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Yet this can ne'er my troubled mind appease,
Nor buy my sorrows one soft moment's ease.

Alas! these jewels brought from diftant coasts
All that each river, or the ocean boasts;
The fapphire, jasper, and the chrysolite,
Can't quench my thirst, or stay my appetite.
Then, since the earth and sea content deny,
Heaven's lofty fabric I resolve to try.
With wonder I the vast machine survey,
With glorious stars all studded, bright and gay:
Amaz'd their still unalter'd course I view,
And how their daily motions they renew.
But among all the pensile fires above,
None warth'd my brealt, none rais'd my soul to love :
But this bright scene I distant view below;
Then farewel earth, up to their orbs I go.
Now less’ning cities leave my distant fight,
And now the earth's whole globe is vanish'd quite;
Above the fun and planets I am borne,
And their inferior influences scorn,
Now the bright pavement of the stars I tread,
Once the high cov'ring of my humble head.
Now o'er the lofty flaming wall I Aie,
And heaven's bright court lies open to my eye.
Now curious crouds of the wing'd choir above
Tow'rds the new guest with dazzling splendor move:
Hymns well compos’d to airs divine they sing,
New tune their harps, and strike the loudest string;
Then in brisk notes triumphant anthems play,
\Vhile heaven resounds, as if 'twere holy-day.


O glos

O glorious manfions fill’d with shining fires !
O courts fit only for your starry choirs !
My ravish'd soul's in strange amazement lost;
Sure no delight is wanting on this coast.
Ah!-Said I no delight was wanting here?
Yes, you want all; alas !

you want my

dear, Farewel you stars, and you bright forms adieu ; My business here was with my love, not you. There's nothing good below without my love, Nor aught in heaven worth a faint wish above.

One world fubdu'd, the conqu’ror did deplore That niggard fate had not allow'd him more: My vafter thoughts a thousand worlds despise, Nor lose one with on such a worthless prize. Not all the universe from pole to polc, Heaven, earth, and fea, can fill my boundless soul. Till now, alas ! my soul at shadows caught, And was 'deceiv'd in what it always sought; Thou, LORD, alone, art heaven, earth, sea, to me; And all are nothing if not bleft with thee.





LONG the sunny bank, or wat'ry mead,

Tenthousand stalks their various blossoms spread: Peaceful and lowly in their native soil, They neither know to fpin, nor care to toil; Yet with confess’d magnificence deride Our gay attire, and impotence of pride.




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ON wide expanse proclaims a power divine,
Where worlds, unnumber'd, swift revolving,


Where twinkling stars display their distant light,
And waste their lustre in the bounds of sight!
Where rising suns emit the genial ray,
Disperse the night, and bring the welcome day;
Where waneing moons their circling courses steer,
And shine promiscuous through the vary'd year.

But see! conspicuous in yon eastern skies
A radiant orb in flow progression rise !
Behold! it thines with vast effulgence bright,
And boasts the lustre of unusual light !
TO JUDAH's plain it bends its deftin'd way,
Where watchful shepherds view the lucid ray!

But hark! my soul --what means that solemn voice! s Fear not, ye strangers, but with us rejoice; “ TODETHLEHEM haste-your Saviour's bleft abode, " There view the myft'ry of incarnate God !” But louder still, angelic choirs resound, “ 'The Lord a ransomn for his sons hath found ! « Proclaim falvation for a guilty race, “ Undone by NATURE, but redeem'd by Grace ! “ Ye sons of MEN repeat the folemn sound; 56 The Lord a ransom for his sons hath found !

66 Hail!

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“ Hail! happy favorites of our heavenly king ! " To you these tidings we with rapture bring : For You--not us-(now clad in human guise) " The willing Saviour left his native skies ! “ Our kindred spirits, when they finning fell, “ Were doom'd to suffer the fierce pangs of hell ! " There, bound in chains, the impious rebels lie, 66 And feel a thousand deaths- --but never die ! " For them, no prospect of a wish'd release, “ No views of pardon, no kind terms of peace ! “ No gleam of hope displays its distant beam, 66 No God to DIE

no Jesus to redeem“ One sinful act destroy'd their blest estate, " And stampt ETERNAL their reverse of fate ! " Then join with us, ye honor'd fons of GRACE! Ye happier subjects, ye dear PURCHAS’D race ! « Let heaven and earth their grateful accents raise, “ And sing with us your kinu Emmanuel's praise !" Their errand told the seraphs take their fight, Through trackless æther, unapproach'd by fight; The lift'ning thepherds, loft in ftrange amaze, Express their wonder as they distant gaze ! Thus eager look'd the apostolic few, When from their presence, their lov'd master flew ! When each fond gazer dropt a mournful tear, And wish'd to follow him--they follow'd here.

But lo! the shepherds turn their wond'ring eyes ! They seek the manger, where EMMANUEL lies. TO BETHLEHEM with hafty strides they run, There, view their SAVIOUR- there, their RISEN SUN!


Amazing thought!—but more amazing fight!
The God of nature, and dark nature's light!
The God of GLORY leaves the realms of ifs,
To share the sorrows of a world like this!
From glory flies to be despis'd on earth,
As speaks the language of his humble birth.

Amazing proof of thy kind errand here !
Thou son, thou SAVIOUR, whom all should revere!
No infant honors thy lov'd presence wait,
No forms of grandeur, nor large rooms of state;
No weeping friends, no waiting fervants 'tend,
No earthly comforts, kind aslistance lend;
No tender nurse, no skilful midwise stands,
To aid weak nature when she most demands :
No downy bed, no eafy pillows there,
No feeling signs of sympathetic care !
Nor aught I see nor aught affords relief,
But weeping JOSEPH, drown'd in floods of grief !

Now born the sonthe raptur'd PROPHET sung When fire celestial touch'd his hallow'd tongue ! The given son-the hope of ancient years, The mighty GOD



* These expressions, though agreeable to Ifa. ix. 6. may probably be adopt by a SABELLIAN, as confiftent with his owo sentiments, It may not be improper there ore to inform the candid reader, that I retain a sense of the words widely different. The DISTINCT PERSONALITY of the Godheid, is, in my judgment, a truth of the last

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