A Sketch of the Modern Languages of the East Indies: Accompanied by Two Language-maps

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Trübner & Company, 1878 - 198 pages

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Page 1 - This is a work which has long and impatiently been expected by a large circle of readers. It has been well praised by two eminent scientists, and their words have created for it, as regards its appearance in our English tongue, a sort of ante-natal reputation. The reputation is in many respects well deserved. The book is marked throughout by singular ability, abounds in striking and suggestive reflections, subtle and profound discussions, felicitous and graphic descriptions of mental and social movements,...
Page 3 - Post 8vo, pp. 276, cloth, 7s. 6d. RELIGION IN CHINA: Containing a Brief Account of the Three Religions of the Chinese, with Observations on the Prospects of Christian Conversion amongst that People. By JOSEPH EDKINS, DD, Peking. Third Edition. " We confidently recommend a careful perusal of the present work to all interested in this great subject.
Page 4 - This is an admirable book. It lacks no quality that a biography ought to have. Its method is excellent, its theme is profoundly interesting : its tone is the happiest mixture of sympathy and discrimination : its style is clear, masculine, free from effort or affectation, yet eloquent by its very sincerity.
Page 2 - Few books of its size contain the result of so much wide thinking, able and laborious study, or enable the reader to gain a better bird's-eye view of the latest results of investigations into the religious history of nations. As Professor Tiele modestly says, ' In this little book are outlines — pencil sketches, I might say — nothing more.' But there are some men whose sketches from a thumb-nail are of far more worth than an enormous canvas covered with the crude painting of others, and it is...
Page 4 - Mr. Fornander has evidently enjoyed excellent opportunities for promoting the study which has produced this work. Unlike most foreign residents in Polynesia, he has acquired a good knowledge of the language spoken by the people among whom he dwelt. This has enabled him, during his thirty-four years...
Page 42 - Las been discovered in the language of their conquerors. The Brahui enables us to trace the Dravidian race beyond the Indus to the southern confines of Central Asia. The Brahui language, considered as a whole, seems to be derived from the same source as the Panjabi and Sindhi, but it evidently contains a Dravidian element...
Page 3 - Dr. Edkins has been most careful in noting the varied and often complex phases of opinion, so as to give an account of considerable value of the subject.
Page 1 - A HISTORY OF MATERIALISM, and Criticism of its present Importance. By Professor FA Lange. Authorised Translation from the German by Ernest C. Thomas.
Page 93 - Nepal, to the westward of the great valley, dwell, in scanty numbers and nearly in a state of nature, two broken tribes having no apparent affinity with the civilized races of that country, and seeming like the fragments of an earlier population. " They toil not, neither do they spin ; they pay no taxes, acknowledge no...
Page 4 - It is to Lessing that an Englishman would turn with readiest affection. We cannot but wonder that more of this man is not known amongst us.

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