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the Commissioners of the Treasury shall be paid as after

mentioned Existing Claims

XVI. All Claims and Objections made previous to the passing to be delivered to Commis of this Act, together with the Entry Book or Register thereof, sioners. shall be delivered by the Verderers to the Commissioners. As to future XVII. All Claims and Objections made after the passing Claims and Ob- of this Act shall be made in such Form and delivered to such jections.

Persons as the Commissioners may direct. Register of XVIII. A Register of all Claims and Objections shall be Claims and Ob jections to be

kept, and Memorandums of Objections entered on Claims, and kept and open

the Particulars of an Abstract of Claims not already published to Inspection, shall be published in the London Gazette," and "Certificates &c.

furnished, and Inspection of such Entry Books or Registers allowed by the said Clerk, in all respects as by the said first-recited Act is provided with respect to the Matters and Things in the Premises to be done by the Verderers and their

Clerk. Claims may be XIX. Any of the said Claims so made as aforesaid may, with withdrawn, and the Assent of the Commissioners, be withdrawn (either before new Claims substituted.

or after the same shall have been objected to), and any new

Claim may be made in lieu thereof as after provided. Time for Allow XX. The Commissioners may, in their Discretion, allow any ance of new

new Claims to be made, provided the same be made within Six Claims.

Months from the passing of this Act. Time for XXI. The Time for making Objections to Claims already making Objec- made is hereby extended to One Year from the passing of this tions to Claims extended. Act, and such Objections as aforesaid shall be made and served

in such Manner as by the said Acts is provided ; and in case of new Claims allowed to be preferred by the Commissioners, Objections may be made within Six Months from the Publica

tion of such Claims in the Gazette. Claims, &c. XXII. All Persons by the said Acts authorized to make authorized by Claims or Objections may make Claims and Objections under

this Act; and in case of Death or any Incapacity after any may be made under this such Claims or Objections made, the same may be proceeded Act, &c.

with by any Parties claiming to be interested in the Premises,

or otherwise, as the Commissioners may direct. Decision to XXIII. The Commissioners sball, when and as they shall be entered on hear and determine on any of the said Claims, amend or alter Register.

the same in accordance with their Decision, and enter on such

Register of Claims their Decision thereon. Register of XXIV. When all the said Claims shall have been decided Claims, as on and determined, then a Register thereof, as amended or amended, to be signed and

altered by the Commissioners, shall be signed and sealed by sealed by the them in duplicate, and one Part thereof shall within One Month Commissioners after their Signatures have been affixed thereto be deposited in duplicate, and to be

in the Office of Land Revenue Records and Inrolments, and the deposited. other with the Clerk of the Peace for the County of South

ampton ; and such Register of the said Claims so amended or altered shall be final and binding on all Parties, and shall for


all Purposes be the Evidence of Title to the Rights claimed and allowed.

XXV. It shall not be necessary, except as last aforesaid, to Deposit of Book deposit a Book containing the Claims made or to be made, either of Claims dis

pensed with. in the Office of Land Revenue Records and Inrolments, or with the said Clerk of the Peace, as by the said first-mentioned Act is provided.

XXVI. It shall be lawful for any person to demand from Copies or Exthe Keeper of the Land Revenue Records and Inrolments, or tracts from the from the Clerk of the Peace, a certified Copy or Extract from furnished when the said Register so to be made and signed by the Commissioners, required. on Payment of a Sum not exceeding Twopence per Folio of Seventy-two Words ; and before the said Register shall be completed it shall be lawful for any Person to demand from the Clerk of the Commissioners a certified Copy of any of the said Claims, and the Decisions thereon of the Commissioners; and any Person may inspect the Register so deposited as aforesaid, on Payment of One Shilling.

XXVII. Any such Certificate or certified Copy shall be Certified Copies admitted in Evidence in all Courts of Justice; and any. Person to be evidence. forging any Copy of any Claim or Objection or Certificate afore- forging same said, or who shall utter any such Copy or Certificate knowing guilty of a the same to be forged, shall be deemed to be guilty of a Misde Misdemeanor. meanor, and liable to be imprisoned, at the Discretion of the Court, for any Term not exceeding Three Years, with or without Hard Labour.

XXVIII. All Claims made or which shall be made under the Claims enProvisions of the said Acts or this Act of Rights of Common of joyed since the Pasture, Pannage, or Turbary, which shall be proved to the allowed under Satisfaction of the Commissioners to have been enjoyed or certain Cirexercised as of Right, without Interruption, by the "Claimant cumstances. or Persons through or under whom he claims, as from any Time in the Year One thousand eight hundred, shall be allowed by the Commissioners; but such Rights shall be held and enjoyed according to the Laws and Assize of the said Forest, and such Rights of Common of Pasture shall be enjoyed and allowed only in respect of the Cattle of the Claimant levant and couchant on the Lands in respect of which the Claim is made ; and no Claim of Common of Turbary shall be allowed other than in respect of a Messuage erected in or prior to the Year One thousand eight hundred; and such Turbary shall be allowed only for the necessary Fuel of such Messuage, to be therein burnt and expended as belonging and appertaining to such Messuage.

XXIX. For the Purpose of defraying the Expenses after Waste Lands mentioned, the Commissioners of Her Majesty's Woods, Forests, to be sold to and Land Revenues shall, on behalf of Her Majesty, in addition defray the Exto the Sales already made or agreed to be made, from Time penses inci

dental to the to Time sell and dispose of by Public Auction or Tender such

Act. Parts of the open Waste Lands of the said Forest as they and

any Two Verderers may deem most convenient; and the Receipt of the Commissioners of Her Majesty's Woods, Forests, and Land Revenues for the Time being shall be a sufficient Discharge for the Purchase Money to all Persons purchasing, and who shall not be bound to see to the Application of the Purchase Money, nor to inquire whether the Sale was made with the Assent of

the Verderers as aforesaid. Produce of XXX. The Money to be raised by Sale as aforesaid shall be Sales to be

paid to the Commissioners of Her Majesty's Woods, Forests, and paid to the Commissioners Land Revenues, and shall be applied by them in discharge of Woods, and of the Remuneration to be made to the Commissioners and to applied by them in Pay

their Clerk, and in Payment of all Costs, Charges, and ment of Expenses which shall become payable or be incurred by or on Expenses. the Behalf of the Commissioners or their Clerk, under or in

performance of the Provisions of this Act, and also all the Payments, Costs, Charges, and Expenses which have already become payable or been incurred or may be incurred under or in the Performance of the Provisions of the said Acts, and the Surplus, if any, of the Monies to arise from any Sale as aforesaid, shall be applied as the Monies arising from the Sale of the open Waste Lands of the Forest are by the Act of the Tenth George the Fourth, Chapter Fifty, directed to

be applied. Power to send XXXI. It shall be lawful for the Commissioners, by a for Persons and

Summons under the Hands of any One of them, to require the Papers.

Attendance before them, at a Place and Time to be mentioned in the Summons, of any Person whomsoever, and to require all Persons to bring before them such Books, Papers, and Writings as are necessary for arriving at the Truth of the Matters to be inquired into by the Commissioners, which Persons shall attend the Commissioners, and shall answer all Questions put to them touching the Matters to be inquired into, and shall produce all Books, Papers, and Writings required of them, and in their Custody or under their Control, according to the Tenor of the

Summons. Commissioners XXXII. It shall be lawful for the Commissioners or any to examine on

One of them to administer an Oath, or an Affirmation where an Oath, &c.

Affirmation would be admitted in a Court of Justice on the Ground of Religious Scruples, to all Persons who are examined before them, touching the Things to be inquired into by them

under this Act. Penalty for XXXIII. If any Person on whom any Summons shall Non-attend

have been served by the Delivery thereof to him, or by the fusing to give leaving thereof at his usual Place of Abode, fail to appear before Evidence. the Commissioners at the Time and Place specified in such

Summons, it shall be lawful for the Commissioners to certify such Default under their Hands or under the Hand of any One of them to any of Her Majesty's Superior Courts, and thereupon such Court or Judge shall proceed against the Person so failing to attend in the same Manner as if the said Person had

ance or re.

failed to obey any Writ of Subpæna or any Process issuing out of the said Court; and if any Person so summoned to attend as aforesaid, and having appeared before the Commissioners, shall refuse to be sworn, or to make Answers to such Questions as are put to him touching the Matters in question by the Commissioners, or to produce and show to the Commissioners any Papers, Books, or Writings being in his Possession or under his Control which the Commissioners may deem necessary to be produced, or if any Person shall be guilty of any Contempt of the Commissioners or their Office, the Commissioners shall have such and the same Powers, to be exercised in the same Way, as any Judge of any of Her Majesty's Superior Courts sitting under any Commission may now by Law exercise in that Behalf; and all Headboroughs, Gaolers, Constables, and Bailiffs shall and they are required to give their Aid and Assistance to the Commissioners in the Execution of their Office.

XXXIV. Every Person who upon Examination upon Oath Penalty for or Affirmation before the Commissioners wilfully gives false false swearing. Evidence shall be liable to the Pains and Penalties of Perjury.

XXXV. The Commissioners shall have such and the like Protection of Protection and Privileges, in case of any Action brought against Commissioners. them for any Act done or omitted to be done in the Execution of their Duty, as is now by Law given by any Act or Acts now or hereafter to be in force to Justices acting in execution of their Office. XXXVI. No Action shall be brought against any Com- Limitation of

Actions. missioners appointed under this Act, or any other Person whomsoever, for anything done or omitted to be done in the Execution of this Act, unless such Action shall be brought within Six Calendar Months next after the doing of or omission to do such Thing

XXXVII. After the passing of this Act, no further Pro- Limitation of ceedings shall be taken for the making Claims or objecting Proceedings on

Claims, &c. thereto, and the deciding thereon, except under or by virtue of the Provisions herein contained.

XXXVIII. And whereas in the Inclosures made or to be Woodmen's ' made in the said Forest under the Authority of the Act Forty- Cottages may 'eighth of George the Third, Chapter Seventy-two, and of the the Inclosures * Act Fourteenth and Fifteenth of Victoria, Chapter Seventy- have been

sis, small Portions of Land have been and may be appropriated thrown out, but by the Crown for Cottages and Buildings for Woodmen, with tity of inclosed Gardens attached thereto, and it may not be expedient that Land not to be such small Portions of Land should in all Cases be liable to thereby

increased. • be thrown open with the rest of the Inclosures in which they

are situate :'Be it enacted, That, notwithstanding anything in the said Acts or either of them contained, Cottages or Buildings erected or to be erected for Woodmen in any Inclosure within the said Forest, and the Sites thereof, with a Garden and Orchard


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attached to each of such Cottages, not exceeding in each Case Two Acres in Extent, may, if and so long as the Commissioners of Her Majesty's Woods, Forests, and Land Revenues shall think fit, remain, and be held in Severalty in the actual Possession of the Crown, freed and discharged from all Rights of Common and other Rights, Titles, or Claims whatsoever: Provided always, that the total Quantity of Land within the said Forest which Her Majesty, Her Heirs and Successors, are by the said Acts or either of them authorized to hold and keep inclosed and in Severalty shall not be thereby increased, and that the Cottage and Garden shall be situated within a

Quarter of a Mile of some Inclosure. Commissioner XXXIX. All Acts, Matters, and Things to be done or Acts done by

authorized to be done by the Commissioners of Her Majesty's Commissioners Woods, Forests, and Land Revenues, in pursuance of this Act of Woods. or of the said recited Acts or any of them, may be done by the

Commissioner or other Officer for the Time being of Her Majesty in charge of the said Forest.

may do all


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An Act to continue an Act of the Twelfth Year of Her

present Majesty, for amending the Laws relating to
Savings Banks in Ireland, and to authorize Friendly
Societies to invest the whole of their Funds in Savings

[24th July 1854.] WI HEREAS an Act was passed in the Twelfth Year of 11 & 12 Vict.

the Reign of Her Majesty, intituled An Act to amend c. 133.

the Laws relating to Savings Banks in Ireland: And whereas • the said Act was continued in force by another Act passed in • the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Years of the Reign of Her

Majesty until the First Day of January One thousand eight • hundred and fifty-four, and until the End of the then next

ensuing Session of Parliament: And whereas it is expedient " that the said first-recited Act should be further continued : Be it therefore enacted by the Queen's most Excellent Majesty, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled,

and by the Authority of the same, Act further

I. That the said Act should be further continued until the continued. First Day of January One thousand eight hundred and fifty

eight, and until the End of the then next ensuing Session of

Parliament. Funds of

II. It shall be lawful for the Trustees of Savings Banks duly Friendly Soci- established according to Law to receive from the Trustees or eties may be

other proper Officers of Friendly Societies, duly enrolled, deposited in Savings Banks registered, or certified in the Manner required by the Acts in to any Amount force relating to Friendly Societies, any Sum of Money the Property of such Societies, without Restriction as to Amount,


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