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nature and object may be found in the Preliminary Dissertation. Whatever may be its merits or defects, he cannot, in extenuation of the latter, urge that it has been a hasty publication; it has long occupied his thoughts; he has diligently endeavoured to render it worthy of the public eye, for, though of small dimensions, it has been a work of much labour; and he now sends it into the world, being fully prepared to submit to the decision of that tribunal by which all literary pretensions must be judged.


August, 1822.




line 1,

xxviii. Note, line 3, for aTOKPUTTEV, read aTOKPUNTELV.

Note, line 2 from the bottom, after were only forbidden to be read,

add by young persons. xxxiv. Note, line 2 from the bottom, for fastidat, read fastidit. lii, line 2, for a future state of retributive justice could not, consistently, be

revealed during, &c., read could not, consistently, be enjoined as an

article of faith during, &c. Ixi. line 20, for Jewishs age, read Jewish sage. lxiii. line 2, for contributed, read contributes. Ixxxiv, Note *, lxxxv. Note t, line 2, {for Guoguet, read Goguet.

IN THE PARAPHRASE. 10, last line, for This [is] labour in secular works, also vanity, read This

labour in secular works [is] also vunity. 48, line 20, for child, read childhood. 50, line 9, for wheels, read wheel.

IN THE NOTES. 74, Critical Note *, line 19, for derivate, read derivative.

line 2, for rolur, read robur, 170,

line 7, for purchra imago est homines, read pulchra imago est hominis. 174, line 12, for is one more, read is the more.

line 15, for most unfounded, read mostly unfounded. In a few places, for Bishop Patric, read Bishop Patrick.


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In page xcix it is stated, that the CRITICAL NOTES are placed at the end, in an Appendix; but, after the Preliminary Dissertation was worked off, it was judged more convenient to place them under the EXPLANATORY Notes, on the same page. As the CRITICAL Notes are still kept distinct from the EXPLANATORY Notes, it was thought unnecessary to cancel page xcix of the Preliminary Dissertation.


Ainger, Rev. Dr. St. Bees, Cumberland.
Alison, R. Esq. Moor-hall, Lancashire.
Allix, Rev. R. W. Warrington.
Almond, Rev. G. Bramham, Yorkshire.
Ashton, Mr. Michael, Liverpool.
Aspinall, Jas. Esq. Liverpool.
Aspinall, Rev. James, Rochdale, Lancashire.
Aspinwall, Mr. T. Lydiate, Lancashire.
Atkinson, Rev. J. Gilling, Yorkshire.

Baines, John, Esq. Liverpool.
Baker, Mr. Benjamin, Sculptor, Liverpool.
Balfour, Rev. J. Liverpool.
Banning, W. Esq. Postoffice, Liverpool.
Barker, J. R. Esq. Liverpool.
Barns, Mr. H. Liverpool.
Barns, Rev. Wm. Threapwood, Cheshire.
Barnsdale, Rev. Ringley, Lancashire.
Barton, Rev. H. Rector of Eastchurch, Kent.
Barton, Rev. H. J. Warwick.
Barton, Mr. W. Liverpool.
Barton, Mr. Miles, Everton, Liverpool.
Beard, Mr. John, Liverpool.
Beckwith, Wm. Esq. Liverpool.
Beerbohm, Herr Wilhelm, Memel.
Bennett, Edward, Esq. Backwood, Cheshire.
Berry, Rev. H. Rector of Acton Beauchamp, Worcestershire.
Bevan, J. Esq. Springfield, Lancashire,
Bickerstaff, R. Esq. Chirk, Denbighshire, two copies.
Birkbeck, Wm. Esq. Banker, Settle.
Blundell, Rev. Wm. Liverpool.
Boddington, Rev. J. C. Bradford, Yorkshire,
Boddington, Rev. T. Thorp Arch, Yorkshire.
Bold, Rev. T. Bootle, Lancashire.
Borrowdale, Rev. Thos. Horton, Yorkshire.
Bourne, John, Esq. Stalmin-hall, Lancashire,
Bourne, James, Esq. Heathfield, Lancashire.
Bowdon, Joshua, Esq. Liverpool.
Bowman, Mr. J. Great Crosby, Lancashire.

Bowpass, Rev. R. Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancashire.
Bowstead, Rev. T. S. Liverpool.
Boyer, Mr. R. Lathom, Lancashire.
Boyer, Mr. E. Lathom, Lancashire.
Boyer, Mr. H. Lathom, Lancashire.
Brancker, Mr. James, Anfield-lodge, Lancashire.
Briggs, Jos. Esq. Barrister, Gray's Inn.
Bromfield, B. Esq. Wavertree, Lancashire.
Brooke, Mr. R. Jun. Solicitor, Liverpool.
Brookes, Rev. Jon. Everton, Liverpool.
Brown, Geo. Esq. Liverpool.
Browne, Mr. T. Liverpool.
Brythe, Thomas, Esq. Magdalen-hall, Oxford.
Buddicom, Rev. R. P., F.S.A. Everton, Liverpool.
Bulmer, Rev. P. Liverpool.
Burchall, Capt. J. Adjutant L. M. Ormskirk.
Bury, John, Esq. Swinton, Lancashire.
Bury, G. F. Esq. Solicitor, Manchester.
Bury, W. Esq. Magdalen-ball, Oxford.

Chester, Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of.
Canning, the Right Hon. George, M.P. &c. &c. &c.
Cameron, G. D., M.D. Liverpool.
Card, Rev. H., Vicar of Great Malvern, Worcestershire.
Carr, Rev. C. Peakirk, Northamptonshire.
Chaffers, Mr. T. Marshfield, Lancashire.
Chubbard, Mrs. Kensington, Liverpool.
Clapham, Richard, Esq. Feizar, Yorkshire.
Clay, Mr. R. Chemist, Liverpool.
Cole, T, Butler, Esq. Kirkland-hall, Lancashire.
Collison, Mr. T. Surgeon, Liverpool.
Cooban, Mr. W. Solicitor, Liverpool.
Corbett, Rev. Dr. Wortley, Lancashire.
Corfield, Rev. R. Rector of Pitchford, Salop.
Coventry, Rev. G. Lathom, Lancashire.
Cross, Mr. John, Lydiate, Lancashire.
Crosthwaite, Mr. John, Liverpool.
Crowther, Mr. G. H. Frodsham, Cheshire.
Cruickshank, Mr. G. Bookseller, Liverpool, two copies.
Culshaw, William, Esq. Moss-end, Lancashire.
Culshaw, James, Esq. Ormskirk.
Durham, the Hon. and Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of.
Dakin, Miss, Warrington.
Dale, Rev. P. S. Hollinsfare, Lancashire.
Davies, Rev. W. W. Broughton, Cheshire.
Davis, T. H. Esq. His Majesty's Customs, London.
Dixon, Mr. R. Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancashire.
Docker, Rev. W. Southport, Lancashire,
Dodson, Mrs. Liverpool.

Eden, John, Esq. Solicitor, Liverpool.
Elston, Mr. H. Surgeon, Ormskirk.
Evans, Mr. W. Liverpool.
Eyes, Mr. E. Surveyor, Liverpool.
Fairclough, Mr. C. Liverpool.
Fanshawe, Rev. J. Vicar of Frodsham, Cheshire.

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