The Married Women's Property Act, 1882 (45 & 46 Vic. Cap. 75): With Introduction, Summary, Notes, Cases and Precedents, and an Appendix Containing the Statutes Relating to Married Women, with Careful Cross-references and Copious Index

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Waterlow Bros. & Layton, 1882 - 97 pages

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Page 58 - A married woman shall be capable of entering into and rendering herself liable in respect of and to the extent of her separate property on any contract, and of suing and being sued, either in contract or in tort, or otherwise, in all respects as if she were a feme sole...
Page 95 - ... shall enure and be deemed a trust for the benefit of his wife for her separate use, and of his children, or any of them, according to the...
Page 58 - Every contract entered into by a married woman with respect to and to bind her separate property shall bind not only the separate property which she is possessed of or entitled to at the date of the contract, but also all separate property which she may thereafter acquire.
Page 58 - Every married woman carrying on a trade separately from her husband shall, in respect of her separate property, be subject to the bankruptcy laws in the same way as if she were a feme sole.
Page 98 - ... jointly, if it appears that the husband is liable for the debt or damages recovered, or any part thereof, the judgment to the extent of the amount for which the husband is liable shall be a joint judgment against the husband personally and against the wife as to her separate property ; and as to the residue, if any, of such debt and damages, the judgment shall be a separate judgment against the wife as to her separate property only.
Page 68 - Nothing in this Act contained shall interfere with or affect any settlement or agreement for a settlement made or to be made, whether before or after marriage, respecting the property of any married woman, or shall interfere with or render inoperative any restriction against anticipation at present attached or to be hereafter attached to the enjoyment of any property or income by a woman under any settlement, agreement for a settlement, will, or other instrument...
Page 89 - In every case of a judicial separation the wife shall, whilst so separated, be considered as a feme sole for the purposes of contract, and wrongs and injuries and suing and being sued in any civil proceeding ; and her husband shall not be liable in respect of any engagement or contract she may have entered into, or for any wrongful act or omission by her...
Page i - Freehold land, or a thing in action, may be conveyed by a person to himself jointly with another person, by the like means by which it might be conveyed by him to another person («) ; and may, in like manner, be conveyed by a husband to his wife, and by a wife to her husband, alone or jointly with another person.
Page 89 - ... intestate, go as the same would have gone if her husband had been then dead: Provided that if any such wife should again cohabit with her husband, all such property as she may be entitled to when such cohabitation shall take place shall be held to her separate use, subject, however, to any agreement in writing made between herself and her husband while separate.
Page 93 - Act in any employment, occupation, or trade in which she is engaged or which she carries on separately from her husband, and also any money or property so acquired by her through the exercise of any literary, artistic, or scientific skill, and all investments of such wages, earnings, money, or property, shall be...

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