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Oh thou who freelt me from my doubtful state,
Log loft and wilderd in the maze of fate !
Be pretent itill, oh Goddess! in our aid; 590
Proceed, and firm thole omens thou hall made.
We to thy name our annual rites will pay,
Anu on thy altars facris ces lay;
The fawle ilock thall fall beneath the Aroke,
Aud till thy temples with a grateful smoke. 593
Hail, faithful Tripos! hail, ye dark abodes
Of awful Phoebus: I contets the gods !

Thus, reiz'd with facred fear, the monarch


Thea to his inner court the guests convey'd;
Where yet this fumes from dying sparks arile,
And duit yet white upon each altar lies, 600
The relics of a former iacrisice.
The king once more the folemu rites requires,
And bids renew the feails, and wake the tries.

Infurdat Titan açiles aninantibus ortus,
Tu mihi



taid Cirovinus ultro Adveliis alwa fidem, veterique exordia fati Detegis. aihias operi, ta: que omina tumes ! 590 Scmper honoratam cients orbilus a ni Te domus iita crive: Tixili tibi, Liva, litabunt El. cia cervice catres, lutraliaque esta Latte novo per tutus edet Välarios ignis. 595 Salve, prisca fides tripodum, obscurique recessus;, 'Depreli, Fort ina, does. i'c faţus; et ambos Innectens manibus, te&ta ulterioris ad auiæ Pregreditur. canis etiamnum altaribus ignes, 600 Sopitum cinerem, et tepidi libamina sacri Servabant; adolere focos, epulafque recentes


His train obey, while all the courts around 605
With noisy care and various tumult found.
Embroider'd purple clothes the golden beds;
This slave the tioor, and that the table spreads;
A third difpels the darkness of the night,
And fills depending lamps with beams of li ht;
Here loaves in canisters are pild on high, 611
And there in flames the flaughter'd victims fly.
Sublime in regal state Adrasi us phone,
Stretch'd on rich carpets on his ivory throne ;
A lofty couch receives each princely guett; 615
Around, at awful distance, wait the rest.

And now the king, his royal fealt to grace,
Acestis calls, the guardian of his race,
Who firit their youth in arts of virtue train’d,
And their ripe years in modelt grace maintain’d.


İnstaurare jubet. dictis parere ministri
Certatim accelerant. vario ftrepit icta tumultu
Regia: pars

ostro tenues, auioque fonantes
Emunire toros, altosque inferre tapetas;
Pars teretes levare manu, ac difponere mensas :
Aft alii tenebras et' opacam vincere noctem 610
Aggrefli, tendunt auratis vincula lychnis.
His labor inserto torrere exanguja ferro
Viscera calarum pecudum : his, cumulare canistris
Perdomitam saxo Cererem. latatur Adrastus
Obsequio fervere domum. jamque ipse superbis
Fulgebat ftratis, folioque exultus eburno.
Parte alia juvenes ficcati vulnera lymphis 615
Discumbunt: fimul ora notis fædata tuentür,
Inque vicem ignofcunt. tunc rex longævus Aceiten
(Naturam hæc altrix, eadem et fidissima custos
C 2



Then softly whisper'd in her faithful ear,
And bade his daughters at the rites appear.
When from the close apartments of the night,
The royal nymphs approach divinely bright;
Such was Diana's, such Minerva's face;
Nor shine their beauties with superior grace,
But that in these a milder charm endears,
And less of terror in their looks appears.
As on the heroes first they cast their eyes,

629 O’er their fair cheeks the glowing blulhes rise, Their downcalt looks a decent shame confeft, Then on their father's rev'rend features rett.

The banquet done, the monrach gives the sign To fill the goblet high with sparkling wine, Which Danaus us’d in sacred rites of old, 635 With sculpture grac’d, and rough with rising gold.

Lecta sacrum juftæ Veneri occultare pudorem)
Imperat acciri, tacitaquę immurmurat aure.
Nec mora præceptis; cum protinus utraque virgo
Arcano egreffæ thalamo (mirabile visu)
Pallados armifonæ, pharetratæque ora Dianæ. 625
Æqua ferunt, terrore minus. nova deinde pudori
Visa virum facies : pariter, pallorque, ruborque
Purpureas hausere genas : oculique verentes
Ad fanctum rediere patrem. Poftquam ordine

menfae Vieta fames, fignis perfectam auroque nitentem lafides pateram famulos ex more poposcit, Qua Danaus libare deis feniorque Phoronieus 635 Affueti. tenet hæc operum cælata figuras : Aureus anguicomam præfecto Gorgona collo


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Here to the clouds victorious Perseus flies,
Medusa seems to move her languid eyes,
And ev'n in gold, turns paler as the dies.
There from the chace Jove's tow'ring eagle bears;
On golden wings, the Phrygián to the stars : 641
Still as he rises in th' ethereal height,
His native mountains leisen to his light;
While all his fad companions upward gaze,
Fix'd on the glorious scene in wild amaze;
And the swift hounds, afirighted as he fies,
Run to the shade, and bark against the skies:
This golden bowl with gen'rous juice was

The first libations sprinkled on the ground;
By turns on each celestial pow'r they call; 650
With Phoebus' name resounds the vaulted liall..
The courtly train, the firangers, and the rest,
Crown'd with chalte laurel, and with garlands drett,
While with rich gums the fuming altars blaze,
Salute the god in num'rous hyinns of praise: 655
Ales habet. jam jamque vagas (ita vifus) in auras
Exilit: illa graves oculos, languentiaque ora
Pene movet, vivoque etiam pallefcit in auro.
Hinc Phrygius fulvis venator tollitur alis :

Gargara delidunt furgenti, et Troja recedit.
Stant motti comites, fruitraquc fonantia laxant
Ora canes, umbramque petunt, et nubila latrant:
Hanc undante mero fundens, vocat ordine

[ad aras Cælicolas: Phæbum ante alios, Phoebum omnis Laude ciet comitum, fainulunque, evincta purica Fronde, manus : cui feita dies, largoque refecti Thute vaporatis lucent altaribus ignes.



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Then thus the King: Perhaps, my noble guests, These honour'd altars, and these annual fealis To bright Apollo's awful name defign'd, Unknown, with wonder may perplex your mind. Great was the cause ; our old folemnities 660 From no bind zeal or fond tradition rile; But fav'd from death, our Argives yearly pay These grateful honours to the god of Day.

When by a thousand darts the Python slain With orbs unroll'd lay cov’ring all the plain, 665 (Transfix'd as o'er Caitalia's itreams he hung, And suck'd new poisons with his triple tongue), To Argos' realms the victor god resorts, And enters old Crotopus' humble courts. This rural prince one only daughter blefs'd, 670 That all the charms of blooming youth possess’d; Fair was her face, and spotless was her mind, Where filial love with virgin fweetness join'd. Forsitan, o juvenes, quæ funt ea facra, quibusque Præcipuum caufis Phæbi obteftemur honorem, Rex ait, exquirunt animi. non inscia fuasit Relligio: magnis exercita cladibus oliin 660 Plebs Argiva litant: animos advertite, pandam : Postquam cærulei sinuosa volumina monstri, Terrigenam Pythona, deus feptem orbibus atris Amplexum Delphos, fquamisque annofa terentem Robora ; Caftaliis dum fontibus ore trisulco 666 Fusus hiat, nigro sitiens alimenta veneno, Perculit, abfumptis numerofa in vulnera telis, Cyrrhæique dedit centum per jugera campi Vix tandem explicitum; nova deinde piacula cædi Perquirens, nostri tecta haud opulenta Crotopi Attigit. huic primis, et pubem ineuntibus annis, 670 Miro deccre pio, fervabat näta penates


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