The young angler, naturalist, and pigeon and rabbit fancier [&c.].

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Page 32 - ... forfeit and pay, over and above the value of the fish taken or destroyed (if any), such sum of money, not exceeding five pounds, as to the justice shall seem meet : Provision respecting Anglers.
Page 64 - He clapp'd his wings upon his roost, and sung: For when degrees fifteen ascended right, By sure instinct he knew 'twas one at night. High was his comb, and coral-red withal, In dents embattled like a castle wall...
Page 32 - And be it enacted, That if any Person shall unlawfully and wilfully take or destroy any Fish in any Water which shall run through or be in any Land adjoining or belonging to the Dwelling House of any Person being the Owner of such Water...
Page 64 - A yard she had with pales enclosed about, Some high, some low, and a dry ditch without. Within this homestead lived, without a peer For crowing loud, the noble Chanticleer; So hight her cock, whose singing did surpass The merry notes of organs at the mass.
Page 32 - ... shall be guilty of a misdemeanour, and being convicted thereof shall be liable at the discretion of the court to be imprisoned for any term not exceeding two years, with or without hard labour.
Page 33 - ... be exempted from the payment of any damages or penalty for such angling." By another Act passed in the 7 & 8 George IV. it is provided that " if any person shall maliciously in any way destroy the dam of a fish pond or other water, being private property, with intent to take or destroy any of the fish in the same ; or shall maliciously put any noxious material in any such pond or water with intent to destroy the fish therein, such offender shall be guilty of a misdemeanour, and be punished accordingly.
Page 32 - Anglers shall be taken, or by whom the same shall be delivered up as aforesaid, shall by the taking or delivering thereof be exempted from the Payment of any Damages or Penalty for such Angling.
Page 32 - Implements for taking or destroying Fish, which shall then be in his Possession, and in case such Offender shall not immediately deliver up the same, to seize and take the same from him for the Use of such Owner...
Page 76 - Carrier is somewhat larger than most of the common pigeons ; its feathers lie very close and smooth, and its neck is long and straight. From the lower part of the head to the middle of the upper chap, there is a lump of white, naked, fungous-looking flesh, which is denominated the wattle...
Page 83 - ... and if, in some days, this remedy does not succeed, another lotion composed of three drachms and a half of alum, dissolved in two ounces of water, should be tried. When Pouters and Croppers gorge themselves, by over-eating, after long fasting, put the bird, feet downward, into a tight stocking, smoothing up the crop, so that overloaded as it is, it may be kept from hanging down ; then hitch up the stocking on a nail, and keep the bird a prisoner until its food is digested, supplying it with a...

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