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"I COME," the great Redeemer cries, "A year of freedom to declare ; From debts and bondage to difcharge; And Jews and Greeks the grace fhall share :



2 A day of vengeance I proclaim;
But not on man the ftorm fhall fall
On me its thunders fhall defcend,
My ftrength, my love, fuftain them all,
3 Stupendous favor! matchlefs grace!
Jefus has di'd that we might live :
Not worlds below, nor worlds above,
Could fo divine a ransom give.

4 To him, who lov'd our ruin'd race;
And for our lives, laid down his own,
Let fongs of joyful praises rife,
Sublime, eternal as his throne.


HYMN LIV. C. M. [JOHN RELLY.] Refuge. MORTALS behold your dying God, Take refuge in his name; Come wath your robes white in the blood Of Chrift, the flaughter'd Lamb.

2 Now welcome all who come to God,
In Chrift, the Saviour's name ;
There's full redemption in his blood;
Then do not flight the Lamb.

30, that you God the Saviour knew, And that he bore your fhame ;


Di'd, rofe again, and lives for you,
Then would you prize the Lamb.

4 What love, what kindness did he fhew! When he from heav'n came,

To bear away all fin from you;
Behold the holy Lamb.


How rich the blood which once did flow!
To cover us from fhame ;

We'll bow before thy footstool low,
And hail thee, lovely Lamb.

6 O Chrift, our God, our bleeding King,
We'll ever fing thy fame;
Here and in heav'n we'll fhout and fing
Thy glories, worthy Lamb.

The Lord our Righteoufnefs.

I JESUS, thy blood and righteousness
My beauty are, my glorious dress ;
'Midft flaming worlds, in thefe array'd,
With joy fhall I lift up my head.

2 When from the duft of death I rife, To claim my manfion in the skies; E'en then fhall this be all my plea,


Jefus hath liv'd, hath di'd for me."

3 Bold fhall 1 ftand in that great day; For who ought to my charge fhall lay? Fully through thefe abfolv'd I am From fin and fear, from guilt and fhame 4 Thus Abraham the friend of God, Thus all the armies bought with blood,

Saviour of finners thee proclaim;
Sinners, of whom, the chief I am.
This fpotless robe the fame appears,
When ruin'd nature finks in years;
No age can change its glorious hue,
grace of Chrift is ever new.




WHILST we are marching through This land with drought accurs'd; Rivers of living waters flow In thee, to quench our thirst.

2 This world's a weary land;
By fin, a defart made:
'Tis all around a burning ftrand;
Has no refreshing shade.

3 But thou'rt our mighty rock;
Thy fhadow very great;
Where all thy weary pilgrim flock,
Find a divine retreat.

4 Though once with fin opprefs'd,
From which no part was free;
Our grievances are now redrefs'd,
Dear, glorious man, in thee.

5 In thee we now have found
Whate'er we loft, and more;
We fee thy grace much more abound,
Than fin had done before.

Thy praise be our employ;
Thy glories ever shine:

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All our falvation, hope, and joy,
Art thou, O man, divine;

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HE wonders, Lord, thy love has wro't,
Exceed our praise, furmount our tho't,
Should I attempt the long detail,
My fpeech would faint, my numbers fail.

2 No blood of beafts on altars fpilt,
Can cleanse the fouls of men from guilt
But thou haft fet before our eyes
An all-fufficient facrifice.


"Behold I come, (the Saviour cries,
With love and duty in his eyes)
I come to bear the heavy load
Of sins, and do thy will, my God.

4 'Tis written in thy great decree,
'Tis in thy book foretold of me ;
I muft fulfil the Saviour's part;
And lo thy law is in my heart?

5 I'll magnify thy holy law,

And rebels to obedience draw,
When on my cross I'm lifted high,
Or to my crown above the sky.

6 The fpirit fhall defcend and fhow
What thou haft done, and what I do;
The wond'ring world fhall learn thy grace,
Thy wifdom and thy righteousness.”

HYMN LVIII. S. M. [WATTS.] Salvation, Righteoufnefs, and Strengih, THE "HE Lord on high proclaims His Godhead from his throne; "Mercy and juftice are the names By which I will be known.

2 Ye dying fouls that fit

In darkness and diftrefs;
Look from the borders of the pit,
To my recov'ring grace."


Sinners fhall hear the found;
Their thankful tongues fhall own,
Our righteoufnefs and ftrength is found
In thee, O Lord, alone.


In thee fhall Ifr'el truft,
And fee their guilt forgiv'n;
God will pronounce the finners just,
And take the faints to heav'n.



JESUS, thou Sun of Righteousness,
All glorious and divine;
Thy people with thy prefence blefs,
In their affemblies fhine.

2 Thy healing beams alone can cheer Hearts pain'd with inward grief; The foul oppreft with guilt and fear, In thee finds fweet relief.

3 If thou thy righteousness display, And make thy merits known;

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