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of land situate at

and that I have this day worked

the corners of such land with (posts or trenches) in conformity with the Gold

Fields Regulations.

Signature of the applicant,

and the number and date

of his miner's right.

3. Condition of certificate.

Every such certificate shall be subject to the condition that the holder thereof shall erect and at all times maintain a secure and substantial fence around the land held by virtue thereof and if any such holder shall fail or neglect to comply with the condition aforesaid his right to the occupancy of such land shall not be recognised notwithstanding such certificate and such certificate may be cancelled and the land declared to be forfeited by the Warden upon proof of any such failure or neglect.

4. Discovery of auriferous deposits.

When any auriferous deposits are traced to the boundaries of any land occupied for residence the Warden may upon satisfactory proof authorise the applicant or any other person by writing under his hand to enter thereupon and at such times and in such manner as he may appoint to search the land so occupied for a continuation of the said auriferous deposit.

5. Auriferous areas may be worked.

If any residence area or business area shall be proved to be auriferous the Warden may upon application order the whole or such part as shall have been proved to be auriferous to be given up for mining purposes to such person as shall have applied for the said ground.

6. Compensation to be paid.

In all cases compensation for actual damage or loss shall be estimated by assessors and paid to the occupier of such area by the person desirous of mining thereon prior to the taking possession thereof.

7. Conditions of working.

The Warden may make such orders relative to the mode of working the ground the restoration of the soil and other conditions as he may deem necessary or desirable.

8. Tent ground.

Subject to the conditions set forth in sections 3 4 and 5 the holder of a miner's right shall be entitled to occupy for residence n area of 24 x 48 feet without registration provided that such

area shall not be taken up on known auriferous ground nor in the line of any workings nor on land set apart for business purposes.

9. Superintendent may resume possession.

If any residence-area granted or any business area or tent ground held under these regulations shall be required for any public purpose whatsoever the Superintendent may resume possession of such residence-area business-area or tent-ground Provided that if the holder or occupier thereof shall be in legal possession at the time of such resumption he shall be entitled to compensation for any actual improvements situated or being on the land so granted or held And the amount of such compensation shall be ascertained by arbitration.


1. Right of water and roadway.

Every person holding a claim under these regulations shall be entitled to a supply of water for his use in connection therewith and to a roadway whereby he may at all times obtain free ingress and egress thereto and therefrom.

2. Sludge and water to be kept off roads &c.

No person shall allow any sludge or water to run or spread over any road roadway track or crossing-place.

3. Protection to roadways &c.

No person shall dig within the distance of ten feet from any main road or five feet from any other roadway or track in common use nor drive underneath nor in any way interfere with suchmain road roadway or track without first obtaining the authority of the Warden who may order any excavation to be fenced.

4. Alterations of roadways &c.

Any person desirous of altering the direction of any roadway or track in common use and of occupying the site thereof for mining purposes shall give notice thereof in writing to the Warden and post and maintain a copy of such notice in a conspicuous part of such roadway or track for three clear days upon the expiration whereof the Warden may authorise such alteration to be made.

5. Mining on streets and main roads.

If any holder of a miner's right shall be desirous of mining upon or under any street or main road he shall make application in writing to the Warden for permission to do so and the Warden shall

thereupon forward such application together with a report thereon to the General Road Board if such Board shall have the care and management thereof or to such other body or officer as shall have such care or management and such Board or other body or officer shall thereupon decide whether the same can be effected without injury to adjoining property or injury or obstruction to such street or main road as the case may be And thereupon the said Board or body or officer shall issue an order permitting on such conditions and terms and subject to such restrictions as he or it shall think fit or forbidding such mining as the case may require.

6. Right of roadway over claims.

Upon any twenty or more persons applying for a road or crossingplace over any occupied claim or claims the Warden shall determine whether such road or crossing-place is necessary and shall make such order relative thereto as he may deem requisite Provided that it shall be lawful for the holder or holders of such claim or claims to work the ground over or through with such road or crossing-place shall pass


1. Protection for fourteen days.

The Warden may without prior notice grant protection to any claim for a period not exceeding fourteen days provided sufficient cause be shown and such protection shall be given in writing in the form hereinafter prescribed and a copy thereof shall be posted on the claim but such protection shall not be granted for any claim more frequently than once in three (3) months.


(District and date).

and situate

I hereby give notice that I have granted protection for days to the claim occupied by




2. Protection for extended period.

If any person be desirous of obtaining protection for a claim for a longer period than fourteen (14) days he shall give notice in writing to the Warden Such notice shall be in the form hereinafter prescribed and a copy thereof shall be posted and maintained by the applicant on the claim for three (3) clear days at the expiration whereof if no valid objection be entered the Warden may

issue a certificate of Registration to the applicant and shall therein state the time for which protection is granted.



(District and date).

I hereby give notice that I desire to obtain a Protection Certificate for (here state the time) for my claim situate at

[ocr errors]

and that the following particulars are true in every respect :

1. Classification of claim.....

2. Date at which occupation commenced..

3. Time during which the claim has been worked

4. The claim [has not or has] been protected before*.

5. Cause for which protection is required


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(Signatures, No. of Miners' Rights, &c.) * If the claim has been protected before the applicant must state when and for what period.

3. Information to holders of miners' rights.

When any claim is under protection for a longer period than fourteen (14) days the occupier thereof shall post on some conspicuous part of the said claim a board not less than nine inches square with the word "Protected" the name of the occupier the number of the Certificate and the time for which protection is granted painted or written legibly thereon.

4. Limitation of protection.

Protection for a longer period than fourteen (14) days shall not except as provided under section 5 be granted to any claim which has not been fairly wrought for at least one month except it shall be shown to the satisfaction of the Warden that the ground cannot be wrought by reason of other claims intervening or other satisfactory reason in which cases the Warden shall have power to grant protection although the claim may not have been previously wrought The most extended period for which protection may be granted at any one time shall be ninety (90) days and such protection shall not be renewed unless it is proved to the Warden that the claim is unworkable.

5. Protection whilst testing Quartz Lodes.

Holders of Miners' Rights who may be desirous of testing a quartz reef or lode with the view of ascertaining whether the same be payably auriferous may apply to the Warden for protection for a period not exceeding 60 days and a copy of such application shall be posted on the ground for not less than 7 days And if there be no valid objection the Warden may grant to the applicants a Protection Certificate Provided always that during the period of protection there shall be constantly employed upon the applicants'

claim for the purpose of testing the same at least two miners Provided also that after the expiration of the said period of 60 days the Warden may upon fresh notice given and for sufficient cause shown renew such protection for a further period of 30 days.

6. Renewal of Protection.

Application for renewal shall be made in the same manner as is provided in section 2 and such renewal if granted shall be endorsed on the back of the Certificate and recorded in the Registration book.

7. Protection during notice.

When any notice has been given and posted in conformity with these regulations the claim right or privilege to which such notice may refer shall be protected during the currency thereof and until the application has been finally dealt with by the Warden.

8. Protection uring operatiodns.

All claims rights and privileges of whatsoever nature lawfully held and enjoyed under these regulations shall be protected during the time that the owners or holders thereof shall be actually engaged in operations connected therewith.

9. Protection in particular localities at certain seasons.

In case the Warden shall be satisfied that from any cause mining operations cannot conveniently be carried on in any particular locality at any certain season of the year it shall be lawful for him to declare by public notice in the Provincial Government Gazette and in at least one newspaper circulating in the district that between a certain day in each year and another certain day in the same or the next ensuing year all claims and mining privileges held within a certain portion of the Gold Field to be described in such notice shall be protected within the meaning of these regulations.


1. Claims taken up on capital advanced.

In case any person shall desire to take up a claim requiring the assistance of capital to develope the same he shall be entitled to occupy and hold for a limited period an additional area on behalf of any person willing to advance the required capital Provided that in such case it shall be necessary to give notice to the Warden specifying the extent of such additional area and the time for which he desires to have it protected and a copy of such notice shall be posted on the ground for seven days at the expiration whereof if

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