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2 But there are pardons with our God,

For crimes of high degree;
Thy Son has bought them with his blood,

To draw us near to thee.
3 Then in the Lord let Israel trust,

Let Israel seek his face;
The Lord is good as well as just,

And plenteous is his graće.
4 There's full redemption at his throne

For sinners long enslav'd;
The great Redeemer is his Son,

And Israel shall be sav’d.


HYMN CCCXCVI. NAKED as from the earth we came,

life at ; So to the earth we soon return,

And mingle with our dust.
2 The dear delights we here enjoy,

And fondly call our own,
Are but short favours, borrow'd now,

To be repaid anon.
- 3 'Tis God that lifts our comforts high,

Or sinks them in the grave;
He gives, and, blessed be his name!

He takes but what he gave.
4 Peace, all the angry passions then,

Let each rebellious sigh,
Be silent at his sovereign will, ::

And every murmur die.

5 If smiling mercy crown our lives,

Its praises shall be spread;
And we 'll adore the justice too,

That strikes our comforts dead.


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RACIOUS Jesus, thee I love,

Thou, my hope, my joy, my rest; All thy ways my thoughts approve,

I'm in thee for ever blest.
2 'Tis thy presence, Jesus, thine,

Makes my cheerful powers rejoice;
Saving mercy, love divine,

Tunes my heart and tunes my voice. 3 'Tis a spark, from thine abode,

Sent and kindled to a flame,
Warms my heart with love to God,

And with love to Jesus' name.
4. Thou, dear Saviour, art my own,

My Redeemer, and my God;
I shall stand before thy throne,
In thy bright and bless'd abode.

Lo from the Lord my help descends,

To him I lift mine eyes;
My strength on him alone depends,

Who form'd the earth and skies. 2 He, ever watchful, ever nigh, Forbids thy feet to slide;



Nor sleep nor slumber seals the eye

Of Israel's Guard and Guide. 3 He, at thy hand, árray'd in might,

His shield shall o'er thee spread: Nor sun by day, nor moon by night,

Shall hurt thy favour'd head. 4 Safe shalt thou go, and safe return,

While he thy life defends, Whose eyes thy every step discern,

Whose mercy never ends. X

HYMN CCCXCIX. . 1 FA ATHER of peace, and God of love,

We own thy power to save;
That power, by which our Jesus rose

Victorious o'er the grave.
2 We triumph in the Saviour's name,

Still watchful for our good;
Who brought th' eternal covenant down,

And seal'd it with his blood.
3 So may thy Spirit seal our souls,

And mould them to thy will;
That our fond hearts no more may stray,

But keep thy.covenant still.
4. Still may we gain superior strength,

And press with vigour on, .
Till full perfection crown our hopes,

And fix us near thy throne.

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I THE new-born world immers’d in night

And gloomy horrors lay;
Th’ Almighty said, “Let there be Light,"

And pour'd the boundless day.
2 Thus o'er the greater world within,

Let beams immortal shine;
Scatter, O Lord, the clouds of sin,

And spread a dawn divine.
"3 Attendant on this sacred Light,

Celestial fire impart;
And let the ray, that guides my sight,

Inflame my frozen heart.
4 Thus all the powers, this Spirit knows,
Shall to my

God be given:
Sweet, as when Aaron's incense rose
In fragrant clouds to heaven.

HOW glorious, Lord, art thou!

How bright thy splendours shine;
Whose rays, reflected, gild thy saints

With ornaments divine.
With lowliness and love,

Wisdom and courage meet;
The grateful heart, the cheerful eye,

How amiable, how sweet. 3 In beauties such as these,

Thy children now are drest;
But brighter habits shall they wear

In regions of the blest.



O God of Israel, hear, i

And make this bliss our own;
Make us the children of thy care,
The members of thy Son.

'HIS is the day the Lord hath made,

He calls it all his own;
Let heaven rejoice, let earth be glad,

And praise surround the throne. 2 To-day be rose, and left the dead,

And Satan's empire fell;
To-day the saints his triumphs spread,

And all his wonders tell.
3 Hosanna to th' anointed King,

To David's holy Son;
Help us, O Lord, descend and bring

Salvation from thy throne.
4 Hosanna in the highest strains,

The church on earth can raise;
The highest heavens, in which he reigns,
Shall give him nobler praise.

FREQUENT the day of God returns

To shed its quickening beams;
And yet how slow devotion burbs!

How languid are its flames!
2. Accept our faint attempts to love,

Our frailties, Lord, forgive;
We would be like thy saints above,

Unlike them as we live.

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