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Punishment, or to Imprisonment, and Forfeiture of Pay, in such Manner as shall accord with the Provisions of this Act.

XI. In Cases of Mutiny and gross Insubordination or of Courts-martial other Offences committed on the Line of March, or on board on Line of

March or in any Transport Ship, Convict Ship, or Merchant Vessel, the Transport Offender may be tried by a Divisional or Detachment Court- ships, &c. martial, and the Sentence confirmed and carried into execution on the Spot by the Officer in immediate Command, providiel that the Sentence shall not exceed that which a Divisional Court-martial is competent to award.

XII. It shall be lawful for any Officer commanding any Courts-martial Detachment or Portion of Her Majesty's Royal Marine Forces in Special Cases which may at any Time be serving out of Her Majesty's Queen's DomiDominions, upon Complaint made to him of any Offence com- nions. mitted against the Property or Person of any Inhabitant of or Resident in any such countries by any Person under the immediate Command of any such Officer, to suminon and cause to be assembled a Detachment General Court-martial, which shall consist of not less than Three Officers, for the Trial of any such Person, notwithstanding such Officer shall not have received any Warrant empowering him to assemble ('ourts-martial; and every such Court-martial shall have the same Powers in regard to summoning and examining Witnesses, Trial of and Sentence upon Offenders, as are granted by this Act to General Courts-martial: Provided always, that no Sentence of any such Detachment Court-martial shall be executed until the Officer commanding the Army to which the Division, Brigade, Detachment, or Party to which any Person so tried shall belong shall have approved and confirmed the same.

XIII. When necessary or expedient, Officers of Her Majesty's Officers of the Land Forces and of the Royal Marines may sit in conjunction Marine and on Courts-martial, whether the Commanding Officer by whose may sit in conOrder such Court-martial is assembled belongs to the Land or junction on Marine Forces ; and when the Person to be tried shall belong Courts -martial. to the Royal Marines, then the Proceedings of such Courtmartial shall be regulated according to the Provisions of this Act; but where the Person to be tried shall belong to Iler Majesty's Land Forces, then the Provisions of the Act passed in the present Session of Parliament for the Punishment of Mutiny and Desertion, and for the better Payment of the Army and their Quarters, and the Oaths therein prescribed, shall be applicable.

XIV. Provided there be no Superior Officer of Iler Majesty's If no Superior Land Forces present in Command of a District, Garrison, Officer of Land Station, or Place where Marines may be serving, it shall be

present in lawful for any Officer of the Royal Marine Corps, of the Command of a Degree of a Field Officer, and holding a Commission from the District, &c. Lord Iligh Admiral, or the Commissioners for executing the Marines may Olice of Lord High Admiral, for that Purpose, but not other- convene a wise, to convene or assemble a District or Garrison Court. Court-martial. martial, to be composed as afore stated, and for such Court to


Forces is

President of

proceed to try any Marine or Marines below the Rank of Commissioned Officer for any of the Offences cognizable by a District or Garrison Court-martial; but the Sentence so awarded by any such Court shall not be carried into effect until the Senior Officer of Royal Marines in the District, Garrison, Station or Place, not being a Member of the Court, shall have confirmed the same: Provided always, that if there be any such Superior Officer of Her Majesty's Land Forces present in Command of the District, Garrison, Station, or Place where Marines may be, in such Case it shall be lawful for him to convene or assemble such District or Garrison Court-martial for the Trial of any Marine or Marines below the Rank of a Commissioned Officer, and for such Court-martial to try any such Marine or Marines in conformity with the Provisions of this Act and the Articles of War to be made in pursuance hereof; but the Sentence which may be awarded by any such Court which may be convened or assembled by any such Superior Officer shall not be carried into effect until such Superior Officer shall have confirmed the same.

XV. The President of every Court-martial shall be appointed by the Authority convening such Courts, and shall in no Case be the confirming Officer, or the Officer whose Duty it has been to investigate the Charges on which the Prisoner is to be arraigned, nor, in the Case of a General Court-martial, under the Degree of a Field Officer, unless where a Field Officer cannot be had, nor in any Case whatsoever under the Degree of a Captain, save in the Case of a Detachment General Courtmartial holden out of IIer Majesty's Dominions, or of a Divisional or Detachment Court-martial holden on the Line of March, or on board a Transport Ship, Convict Ship, Merchant Vessel, or Troop Ship not in Commission, or on any Foreign Station where a Captain cannot be had: Provided always, that in the Case of Detachment General Court-martial holden out of Iler Majesty's Dominions the Officer convening such Court may be the President thereof.

XVI. In all Trials by Court-martial, as soon as the Presicient and other Officers appointed to serve thereon shall be assembled, their Names shall be read over in the Hearing of the Prisoner, who shall thereupon be asked if he objects to being tried by the President or by any of such Officers, and if the Prisoner shall then object to the President, such Objection shall be referred to the Decision of the Authority by whom such President shall have been appointed; but if he object to any Officer other than the President, such Objection shall be decided by the President and the other Officers so aforesaid appointed to form the Court; and when the Place of the President or other Officer in respect of whom any Challenge shall have been made and allowed shall be supplied by some Officer in respect of whom no Challenge shall be made or allowed, or if no Challenge whatever shall have been made, or, if made, not allowed, the President and the other Officers composing a General Court-martial shall take the


Proceedings at

Oaths in the Schedule to this Act annexed before the Judge Advocate or his Deputy, or Person officiating as Judge Advocate, and on Trials by other Courts-martial, before the President of such Court, who are hereby respectively authorized to administer the same, and any sworn Member may administer the Oath to the President; and as soon as the said Oaths shall have been administered to the respective Members, the President of the Court is hereby authorized and required to administer to the Judge Advocate, or the Person officiating as such, the Oath in the Schedule to this Act annexed; and no Proceeding or Trial shall be had upon any Offence but between the Hours of Eight of the Clock in the Morning and Four in the Afternoon, except in Cases which require an immediate Example, and except in the East Indies, where such Proceedings or Trial may be had between the Ilours of Six in the Morning and Four in the Afternoon.

XVII. All General and other Courts-martial shall have Swearing and Power and Authority and are hereby required to administer summoning

Witnesses. an Oath to every Witness or other Person who shall be examined before such Court in any matter relating to any Pro. ceeding before the same; and every Person, as well Civil as Military, who may be required to give or produce Evidence before à Court-martial, shall, in the Case of General Courtsmartial, be summoned by the Judge Advocate, or the Person officiating as such, and in the Case of all other Courts-martial by the President of the Court; and all Persons so summoned and attending as Witnesses before any Court-martial shall, during their necessary Attendance in or on such Courts, and in going to and returning from the same, be privileged from Arrest, and shall, if unduly arrested, be discharged by the Court out of which the Writ or Process issued by which such Witness was arrested, or if such Court be not sitting, then by any Judge of the Superior Courts of Westminster or Dublin, or of the Court of Session in Scotland, or of the Courts of Law in the East or West Indies, or elsewhere, according as the Case shall require, upon its being made to appear to such Court or Judge by any Affidavit in a summary Way that such Witness was arrested in going to, attending upon, or returning from or attending upon such Court-martial; and all Witnesses so duly summoned as aforesaid who shall not attend on such Courts, or attending shall refuse to be sworn, or not produce the Documents being under their Power or Control required to be produced by them, or, being sworn, shall refuse to give Evidence or to answer all such Questions as the Court may legally demand of them, shall be liable to be attached in the Court of Queen's Bench in London or Dublin, or in the Court of Session, or Sheriff Depute or Stewarts Depute or their respective Substitutes within their several Shires and Stewartries, in Scotland, or in the Courts of Law in the East or West Indies, or in any of Her Majesty's Colonies, Garrisons, or Dominions in Europe or elsewhere, respectively, upon Com[No. 6. Price 2d.] F


Previous Convictions to be put in Evidence.

plaint made, in like Manner as if such Witness had, after being duly summoneed or subpænaed, neglected to attend on a Trial in any Proceeding in the Court in which such Complaint shall be made : Provided always, that nothing in this Act contained shall be construed to render an Oath necessary in any Case where by Law a solemn Affirmation may be made instead thereof.

XVIII. After a Prisoner has been found guilty of any Charge or Charges the Court before which any such Prisoner shall have been tried may, before passing Sentence on such Prisoner, and for the Purpose only of affixing Punishment, receive in Evidence against him any previous Convictions by Courts-martial; and in like Manner and for the like Purpose the Court shall receive in Evidence any previous Conviction of such Prisoner by a Court of ordinary Criminal Jurisdiction, where the Offence charged in the Indictment was of a felonious, fraudulent, or unnatural Nature; and in the Case of Convictions by Courts-martial, duly confirmed, the Court-martial Book or the Divisional or Company's Defaulters Book, and when none of those Books can conveniently be produced, a Certificate, which shall purport to contain à Copy of the Entry of such Convictions in such Books or any of them, and which shall be signed by the Adjutant or other Officer having the Custody of the Court-martial Book or of the Defaulters Book of the Division or Company to which the Prisoner belongs, shall be sufficient Evidence of such Conviction; and it shall not be necessary to prove the Signature or official Character of the Person appearing to have signed such Certificate, nor, if the Court be satisfied from all the Circunstances of the Case that the Prisoner under Trial is the Person mentioned in any such Certificate, shall it be necessary to give other Proofs of the Ilentity of the Person of the Offender; and in the Case of a Conviction by a Court of ordinary Criminal Jurisdiction, any Certificate transmitted as herein provided to the Officer commanding by the Clerk of any such Court or other Officer having Custody of the Records of such Courts, or the Deputy of such Clerk, containing the Substance and Effect of any Indictment, omitting the formal Part, together with the Judgment of the Court thereon, and purporting to be signed by such Clerk or other Officer, or by the Deputy of such Clerk, or if such Certificate cannot conveniently be obtained, a Copy thereof duly certified by the Officer producing it, shall be sufficient Evidence of such lastmentioned Conviction ; and it shall not be necessary to prove the Signature or official Character of the Person appearing to have signed such last-mentioned Certificate, nor, if the Court be satisfied from all the Circumstances of the Case that the Prisoner under Trial is the Per-on mentioned in such Certificate, shall it be necessary to give other Proofs of the Identity of the Person of the Offender: Provided always, that before any such Evidence shall be received it shall be proved to the satisfaction of the Court that the said Prisoner had previously to his Trial


vision allowed.

received Notice of the Intention to produce such Evidence against him; and provided also, that the Court shall in no Case award to him any other Punishment or Punishments than may by this Act and by the Articles of War be awarded for the Offence of which he shall have been so found guilty.

XIX. Every Judge Advocate, or Person officiating as such, Report of Proat a General Court-martial, and the President of every District ceedings of

Courts-martial. or Garrison Court-martial, are required to transmit, with as much Expedition as the Opportunity of Time and Distance of Place can admit, the original Proceedings and Sentence thereof to the Secretary of the Admiralty for the Time being; and any Person tried by a General Court-martial, or any Person on his Behalf, shall be entitled, on Demand, to a Copy of such Sentence and Proceedings (paying reasonably for the same), whether such Sentence shall be approved or not, at any Time not sooner than Six Months of the Trial took place at Gibraltar or in the Mediterranean, Three Months if at any other Station within Europe, and Twelve Months if elsewhere in ller Majesty's Dominions ; provided that such Demand as aforesaid shall have been made within the Space of Three Years from the Date of the Approval or other final Decision upon the Proceedings before such General Court-martial.

XX. No Officer or Soldier being acquitted or convicted of No Second any Offence shall be liable to be tried a Second Time by the Trial, but Resame or any other Court-martial for the same Offence; and that no Finding, Opinion, or Sentence given by any Court-martial, and signed by the President thereof, shall be revised more than once, nor shall any additional Evidence, be received by the Court on any Revision.

XXI. If any Person who is or shall be commissioned or in Crimes punishPay as an Officer of Royal Marines, or who is or shall be listed able with

Death, or in Pay as a Non-commissioned Officer, Drummer, or Private Man in Her Majesty's Royal Marine Forces, shall at any Time during the Continuance of this Act, while on shore in any Place within the said Kingdom, or in any other of ller Majesty's Dominions, or in any Foreign Parts out of such Dominions, or on board any Transport Ship, or Merchant Ship or Vessel or any Ship or Vessel of lier Majesty, or on board any Convict Hulk or Ship, or any other Ship or Vessel, or in any Place whatever, where or while being in any Circumstances in which he shall not be subject to, or not be liable to or punishable by, the Laws relating to the Government of Iler Majesty's Forces by Sea, begin, excite, cause, or join in any Mutiny or Sedition in Her Majesty's Marine or other Forces, or shall not use liis utmost Endeavours to suppress any such Mutiny or Sedition, or coming to the Knowledge of any Mutiny or intended Mutiny shall not without Delay give Information thereof to his Commanding Officer; or shall misbehave himself before the Enemy; or shall sharefully abandon or deliver up any Garrison, Fortress, Post, or Guard committed to his Charge, or which he shall have been commanded to defend; or shall compel the

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