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The words that from thy lips proceed,
Oh how divinely sweet they are!
Thee, my great Prophet, I would love,
And imitate the bless'd above.

3 My great High-priest, whose precious blood
Did once atone upon the cross!
Who now dost intercede with God,
And plead the friendless sinner's cause:
In thee I trust; thee I would love,
And imitate the bless'd above.


4 My King supreme, to thee I bow,
A willing subject at thy feet;
All other lords I disavow,
And to thy government submit:
My Saviour-king this heart would love,
And imitate the bless'd above.


1CALL a bright council in the skies;

Seraphs, the mighty and the wise, Speak! Are you strong to bear the load, The weighty vengeance of a God?

2 In vain we ask; for all around

Stand silent through the heavenly ground;.
There's not a glorious mind above,
Has half the strength, or half the love.

3 But Oh! unmeasurable grace!

Th' eternal Son takes Adam's place;
Down to our world the Saviour flies,
Stretches his naked arms, and dies.

4 Amazing work! look down, ye skies,
Wonder and gaze with all your eyes;
Ye saints below, and saints above,
All bow to this mysterious love.



HAIL, bless'd Immanuel, bright immortal


Sole Monarch of the happy worlds above;
To thee ten thousand songs of praise we bring,
Adore thy goodness, and admire thy love.
2 All hail, incarnate God, divinely fair,

Around thy throne bright beams of glory play,
Beyond the stars, above the rolling spheres,
Amid the blaze of one eternal day.

3 Within the azure curtains of the sky,

Far out of human sight, there stands thy throne; To these pure realms my longing soul would fly, And make the deathless joys of heaven my own. 4 When shall I see that happy world of rest! There every anxious thought shall leave my soul;

There shall I be for ever dispossest
Of sins, that now my pious thoughts control.


IMMORTAL God, on thee we call,
The great Original of all;
By thee we are, to thee we tend,
Our sure Support, our glorious End.

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2 We praise that wise mysterious Grace,
That pitied our revolted race;
And Jesus, our victorious Head,
The Captain of salvation made.
3 He, thine eternal Love decreed,
Should many sons to glory lead;
And sinful worms to him are given,
A colony to people heaven.

4 Jesus for us, O gracious name!
Encounter'd agony and shame;
Jesus the glorious and the great,
By dreadful sufferings made complete.

5 A scene of wonders here we see,
Worthy thy Son, and worthy thee:
And while this theme employs our tongues,
Let angels raise their sweeter songs.



HE Saviour calls-let every ear
Attend the heavenly sound;
Ye doubting souls dismiss your fear,
Hope smiles reviving round.

2 For every thirsty, longing heart,
Here streams of bounty flow,
And life, and health, and bliss impart,
To banish mortal woe.

3 Here, springs of sacred pleasure rise
To ease your every pain,
(Immortal Fountain! full supplies!)
Nor shall you thirst in vain.


4 Ye sinners, come, 'tis mercy's voice,
The gracious call obey;
Mercy invites to heavenly joys,
And can you yet delay?

5 Dear Saviour, draw reluctant hearts,
To thee let sinners fly;
And take the bliss thy love imparts,
And drink, and never die.


GOD of salvation, we adore

Thy saving love, thy saving power; And to our utmost stretch of thought, Hail the Redemption thou hast wrought. 2 Perish, each thought of human pride; Let God alone be magnify'd; His glory let the heavens resound, Shouted from earth's remotest bound. 3 Saints, who his full salvation know, Saints, who but taste it here below, Join every angel's voice, to raise Harmonious, never-ending praise.


1 JEHOVAH! 'tis a glorious name,
Still pregnant with delight;

It scatters round a cheerful beam
To gild the darkest night.

2 What though our mortal comforts fade, And drop like withering flowers?

Nor time, nor death, can break that band,
Which makes Jehovah ours.

3 Our cares, we give you to the wind, And shake you off like dust;

Well may we trust our all with him,
With whom our souls we trust.

4 Great God, the covenant of thy love
Abides for ever sure;
And, in its matchless grace, we prove
Our happiness secure.


1 TOME, condescending Saviour, come,
Illustrious Conqueror o'er the tomb:
Here thine assembled servants bless,
And fill our hearts with sacred peace.
2 O come thyself, indulgent Lord,

With all the joy thy smiles afford;
Reveal the lustre of thy face,
And make us feel thy vital grace.
3 Enter our hearts, Redeemer blest,
Enter, thou ever-honour'd Guest,
Not for one transient hour alone,
But there to fix thy lasting throne.

4 Enter our hearts, make them thine own;
And when our life's last hour is come,
Let us but die as in thy sight,
And death shall vanish in delight.



GREAT God, should thy severer eye,

And thine

Mark and revenge iniquity,

What mortal flesh could stand?

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