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All possible circumstances appear to concur in recommending to your notice a scheme thus calculated for the preservation of life, the relief of indigence, the honour of marriage, the encouragement of population, and, as a consequence of all, the general welfare of society. It must be approved, as soon as known; and when approved, it will be encouraged. To these poor, but not the less valuable mothers, in the hour of their utmost distress, and sharpest anguish, open your hands, and open them wide. Whatever you bestow, it will be well bestowed, and properly expended. In every sense truly respectable, honourable, and noble are the persons, who have been pleased to take upon themselves the superintendence of the expenditure. Parsimony at this time would be economy ill placed indeed. Spare something in the magnificence of your houses and style of living, in the splendour of your furniture, the costliness of your apparel, the luxury of your tables, and your visits to public places; but in your charity spare nothing. On the receipt of your incomes, set aside immediately some certain portion for this purpose. When objects offer, there will be a fund to draw upon ; you will give cheerfully, and without grudging; you will always be giving, you will always have something to give and that which is so given will be returned to you, with increase abundant and eternal, when, in the sight of assembled nations, and all the hosts of heaven, the saying will be verified "Blessed are the merciful; for they shall obtain "mercy."

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THE Compositions of Bishop Horne have been so well known, and so highly esteemed for their warm piety and richness of scriptural allusion, that in presenting these "CONSIDERATIONS" to the public under the sanction of his name, no other recommendation can be necessary than that which the Editor is enabled to give by his reply to two questions, which are usually asked, upon the appearance of a posthumous work, namely, "whether it is genuine, and "whether it was prepared by the author for publication.”

The Editor therefore conceives, that he shall have fulfilled his duty to the public on the present occasion by stating, that these Essays are written out in Bishop Horne's own hand, and corrected for the press; and that the Ms. has continually remained in the possession of his family, with whose concurrence it is now published.

JUNE, 1812.

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