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2 At his right hand, our eyes behold

The queen array'd in purest gold;
The world admires her heav'nly dress;

Her robe of joy and righteousness. 3 He forms her beauties, like his own,

He calls and seats her, near his throne;
Fair stranger, let thine heart forget

The idols of thy native state.
4 So shall the king the more rejoice

In thee, the fav’rite of his choice;
Let him be lov'd, and yet ador'd,

For he's thy maker and thy Lord. so happy hour, when thou shalt rife

To his fair palace in the skies,
And all thy fons (a num'rous train,)

Each like a prince in glory reign.
6 Let endless honors crown his head ;

Let ev'ry age his praises spread;
While we with cheerful fongs approve
The condescension of his love.

Comforter of all that mouro
JESUS, comforter divine !

Consolations, Lord, are thine ;
Mightiest comforts, full of good,

Worthy of the living God.
2 Thou shalt wipe all tears away,

"Mid the blessed realms of day;
Thou shalt hush each rising figh i
Sorrow, pain and death fall die.

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3 Highest praises wait thy name,

Great, unchanging, glorious fame ;
Jesus, comforter divine !
Praises, praises, Lord be thine.

TAIL Counsellor of peace, good will !

Glorious for God and man;
Thee we adore, on Zion's bill,

And bless thy gracious plan.
2 Faithful and true in every word,

Thy counsel wrote in blood,
Brings home the banih'd to the Lord,

And makes their peace with God. 3 Jesus! can time, can life repay,

The mighty debt of love ?

Ab! no. Then found ye barps of day, i And thout bis name above. HYMN XXXV. €. M.


Defire of all nations. * INFINITE excellence is thine,

Thou lovely Prince of grace ; Thy, uncreated beauties shine

With never fading rays.
2 Sinners from earth's remotest end,

Come bending at thy teet;
To thee their prayers and vows ascend,

In thee, their wishes meet. I
3 Thy name as precious ointment Theda

Delights the church around;

Sweetly the sacred odours spread ...

Through all Immanuel's ground. 4 Millions of happy spirits live

On thy exhaunless itore;
From thee, they all their bliss receive,

And fill thou givest more. 5

Thou art their trinmph and their joy:
They find their all in thee;
Thy glories will their tongues employ
Thro all eternity,

Doer of God's will.

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WHEN God would manifeft his grace

. The glories of the Father's face,

And feel his nature love ;
2 Hè faid he woulú noc facrifice,

As offer'd by the law;
All human merit would defpife;

His presence thence withdraw.
3 Then said the Saviour, "lo, I come

To do thy will my God;"
He brought his sons and daughters Home

By pouring out his blood :
4 That they with him might enter in

To all the heaven of love :
His death did make an end of fin,

The stumbling block remove.
$ Thou Lord a body didst prepare,

Thy own collected feed,

For him eternally to wear,

And be the living head.
6 Obedient in this body, he

Thy council did fulfil,
Did ev'ry member purify,
And do thy perfect will.


L. M.


Eleer. ? JESUS, we bless thy Father's name ;

Thy God and our's are both the same; What heav'nly bleflings from his throne,

Flow down to finners, through his Son! 2 Christ be my first elect, he faid,

Then chose our fouls in Christ our head, Before he gave the mountains, birth,

Or laid foundations for the earth. 3 Thus did eternal love begin, To raise us from our death and fin

; Qur characters were then decreed ;

Blameless in love, a holy feed : 4 Predeftinated to be fons,

Born by degrees, but chose at once ;
A new regenerated race,

To praise the glory of his grace. 5 With Christ, our Lord, we share a part,

In the affections of his heart ;
Nor shall our fouls be thence remov'd,
'Till he forgets his first belov'd.


Falrer than the fons of men. · ETERNAL excellence !

Thy fons would fain declare,
In the divineft fenfe,
How thou art heav'nly fair :
O Prince, Messiah, thou art feen

The faireft of the sons of men. 2 Jesus, thy beauties Ihine

Bright, infinitely bright ;
Both human and divine,
In thee, O Lamb, unite!
Whate'er in heav'n or earth we fee

As beautiful, are types of thee. 3

The sun, the moon, the stars,
With all the thrones above,
Thine excellence declare,
Thy beauty, pow'r and love :
All worlds before thy thronę we fee,
One fea of glass reflecting thee.



1 ATHER of angels and of men,

Of nature and of grace, the Lord !
Be thou in one eternal strain,

By all thy various works ador'd. 2 From heav'n to earth, from earth to heav'n,

Through worlds above and worlds below,
Thy boundless mercies freely giv'n,
In tides of bliss forever flow.

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