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; Justice and grace, with sweet accord,

His rising beams adorn:
Let heaven and earth in concert join

Now such a Child is born.
: Glory to God, in highest strains,

In highest worlds be paid;
His glory by our lips proclaim'd,

And by our lives display'd. · When shall we reach those blissful realms,

Where Christ exalted reigns; And learn of the celestial choir,

Their own immortal strains?

HYMN CCCLXXXI. WELCOME, bless’d morning to our eyes,

That brought the incarnate Son, The great Immanuel, from the skies,

To save a world undone. Angels array'd in heavenly light,

Shoot down th' ethereal way, On radiant pinions, swift of flight,

And hail the blissful day. Glory to God, they joyous sing,

Through all the heights of heaven, "Tidings of love to men we bring,

And peace on earth is given.
Glory to God, let all our tongues,

In tuneful notes reply;
While Jesus' love inspires our songs,

And sweetens every joy.

Lord is risen to-day

Now to him we homage pay,

Hal. I Who, so lately on the cross,

Hal. Suffer'd to redeem our loss.

Hal. 2 Hymns of praises let us sing,

Hal. Unto Christ our heavenly King,

Hal. Who endur'd the cross and grave, Hal. Sinners to redeem and save.

Hal. 3 Yes, the pains which he endur'd,

Hal. Our salvation has procur'd;

Hal. Now he reigns above the sky,

Hal. Where the angels ever cry,

AIL, everlasting Spring!

Celestial Fountain, hail!
Thy streams salvation bring,
The waters never fail;

Still they endure,
And still they flow,
For all our woe

A sovereign cure.
2 Bless'd be his wounded side,

And bless'd his bleeding heart,
Who all in anguish dy'd
Such favours to impart.

His precious blood
Shall make us clean
From every sin,
And fit for God.

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3 To that dear Source of love

Our souls this day would come;
And thither from above,
Lord, call the nations home.

That Jew and Greek,
With rapturous songs
On all their tongues,
Thy praise may speak.

WITH ecstacy of joy

Extol his glorious name,
Who rais'd the spacious earth,

And rais'd our ruin'd frame:
He built the church who built the sky,
Shout and exalt his honours high.

See the Foundation laid
By Power and Love divine;
Jesus, his first-born Son,

How bright his glories shine!
Low he descends, in dust he lies,
That from his tomb a church might rise.

But he for ever lives;
Not for himself alone:
Each saint new life derives

From him the living Stone.
His influence spreads through every soul,

And in one House unites the whole. 4 To him with joy we move;

In him cemented stand:
The living Temple grows,
And owns the Founder's hand.

That structure, Lord, still higher raise,

Louder to sound its Builder's praise. 5 Descend, and shed abroad

The tokens of thy grace;
And, with more radiant beams.

Let glory fill the place,
Our joyful souls shall prostrate fall
And own, our God is ALL IN ALL.

HYMN CCCLXXXV. 1 BLESED Jesus all divine,

We hail thy sacred-name, And with triumphant voices join

To celebrate thy fame. 2 In thy incarnate state,

How wonderous was thy grace! We know thine arm is still as great,

Nor can thy love be less. 3 'Twas thy almighty breath

Set Satan's prisoners free;
Demons, diseases, pains, and death,

Far from thy presence flee.
Lord, let us feel thy power

To heal the plague within;
Thy cleansing grace alone can cure

The leprosy of sin.
5 Descend, celestial Dove,

Display thy healing art;
And faith, and hope, and heavenly love,

And every grace impart.

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HYMN CCCLXXXVI. 1 WITH transport, Lord, our

souls proclaim Th' immortal honours of thy name: Assembled round our Saviour's throne,

We make his ceaseless glories known. 2 High on his Father's royal seat,

Our Jesus shone divinely great,
Ere Adam's clay with life was warm’d,

Or Gabriel's nobler spirit form’d. 3 Through all succeeding ages, he

The same hath been, the same shall be:
Immortal radiance crowns his head,

While stars and suns wax old and fade. 4 The same his power his saints to guard,

The same his bounty to reward;
The same his faithfulness and love

To saints on earth, and saints above.
5 Let nature change, and sink, and die;

Jesus shall raise his chosen high;
And fix them near his stable throne,
In glory changeless as his own.

ESUS, how precious is thy name!

The great Jehovah's darling, thou!
Oh let me catch th' immortal flame
With which angelic bosoms glow!
Since angels love thee, I would love,

And imitate the bless'd above. 2 My Prophet thou; my heavenly Guide,

Thy sweet instructions I will hear;

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