the air. 2 Peace, troubled soul, whose plaintive moan Hath taught these rocks the note of woe: Cease thy complaint, suppress thy groan, And let thy tears forget to flow. Behold, the precious balm is found, Which lulls thy pain, which heals thy wound.

3 Come, freely come, by sin opprest,
Unburthen here, the weighty load;
Here find thy refuge and thy rest,
Safe in the bosom of thy God.
Thy God's thy Saviour, glorious word!
That sheathes th' avenger's glitt❜ring sword.

4 As spring the winter, day the night, Peace sorrow's gloom shall chase away;

And smiling joy, a seraph bright,

Shall tend thy steps, and near thee stay; Whilst glory weaves th' immortal crown, And waits to claim thee for her own.


1 FROM heav'n the loud, th' angelic song


It shook the skies and reach'd astonish'd


By man reecho'd, it shall mount again;
While fragrant odours fill the blissful plain.

2 Worthy the Lamb of boundless sway; In earth and heav'n the Lord of all: Ye princes, rulers, pow'rs, obey,

And low before his foot-stool fall.

3 The deed was done; the Lamb was slain, The groaning earth the burthen bore: He rose, he lives; he lives to reign,

Nor time shall shake his endless pow'r.

4 Riches and all that decks the great,

From worlds unnumber'd hither bring; The tribute pour before his seat,

And hail the triumphs of our King.

5 Wisdom and strength are his alone,

He raised the top-stone, shouting grace; Honour has built his lofty throne,

And glory shines upon his face.

6 From heav'n, from earth, loud bursts of praise, The mighty blessings shall proclaim; Blessings that earth to glory raise;

The purchase of the wounded Lamb.

7 Higher still higher, swell the strain;
Creation's voice the note prolong:
The Lamb shall ever, ever reign:
Let hallelujahs crown the song.


LIFT up your heads in joyful hope,
Salute the happy morn;
Each heavenly pow'r
Proclaims the glad hour,
Lo Jesus the Saviour is born!

2 All glory be to God on high,
To him all praise is due;
The promise is seal❜d,
The Saviour's reveal'd,
And proves that the record is true.

3 Let joy around like rivers flow,
Flow on, and still increase;
Spread o'er the glad earth
At Jesus's birth,

For heaven and earth are at peace.

4 Now the good-will of heaven is shewn Tow'rds Adam's helpless race; Messiah is come

To ransom his own,

And save them by infinite grace.

5 Then let us join the heavens above
Where hymning seraphs sing,
Join all the glad pow'rs,
For their Lord is ours,
Our prophet, our priest, and our king.


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