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Mr. Stephen Wilson

Mr. Thomas Wetherell Mr. Wild

Mr. Robert Wallis, Harlow Mr. Joseph Withers

Mr. Seth Ward Mr. B. Wells

Mr. Samuel Woodcock Miss Susannah Wright

Mr. Charles Wilson Miss Sarah Wright

Mr. David Pike Watts
Mr. Robert Wallis, Merton

Mr. Alexander Watson
Mr. Willmot, Bethnal-green Mr. Alexander Watson, jun,



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EITY. A poem

Page 1 Epigram on Isaiah liji, 2. On the love of Christ

39 On Hosea xiv. 5.

41 On the excellency of sacred poetry

42 Epitaph

44 A comparison on seeing a ship lost in the Downs

45 Epigram on the children of Israel's passage out of Egypt Love to Chrift

47 Epigram on hearing a minister of the gospel preach A rural meditation

49 The barren fig-tree The bad man at the hour of death Lines written by a gentleman on his wedding day

52 Reflections at an inn by the sea. fide

53 A thought in a garden

54 The Hermit

55 An exhortation

63 Self-abasement. A soliloquy On the folly of Atheism Thoughts on death

66 On reading Bishop Warburton's fermons

67 On recovery from sickness

68 Lines written after hearing a sermon preached

70 The speech of Lucifer. A fragment

71 Lines occasioned by a series of theological enquiries

79 Epigram on John ii. 35. The scull's address on being looked at A poem on the death of a dearly beloved daughter, written by her mourning father

82 Lines written after the shock of an earthquake






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On the coming of the Messiah
On wit
Soliloquy in a country church yard
To a friend on riches
Psalm cxiv. imitated
Elegy written in a country church yard
Epigram on seeing the moon
Written in a garden
Learned ignorance

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