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ARTICLE XVIII.- On the Natural History of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. ' By ROBERT Bell, jr. (Continued from our last Number.)

RADIATA. Ophiocoma bellis.—Abundant at Ste. Anne adhering to the roots of Agarum Turneri*

Astrophyton scutotum.—This beautiful species does not seem to be very rare in the Gulf. I was informed by a person at Green Island, who possessed a specimen, that about a dozen of them were found clinging to a chain which had been submerged for some time, at a short distance from the island. A fine specimen from the Gulf in the collection of the Survey is about 16 inches in diameter, and I saw a fresh specimen in the hands of some fishermen who had, however, already disposed of it, which was nearly as large.

Cribella oculata.-Near Ste. Anne, I found two fine specimens of this species which had just been thrown up by the waves.

Solaster papposa. Rather small specimens dredged at Marcouin in about 30 fathoms.

• An Alga with large perforated fronds. CANADIAN NAT.

VOL. IV. No. 4.

Uraster, — f-The species described by Principal Dawson on page 159 of this volume, and which may be Asteracanthione Forbesi, is by far the most abundant starfish on our coast. This is a well marked species and its characters are very constant. Aniongst multitudes of them, I have never seen one which had either fewer or more than six rays, although an occasional individual was otherwise deformed. When alive their colour is deep purple above and light straw-colour beneath.

U. rubens.—Very abundant near low tide at Les Islets.

Echinarchinus Atlanticus.- Very abundant on smooth or muddy bottoms along the whole coast, from Rimouski downwards, and often found in stomachs of cod and haddock.

Echinus granularis.—Extremely abundant along the whole coast.

Cucumaria corumarius.—Sea Cucumbers, which seem to be identical with this species, were found alive very frequently at low tide about Ste. Anne, and for some miles farther up the coast; but they may have come from the Laminarian zone, as specimens were afterwards dredged in 12 fathoms at the same place.

Psolus (?)-A species of this genus is abundant in many places on the coast between Metis and St. Clair. When the black skin covering the scaly arrangement is removed, the whole of the body is of a bright vermillion colour. They seem to differ from P. phantopus of Linnæus, but may be only a variety of that species.

Montreal, 14th May, 1859.


BELL, 1858.

Cicindela longilabris, Say.-Green Island Seigniory, between Metis and

Lake Matapedia, and Ste. Anne. « vulgaris, Say.-Ste. Anne, Ruisseau de la Grande Vallée, and

between Metis and the mouth of the Matapedia. 6. duodecimguttata, Dej.--Metis River, between Metis and the

Matapedia, and Ste. Anne. 4 Baltimorensis, Herbst..(repanda, Say).-Rimouski, Metis River,

and Capuchin. Brachinus, (not determined).--Abundant at Metis River. Cymindis reftexa, Lec. (marginata, Kirby).-Rivière du Loup, Rimouski,

Metis, and Matanne.

Calathus gregarius, Say-St. Simon, from the mouth of the Marcouin

to the Shick Shock Mountains, 14 miles up that river, and Mount

Commis on the Metis.
Platynus sinuatus, Dej.-Point Levi, St. Simon, and Marcouin River.

extensicollis, Say.-Metis River.
melanarius, Dej.-Point Levi opposite Quebee.

tenuis, Say.-Berthier and Ste. Anne.
" cupripenne, Say.--Point Levi, St. Simon, and Ste. Anne.
« retractus, Lec.-Berthier, Rivière du Loup, and Ste. Anne.
« picipennis, Kirby, (lenum, Lec.)-Berthier, Marcouin River, and

between Metis and the Matapedia. 16 lutulentus, Lec.-Point Levi. " placidus, Say.-Berthier, Matanne, and Ruisseau de la Grande

Vallée. Fæcilus lucublandus, Say.-Very abundant at Point Levi, Berthier,

Rivière du Loup, Green Island Village, St. Simon and Metis.
Pterostichus erythropus, Dej.-Point Levi.

" patruelis, Dej.-Green Island Seigniory.
1 mandibularis, Kirby.-Between the mouth of the Marcouin

and the Shick Shock Mountains.
16 caudicalis, Say.-Berthier and Green Island Seigniory.
al corvinus, Lec.--Point Levi.

orinomum, Leach. (vitreus, Esch.)-Abundant from Rivière du Loup to Ste. Anne, and Mount Commis on the Metis.

Luczotii, Dej. (var. præc. ?)—Metis and Ste. Anne. " adjunctus, Lec.-Rivière du Loup to Ste. Anne. Amaru libera, Lec.-Rivière du Loup.

" pallipes, Kirby, (depressa. Lec.)-Rimouski.
1 impuncticollis, Say.-Berthier and Ste. Anne.
" fallar, Lec.—Green Island Seigniory and Matanne.

" interstitialis, Dej.—Rimouski and Matanne. Anisodactylus Harrisii, Lec. (agricola, fide Harris).-Point Levi and

Berthier. Harpalus viridiæneus, Beauv.-Very abundant at Green Island Seigniory,

between Metis Lake and the Matapedia, Matanne, and Ste. Anne. 46 pleuriticus, Kirby-Abundant from Berthier to Rimouski.

megacephalus, Lec.-Rivière du Loup. u rufimanus, Lec.--St. Anne. Chlenius sericeus, Say.-Point Levi, Berthier, and St. Simon.

" chlorophanus, Dej.-Metis River.

" tricolor, Dej.-Berthier. Cychrus (Sphæroderus) Brevoortii, Lec.-Rivière du Loup, St. Simon,

Mount Commis, 20 miles up Metis River, Ste. Anne, and Marcouin

River. Carabus serratus, Say.--Rivière du Loup to Matanne, and between

Metis and the Mata pedia River. " Lapilayi, Lec.--Rivière du Loup and Green Island Seigniory.

Calosoma calidum, Fabr.-L'Islet, Rimouski, Metis, Matanne, and Ste.

Anne. Elaphrus californicus, Mann. var. punctatissimus, Lec.–St. Simon. Patrobus longicornis, Say.—Berthier, Metis, and mouth of the Matapedia.

1 angicollis, Randall.-Metis River. Bembidium dilatatum, Lec.—Metis River.

" lucidum, Lec.--Point Levi. Dytiscus confluens, Say. (O. oligbukii, Kirby.)-Mouth of Metis River. Agabus striatus (?), Say.-Rivière du Loup, Green Island Seigniory, and

Ste. Anne. Necrophorus velutinus, Fabr.-Metis River. Silpha lapponica, Herbst. Very abundant at Ste. Anne. Staphylinus villosus, Grav.-Rimouski, Metis, Matanne, and Ste. Anne. Omosita colon, Fab.-In vast numbers in fields manured with Capelin. Pediacus planus, Lec.-Between Metis and the Matapedia. Byrrhus picipes, Kirby.-Ste. Anne. Platycerus depressus, Lec.-Ste. Anne. Aphodius fossor, ("absolutely the same as the European," Leconte, in lit.)

-Rivière du Loup and Ste. Anne. " fimetarius, Fabr.-Abundant from Metis to the Matapedia.

1 N. sp. (?).--Metis. Lachnosterna fusca, Fröhlich.-Point Levi and Rivière du Loup. Dichelonycha subvittata, Lec.-Ste. Anne. Ancylochira maculiventris, Say.-Metis River, and between Metis and the

Matapedia. Ellychnia corrusca, Dej.-Capuchin, Ste. Anne,and Ruisseau de la Grande

Meloe rugipennis, Lec.-Between Metis and the mouth of the Matapedia.
Serropalpus substriatus, Hd.-Metis River.
Upis reticulata, Say.-Metis.
Tomicus (not named).-Between Metis and the Matapedia.
Physocnemum ligneum, Fabr.-Green Island Seigniory.
Monohammus confusor, Kirby.--Metis.

u scutellatus, Say.--Metis and Ste. Anne.
Chrysomela scalaris, Lec.-Metis.
Galleruca (not named).—Between Metis and the Matapedia.
Coccinella novemnotata, Fabr.-Rimouski and Metis.

NOTE.—The species in the above catalogue were most kindly determined for me 'by Dr. J. L. Leconte, and great confidence may therefore be placed in it. A considerable number of species besides the above were also collected by Mr. Bell, but were unfortunately destroyed on the journey to Phildelphia.



BELL, 1858.

RHOPALOCERA. Papilio Turnus, Linn.-Extremely abundant at Ste. Anne and along the

coast from Cape Chatte to Martin River, from June 18th to the end of July, frequently assembling round muddy places in great

numbers. Colias philodice, Godart - Abundant at Cape Chatte and Ste. Anne from

June 10th to the middle of July. A few were observed between Metis and Lake Matapedia and at Campbellton, at the mouth of the River Ristigouche in August. It was very numerous at the mouth of the Matapedia on 27th August and was last seen on the

Ristigouche on 1st September. Pieris oleracea, Harris.-Observed at St. Simon on May 28th. Common

at Ste. Anne from June 20th to the middle of July. Limenitis arthemis, Drury.-One specimen was taken at Ste. Anne on July

10th, and another was observed on Marcouin River July 26th. Cynthia cardui, Linn.-Two specimens only were met with ; the first in

the Seigniory of Grand Metis, August 16th. and the second near

Dalhousie, N. B., August 25th. Vanessa J. album, Boisduval.-Two specimens taken on the Patapedia

River at its junction with the Awaganissis, September 12th. 4 antiopa, Linn.-One specimen taken at Metis, and another near

Rimouski, September 29th. It was not observed elsewhere. Grapta progne. Fab.-Frequently met with from Rivière du Loup to Ste.

Anne from May 18th to July 19th. Very abundant at Lake Matapedia August 17th, and all along the Ristigouche and Patapedia

Rivera up to September 12th. " C. aureum, Cramer (?).—One specimen taken at the mouth of the

the Awaganissis Brook Argynnis aphrodite, Fab.-First observed at Ste. Anne on the 20th June,

and was very abundant there for the next month. It was also observed at the Marcouin River, between Metis and Lake Matapedia, at the mouth of the Matapedia, on the Ristigouche, and lastly, at

the mouth of the Awaganissis September 12th. 6 Myrina, Cramer.-Not uncommon at Ste. Anne about the end

of June and beginning of July. It was also observed between

Metis and Lake Matapedia August 16th. 46 Bellona, Godart.-One specimen at the mouth of the Matapedia

River August 27th. Melitæa Tharos, Cramer.-A few specimens of this species were taken at

Ste. Anne at the beginning of July. Polyommatus pseudargiolus, Boisd.-Numerous at Rivière du Loup May

19th, and from thence to Chatte River June 18th. Hesperia — — (?).-Numerous about Metis August 13th, and at Lake

Matapedia August 17th.

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