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home, devoting their whole lives to the welfare stein, Chicago, Ill. of these, their charges.

December 8, 1904. On the beautiful Jubilee feast of Mary Immaculate some brothers took

and several renewed their vows. First vows Of the several festivals of the past year were taken by Bros, James and Joseph. – The some deserve special mention.'

third by Bros. Fabianus, Stanislaus and AmalOn June 26, 1904, à red-letter day for the bertus. — The perpetual vows by Bros. Simplichildren as for their parents and teachers, the cius and Liborius. – Rev. Father Superior Peil, following boys received their first Holy Comi-S. V. D. officiated. munion :- James Boyle, Chicago - Henry Cooper, In the afternoon of the same day a sodaliVictor, Colo. - Edward Coyle, Chicago ---- Ralph ty of the Blessed Virgin was established for Cronin, Superior, Wis. - George Hutchinson, the boys. The devoted children of Mary took Seattle, Wash. - Patrick King, Chicago - Francis evident pleasure in thus consecrating themselves Marshall, Chicago - Charles Mc Evilly, Spring- to their heavenly Mother. field, Mo.- Charles Schabelka, Denver, Colo. Christmas was as always, a feast of delight Joseph Walter, West Point, Neb. - Odilo Wolter, for the children. With the aid of our good Milwaukee, Wis.

friends we were able to give our boys a memorThis date was also commencement Day able celebration. when prizes were awarded to the pupils below Feb. 2, 1905. The first Mass was celebrated mentioned:

our new high altar which is a donation of For good conduct: -- Edward Coyle, Chicago the Young Ladies' Sodality of Shermerville.

Gecrge Victor Kearns, Winnetka, Ill. — John Twice during February the boys produced Seilheimer, Hillside, Ill. — Norbert Wolter, Mil- Cardinal Wiseman's play "The Hidden Gem." waukee, Wis.

Their rendition of the touching drama was proFor study: -- Edward Bickert, Pottsville, Pa. nounced excellent-by all who saw it. - Henry Cooper, Victor, Colo. — Edward Coyle June 18, 1905. The following boys received Chicago - Edmund Lane, Chicago --- Charles their first Holy Communion: - Joseph Goll, Seifert, Quincy, III. - Antony Leyen, Spokane, St. Lawrence, Wis. - Louis Gunn, Cleveland, O. Wash. — Louis Aya, Eugene, Ore.

– John Friedman, Mishawaka, Ind. - George For neatness and order: – Gaspard Pare, Gould, Cleveland, O. = John Germershausen, Duluth, Minn. - James Boyle, Chicago

Milwaukee, Wis. Norbert Wolter, Milwaukee, On July 6, 1904. Most Rew. Archbishop Wis. = Joseph Mueller, Milwaukee, Wis. – Quigley of Chicago visited the school, showing. John 'Seilheimer, Hillside, Ill. - Michael Cooper, a practical interest in the work done and ex- Victor, Colo. -. William Hanseman, Antony pressing his approval and satisfaction. :

Haas, Michael Stirn, Boniface Ram, Arthur FiNov. I, 1904. Service was held for the first scher, Charles Wolff, James Davy, Michael Schi time in the new chapel, to the great joy of all ckel, William Delort from Chicago. the inmates of the school. This chapel offers The result of the year's work as evidenced ample accommodation for a larger congregation in the showing made by the pupils was full of than is now available.

encouragement for themselves and highly gratiSince its opening all services therein are fying to their teachers who seek no other reconducted with much solemnity.

ward for effort.' To the usual ceremonies of Thanksgiving day a new feature was added. The pupils who excelled in work, thanks to the Brothers' exer- Consider dear reader what opportunity a tions and their own assiduity received awards "boy has in St. Joseph's to prepare for å position of medals, books etc. The names of the boys in life honorable to himself and helpful to his so distinguished are:

fellow-mren: And will you not consider, too, For good conduct: James Davy, Chicago how you can co-operate in the advancement and - Edward Coyle, Chicago - Antony Zeyen, extension of this worthy cause. Spokane, Wash. - George Victor Kearns, Win- The religious community is poor as you netka, Ill. — Charles Schabelka, Denver, Colo. may well imagine. The boys come mostly from

For excellence in work: Francis Kron- the working class and can offer little or no kow, Chicago – John Germershausen, Milwau- compensation. Many a worthy' boy entirely kee, Wis. Christian Dreiling, St. Peter, Kan. penniless comes himself to ask for admission – Frederick Kronkow, Chicago — Adolph Eng. Should we be deaf to his appeals? Should we lert, St. Louis, Mo. – William Sack, Lebanon, close against him the door of shelter and security, Mo. - Joseph Banneyer, Chicago – Thomas Shall he who is fatherless, motherless, homeless, Reynolds, Springfield, Mo.- Edward Knepprath, be left on the street to fall and perish? Surely Port Washington, Wis. - Hugo Renk, Shermer- you will not advise this! Instead, we know that ville, Ill. – Patrick Wilson, Metamora, Ill. - vou will extend to us the hand of help-so that Odilo Wolter, Milwaukee, Wis. — August Brun- we may feel justified in accepting the deserving youths who apply for place in our institution St. Ann's is beautifully situated, having and ensure to them the blessed privilege of moral nearby a grove and park, and the restful air and mental education. The means of help are of its surroundings is much commented on by simple: one is by buying and helping to circul- visitors. Holy Mass is celebrated every mornate our books St. Michael's Almanac and ing at the Home and there are two Masses on our periodicals: “The Christian Family” and Sunday. It is very evident to all observers "Amerikanisches Missionsblatt." Again you can that the old folks appreciate these varied adassist us by alms. Such almsgiving makes the vantages and feel happy under the good care donor not poorer by its amount but richer of the Sisters. At present the house-hold numfor He in whose name the appeal is made and an- bers forty guests (men and women) and 33 Sisswered has promised to return one hundredfold ters, Sister Leonarda being the Superior in and His promise may not fail! Another mode charge. of help is the Free Scholarship which we have

The sisters do also an immer

ense amount of fully explained on the last page of this Almanac. work for St. Joseph's Technical School, for kitchen,

Choose for yourself the method of giving, bakery and laundry of this institution are under but most earnestly we ask, that in your chosen their direction, they also attend to a part of sewway you will help us to save our boys! Their ing and mending for its inmates and the requireFather above who suffereth not a cup of cold ments of the sacristy. water to pass unrewarded will remember for

Between St. Ann's Home and St. Joseph's time and 'eternity what you may do for His School therefore, these 33 Sisters work and helpless little ones.

care for three hundred persons! Rather a Send your mite then at once, addressing prising showing is it not? and from a merely all communications and inquiries to the SOCIETY human viewpoint it might easily be considered OF THE DIVINE WORD, SHERMERVILLE, ILL.

an impossible task. And now dear readers the Almanac Editor

Theirs is a work worthy of emulation and says farewell in the hope of meeting you assistance — a work that must appeal in a peculiar again next year and with heartfelt wishes that manner to women the home-makers and homesuccess and prosperity may crown all your under- keepers of the world. It is to them that we takings.

would speed this little message from St. Ann's

St. Ann's Home at Shermerville, Ill.

"If, from your abundance, dear Home-keeper! This establishment which aims to be a Home you feel that a portion will not be missed in the true and honored sense of the word, or if like the great majority, you can only was opened in 1903 and is conducted by the spare a little from your domestic store, rememSister Servants of the Holy Ghost. Here aged ber in either case, the urgency of St. Ann's *people find a period of rest after a life of toil necessities and the appealing nature of its aim.

never unmixed with trouble which belongs And rest assured, that be the gifting large or to earth, and here they find a blessed oppor-small

, so long as the spirit is in urison with tunity to prepare fittingly for that last long that of the Divine Giver, its reward in Eternity journey to Eternity.

will be exceedingly great!”


JOESPH SCHAEFER, Publisher. 9 Barclay Street, New York.
Importer of Religious Articles and Church Ornaments. Kneipp Articles a Specialty.
Write for complete catalogues and mention St. Michael's Almanac.

His Holiness X. Apostolic
Benediction To "The Christian Mother"

And Its Readers.

ROME, July 27, 1904. To the Most Rev. John M. Farley, D. D., Archbishop of New York.

Most Reverend Archbishop:

It is a pleasure for me to communicate to your Grace the particular Women's monthly magazines devoted to the improve- satisfaction with which the Holy Father has received from air. Joseph ment of home education. Endorsed by His Grace, Arch

Schaefer a volume of the Magazine published by him in your archdiocese

under the title of " 'The Christian Mother." it is, indeed, a source of bishop Farley, and many Bishops and Priests. Official consolation to His Holiness to know that the magazine is conducted on Organs of the Archconfraternity of Christian Mothers, strictly Catholic principles, and that it has therefore met with the ap

proval of the diocesan authorities. The Holy Father earnestly trusts comprising about five hundred societies.

that its patronage will constantly increase, and as a pledge of his good English edition, 32 pages reading matter per month will in its behalf cordially imparts to its director and to all its devout with illustrations. Subscription 1.00 a year.

readers the Apostolic Benediction. German edition, 16 pages reading matter per month

In communicating this to your Grace, I beg to remain, with senti.

ments of the highest esteem, Most Rev. and Dear Sir, with illustrations. Subscription 50 cents a year. Sample copies will be mailed free on application.

Your servant in Christ, Wanted Local Agents with good references.


Die Christliche Mutter.

Ith all mention of the needs of the little children of our Faith and more especially their spiritual needs,

the memory of the good St. Patrick is for ever associated. For we all remember that when the call came which took him from that native land of France he loved so well, it came as the voices of the little children crying aloud on the hilltops of Erin “because the knowledge of the true God had not come to them and their fathers." And in obedience to this call of the children, Patrick fared forth on the weary way of the missionary to commence his long apostolate of labor.

Something of the same need is voiced in this appeal of ours which we address to all who reverence the name and fame of the good Saint and would fain follow in his footsteps. In this new land of ours and in this twentieth ceutury, too, there are

the souls of the children to be considered-childish minds to be led onward and upward to the heights of true knowledge and virtue. Here then is an opportunity offered in St. Patrick's name and under bis patronage -- a free scholarship

in St. Joseph's Technical School, at Sherm: vill., II., where besides the usual classrcom education, a boy is trained in some useful trade and so fitted for a life of honorable exertion among his fellow men. There is no lack of worthy candidates for this training but the Community at St. Joseph's, sadly hampered by present obligations, are unable to undertake more, although they are willing and eager to contribute the care and instruction which are so important a factor of the scholarship. It has been carefully computed that

a capital of two thousand dollars ($2000.00) will supply the necessary income to support one boy during the years needed for classroom and workroom

The capital remaining intact makes the scholarship a perpetual monument to those who contribute toward its establishment.

Should it be the gift of one person it would perpetuate his or her name, unless otherwise desired. If the gift of many, as was the original expectation, the names of all contributors will be published in the next issue of St. Michael's Almanac.

A roll of honor indeed, to be preserved and recalled. Best records of all will be the remembrance enshrined in the grateful Hearts of the community and pupils of St. Joseph's and the daily prayers which shall ascend unfailingly to the Throne of Grace before which, as we may not doubt, the powerful voice of Patrick the Apostle will plead for those, who hearkening as of old to the

cry of the children, made speedy and practical response to their appeal!

All communications on this important subject inquiries, suggestions and contributions can be addressed to Society of the Divine Word,

Shermerville, Ill.


(Fill out this subscription blank, enclose the same with a one-dollar bill in an envelope, seal well, place a two-cent stamp on front and mail.)

SOCIETY OF THE DIVINE WORD, Shermerville, III. Enclosed please find $1.00 for a year's subscription to "The Christian Family" a Magazine for the Catholic Home, which please mail to the following address:


Street and Number

City or Town


Important Announcement! ! Good Reading in the Home!

What We Will Furnish.

Thirty-two pages monthly of matter entertaining and educational, the first sufficiently so to enhance the at:ractions of the family fireside and promote its happiness the second selected with a view of assisting Catholic parents to discharge their God-given responsibility of training their children in the ways of their Mother Church.

Bood Stories, Interesting,

Enlivening and Moral. a

Comments on Current Events.

Tell us what your family read,

We will tell you what you may expect of them! Those who have longest and widest experience in the fields of Catholic education and Catholic literature, can best attest the growing demand for good reading which includes with books of devotion and instruction, the Catholic newspaper and notably

The Catholic Magazine. This last is admittedly the most popular medium, for in the pages of the well-arranged periodical it is possible to combine instruction and entertainment, literary merit and high moral influence. In our own short experience we have come face to face with this demand for home reading which St. Michael's Almanac as an Annual cannot fill, although it has helped to foster. Therefore it has been arranged, that commencing with

January the First 1906 from the Publication Office of St. Michael's Almanac and under the same direction, there shall be issued monthly a thirty-two page magazine bearing a name suggestive of its scope and purpose

[merged small][graphic]

The Christian Family.

No effort will be spared to make the new messenger worthy of the place it is intended to fill in the Catholic home circle: nevertheless, in order to set it within reach of all, the subscription price will be

One Dollar Yearly.

The earnings of the magazine shall be devoted as are those of St. Michael's Almanac to the support of

St. Joseph's Technical School

of Shermerville, Illinois

Cozy Corner Chats on
Scientific Subjects

Helpful in the Schoolroom.

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T. Joseph's Technical School is under tre direction of the Priests and
Brotisers of the Society of the Divine Word.

The purpose of this Institution is to safeguard the faith and mor

als of Catholic boys, while at the same time fitting them for honorable places in the world of industry.

The pupils are trained with equal care to be good Catholics and skilled artisans: diligence, order and economy, are inculcated as virtues that lead up to, and form part of the fulfilment of religious obligations.

Boys are accepted between the ages of teñ and fifteen years.

With every application for admittance a certificate of good conduct from the Priest or Teacher must be enclosed. - A baptismal certificate is required for those boys who did not receive their first holy Communion.

The terms for admission are very moderate.

Worthy boys who are destitute of means may be admitted free of charge if necessity requires.

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Boys from every part of the United States may be received.
The pupil's time is devoted partly to study and partly to work.

The essentials of healthy and nutritious food, hygienic classrooms, working apartments and dormitories are amply provided for, nor are the facilities for fitting amusements neglected.

Parents are kept constantly informed regarding the conduct and progress of their children.

Our friends and well-wishers can so assist us that we may be able to admit many indigent youths who are deserving of this opportunity.

The means of help are, voluntary contributions to the funds of our Institution and the purchase, introduction and spread of our books and periodicals which now include “Amerikanisches Missionsblatt,” English and German Month: ly, $1,00 per year; “Stadt Gottes," German Monthly, $1,20 per year; “St. Michce's Amanco" issued in English, German and Dutch. For particulars write to St. Joseph's Technical School,

Shermerville, Illinois.

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