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Now reaps the Youth the Glory of his Toil; To him the Monarch gives the martial Spoil; Rewards his Valour with a noble Poft,

And makes him First Commander of his Hoft.
Thus quickly Felix gain'd a deathless Name;
Thus was his Labour crown'd with Wealth and

But Wealth and Fame infipid Things appear;
To give them Tafte, he wants the lovely Fair:
The lovely Fair, oppreft with equal Grief,
To make her happy, wants the glorious Chief.

His Fame, which foon at Sufa was reveal'd,
(Heroic Actions feldom lie conceal'd)
With pleafing Wonder ftruck Conftantia's Ears,
And fill'd her doubtful Soul with Hopes and

For, tho' the wife Prifcilla often ftrove,
With prudent Counsel, to fupprefs her Love;
Her Love was only leffen'd, not fuppreft,
But glows again, again diftracts her Breast.

As when, in rural Cots, the Flames aspire,. And lab'ring Peasants quench the mounting Fire;

If Chance a latent Spark remain behind,
In heapy Ashes, fann'd with ambient Wind;
The Fires again, with former Fury, rife,
Flame thro' the Roof, and flafh into the Skies:
So in her Bofom glows the am'rous Fire,

And fills her tender Soul with foft Defire.


And is my Felix yet alive? fhe fays;


And is he crown'd with Wealth, and deathlefs Praise ?

No, no; I fear the flatt'ring Tale deceives; Methinks I fee him plunging in the Waves. Ah! why, ye Heav'ns, are feeble Mortals curst, In Things uncertain, to believe the worst? No; rather let me fee the Thunic Court; There, with my Eyes, confirm the bleft Report: Hope flies before, and points the pleasing Way; Love urges on, and Love I must obey.

So faying, to Prifcilla straight she came, And, with her Thoughts, acquaints the pious


The pious Dame, with tender Pity fway'd,
Approves the Paffion of the loving Maid;
And, with Caprefa, guards her to the Place,
Refolv'd herself to view the Hero's Face.
The Hero meets 'em at the Regal Gate,
Array'd in Armour, formidably great ;
For, on that Morning, by the King's Command,
The Chief was to review the martial Band:
His ftudded Chariot darted Splendor round,
His ftately Courfers, neighing, paw'd the

The nodding Plumes around his Temples wave,
With awful Grace, and beautifully brave.
He knew th' approaching Nymph; but, in Sur-

The joyous Stream descended from his Eyes:


The Nymph beheld the weeping Chief; nor knew,

For what he wept, nor whom she came to view :
His martial Dress, bespangled o'er with Gold,
The dreadful Warrior, not the Lover, told.
But when he caft the Helmet from his Head,
And thro' the Gates the blushing Damfel led;
She knew her Lover, clafp'd him to her Breast,
While filent Eloquence her Joy confeft:
The conscious Pains an abfent Lover bears,
Despair, fallacious Hope, and anxious Fears,
For Want of Words, were painted with
their Tears.

And when, at length, their crystal Sluices ceas'd,
The joyful Hero thus the Nymph address'd:

Ye Gods! and have I then my Charmer. found?

And are my Labours thus completely crown'd?
Yes! let me clasp thee to my longing Arms,
Drink in thy Breath, and feed upon thy Charms.
As widow'd Turtles, roving round the Fields,
Thro' all the fruitful Stores, which Nature yields,
Curft in the midst of Plenty, cannot eat;
But starve, lamenting for their abfent Mate:
Thus have I been with Fame and Riches grac'd;.
Yet wanted thee to give my Riches Tafte.
But fay, how came this Wealth I wanted most?
What brought my Love to this Barbarian Coast?

He faid; and now the joyful Damsel spake The Dangere which the fuffer'd for his Sake;


Shews him the Dame, who found her on the


Prifcilla too, who all her Wants fupply'd:
Then, proftrate, on her Knees before him bends,
And begs him to reward her faithful Friends.
The grateful Chief, by native Goodness fway'd,
Embrac'd'em both, and foon the Nymphobey'd;.
But first before his Royal Mafter came,
And begs he may resign his Poft of Fame :
At which the Monarch frowns with awful Eyes;
Till Felix ftraight, who faw his Paffion rife,
Falls on the Ground, and to his Mafter fhows
The various Scene of all his am'rous Woes.
This heard, the King refumes his former Grace;
Love tun'd his Soul, and smooth'd his ruffled.

He rais'd the Hero, bids the Nymph appear;
The Nymph approach'd him with a modeft Fear;
Before his awful Throne, fubmifs, she fell,
And to him straight unfolds th' amazing Tale.
Mute, on the Ground, a-while he fix'd his Eyes;
Then, Is the Force of Love fo great? he cries:
We falfely Man the World's Commander call;
Thou, mightier Monarch, Love! commandeft

Young Ammon's Self cou'd not thy Pow'r confine; The World his Subject was, but He was thine. Then, fmiling, thus he chear'd the trembling

Fair; Henceforward, lovely Nymph, dismiss thy Care:


For fince thy Love has conquer'd Wind and Sea, Curst be the King, that's crueller than they ! Let Hymen straight confirm the Marriage Ties; Thou justly hast deserv❜d the nuptial Prize.

This faid, he crown'd the Hero's martial Care, With Riches far fuperior to the Fair: Due Thanks return'd, they to Prifcilla came, Beftowing Gifts and Honours on the Dame. Caprefa next, with Age and Labour worn, In comely Robes the grateful Pair adorn; With ample Wealth her former Bliss restor❜d, And from the Seas redeem'd her nuptial Lord: Her nuptial Lord again enjoys his Wife, Again delightful Freedom crowns his Life; Till Nature calls him to refign his Breath, In honourable Age, and peaceful Death.

This done, the loving Couple quit the Shore, And joyfully the destin'd Port explore; While sportive Nereids round their Vessel play, And wanton Cupids hail them on their Way: Rough Thetis' Self affumes a pleafing Smile, Glad to return them to their native Soil; Where facred Hymen join'd their mutual Hands, And Heav'n, indulgent, blefs'd their nuptial Bands.


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