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Abélard, Pierre

(France, 1079-1142) 337
Greatness of Soul. - Celebrated Passages.
Adams, Charles Francis, Sr.

(American, 1807-1886) 337
The Rights of Massachusetts.-Celebrated

Adams, Charles Francis, Jr. (American, 1835-) 337

The Civil War Generation. - - Celebrated

Adams, John

(American, 1735-1826) 337
In Behalf of the Hated.-Celebrated Pas-

Adams, John Quincy

(American, 1767-1848) 237-247
Oratory as an Art; Pulpit Oratory; Elo

quence of the Bar; The Ancient Mas-
ters of Eloquence; On Deliberative
Oratory ; The Art of Persuasion ; Decla-

mation, Composition, and Delivery.
Celebrated Passages :

Man and His Immortality ; Principles as

Empire Builders.
Adams, Samuel

(American, 1722-1803) 338
Liberty Ordained of God; «A Nation of

Shopkeepers."— Celebrated Passages.
Addison, Joseph

(England, 1672–1719) 484
Cato's Soliloquy on Immortality.-Cele-

brated Imaginary Addresses and Solil.


(England, 1109-1166) 339
Labor in Vice, Rest in Virtue.-Celebrated


(Greece, 389–314 B. C.) 339
Peroration against Demosthenes. - Cele-

brated Passages.
Aiken, Frederick A. (American, 1810-1878) 339

The Lawyer's Duty to the Weak.-Cele-

brated Passages.

Allen, Edward A.

(American, Contemporaneous) 340
The Oratory of Anglo-Saxon Countries.-

Celebrated Passages.
Allen, Ethan (American, Nineteenth Century) 340

The Passion of Civil War Illustrated.-

Celebrated Passages.
Allen, William

(American, 1806-1879) 340
Fifty-Four Forty or Fight. - Celebrated

Ames, Fisher

(Anierican, 1758-1808) 340
What Is Patriotism? Sober Second

Thought.-Celebrated Passages.

(Greece, c. 4672-391 B. C.) 341
Against Epichares, One of the Thirty

Tyrants.- Celebrated Passages.
Anselm, St.

(Italy, 1033-1109) 341
When Tempests Rage.- Celebrated Pas-


(Greece, 480-411 B. C.) 341
Unjust Prosecutions.-Celebrated Passages.

(Greece, 384-322 B. C.) 25–46
Subjects of Deliberative Oratory ; Objects

to be Aimed at in Public Speaking ; Pros-
ecution and Defense ; On Pleasing the
Judges; The Proper Handling of an Ar-
gument; Of Amplification and Exten-
uation ; On Excellence of Style; The
Parts and Arrangement of a Speech ;
of the Exordium ; of the Narration or
Statement; of the Proof; of the Pero-

Arnold, Thomas

(England, 1795-1842) 341
" The Little Words, Life and Death.” -

Celebrated Passages.
Arthur, Chester Alan (American, 1830-1886) 341

On the Assassination of Garfield.-Cele-

brated Passages.
Augustine, Saint

(Numidia, 354-430) 341
Heaven and Earth: The World ; Drunk

enness.-Celebrated Passages.

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Bacon, Francis, Lord (England, 1561-1626) 133-134

of Discourse.-Celebrated Passages :

« The Privilege of Passion in Murder....342
Bancroft, George

(American, 1800–1891) 842
Individual Sovereignty and Vested Right

in Slaves.-Celebrated Passages.
Barnave, Antoine Pierre Joseph Marie

(France, 1761-1793) 342
The Dangers of Commercial Politics.-
Celebrated Passages.

Barré, Colonel Isaac (Ireland, 1726–1802) 342

Tea Taxes and the American Character.

Celebrated Passages.
Barrow, Isaac

(England, 1630–1677) 342
Political Liars.-Celebrated Passages.
Basil the Great

(Cappodocia, 329–379) 343
A Vision of Judgment. - Celebrated Pas-

tes, Edward

(American, 1793-1869) 343
Old-Line Whigs.-Celebrated Passages.


Bayard, James A. (American, 1767-1815) 343

Dangers of a Partisan Judiciary.- Cele-

brated Passages.
Bayard, Thomas F. (American, 1828-1898) 343

Patriotism Above Partisanship.- Cele-

brated Passages.
Beaconsfield, Lord (Benjamin Disraeli, Earl

of Beaconsfield, England, 1804-1881) 344
Political Assassination; On Reformers

Exhausted by Enthusiasm.- Celebrated

Beattie, James (Scotland, 1735-1803) 222-224

On Expression.
Bede, the Venerable (England, 673-735) 344

The Torments of the Damned. - Cele-

brated Passages.
Beecher, Henry Ward

(American, 1813-1887) 289-291
How to Become an Orator.
Celebrated Passages.

The Horrors of Civil War; Bible and

Sharp's Rifles.
Belhaven, Lord

(Scotland, 1656-1708) 345
Parricide and Patricide.-Celebrated Pas-

Bell, John

(American, 1797-1869) 345
Joining the East and West. - Celebrated

Benjamin, Judah P. (American, 1811-1884) 345

Jefferson and the Louisiana Purchase.

-Celebrated Passages.
Bennet, Nathaniel

(American, Nineteenth Century) 346
* No South, No North, No East, No West."

Celebrated Passages.
Benton, Thomas H. (American, 1782-1858) 346

« There Is East ; There Is India ); America

and Asia.- Celebrated Passages.
Bernard of Clairvaux (France, 1091-1153) 347

Advice to Young Men.- Celebrated Pas-

Berrien, John M. (American, 1781-1856) 347

Effect of the Mexican Conquest. — Cele-

brated Passages.
Berryer, Pierre Antoine (France, 1790–1868) 347

Corporate Combinations.- Celebrated Pas-

Bethune, George W. (American, 1805-1862) 347

Americans Not Anglo-Saxons. — Cele-

brated Passages.
Bingham, John A.

(American, 1815-) 347
The Assassination of President Lincoln.

Celebrated Passages.
Binney, Horace (American, 1780–1875) 348

The Supreme Court; War. - Celebrated

Bismarck, Prince Otto von

(Germany, 1819-1898) 348
The Furor Teutonicus.- Celebrated Pas-

Black, Jeremiah Sullivan

(American, 1810-1883) 348
Corporations as Parts of Civil Govern-

ment.-- Celebrated Passages.
Blaine, James G. (American, 1830–1893) 349

The Death of Garfield; Conkling's « Tur-

key-Gobbler Strut.” – Celebrated Pas-

Blair, Austin

(American, 1818-1894) 349
Military Government. Celebrated Pas-


Blair, Francis Preston (American, 1821–1875) 349

The Deathbed of Benton. – Celebrated

Blair, Hugh

(Scotland, 1718–1800) 184-207
The Necessity for Eloquence and its Real

Nature; The Development of Oratory-
The Greeks; The Ciceronian and Mod-
ern Schools; The Bar and Public Assem-

blies; Eloquence of the Pulpit.
Boardmap, Henry A. (American, 1808–1880) 350

Constitutional Liberty and the American

Union.- Celebrated Passages.
Bolingbroke, Henry St. John, Viscount

(England, 1678-1751) 166-167
History as a Preparation for Speaking at

the Bar.
Bonaparte, Napoleon (France, 1769-1821) 850

Address to the Army of Italy.- Celebrated

Bossuet, Jacques Benigné (France, 1627–1704) 350

The Glory of the World. - Celebrated Pas-

Boudinot, Elias (American, 1740–1821) 350

Liberty and the Brotherhood of Man,-

Celebrated Passages.
Bourdaloue, Louis

(France, 1632-1704) 351
The Blood of the Martyrs. – Celebrated

Bragg, Edward S.

(American, Nineteenth Century) 351
Loving Him for His Enemies.- Celebrated

Brewer, David J.

(American, 1837-) 351
"Oratory, the Masterful Art. "-- Celebeated

Bright, John

(England, 1811-1889) 351
The Worship of the Sword. - Celebrated

Brooks, Phillips (American, 1835-1893) 352

Power Over the Lives of others. - Cele-

brated Passages.
Brougham, Henry, Baron Brougham and

(England, 1778-1868) 352
On Pitt's Conquest ; Higher Law in Eng-

land; Law Reform ; Public Benefactors
and Their Rewards ; Slanderers as lo-
sects; The Schoolmaster the Greatest

Conqueror.- Celebrated Passages.
Brown, B. Gratz (American, 1826–1885) 854

Civil War Politics.- Celebrated Passages.
Brown, Henry Armitt (American, 1844-1878) 354

The Dangers of the Present.- Celebrated

Brown, John

(American, 1800-1859) 354
" Higher Law" Defined in court. - Cele-

brated Passages.
Bryan, William J.

(American, 1860-) $51
« Crown of Thorns >> and «Cross of Gold."

- Celebrated Passages.
Bryant, Edgar E.

(American, Nineteenth Century) 855
War and the Constitution.- Celebrated Pas-

Bryant, William Cullen (American, 1794–1878) 355

The Essence of Greatness.- Celebrated

Buchanan, James

Money's Worth and Virtue's Worth-

Celebrated Passages.
Bunyan, John

The Devil Chasing a Sinner. Celebrated


(American, 1791–1868) 355

(England, 1628-1688) 355

Burchard, Rev. Samuel Dickinson

(American, 1812–1891) 355
Rum, Romanism, and Rebellion.- Cele-

braled Passages.
Burges, Tristam. (American, 1770-1853) 355

Free Speech and Liberty.- Celebrated Pas-

Burke, Edmund (Ireland, c. 1729-1797) 213-221

Relation of Eloquence to the Sublime

and Beautiful; Power of Eloquence ;
Words and Ideas; The Effect of Words;
Language and Imagination ; Art in
Words; How Words Influence the Pas-

Celebrated Passages :

Collecting Taxes, in India Under Hast-

ings; Impeachment of Warren Hast-
ings, 1788; Peroration Against Warren
Hastings; Hyder Ali in the Carnatic;
"Afraid of Being Too Much in the
Right”; Arbitrary Power Anarchical ;
Arbitrary Power and Conquest ; Asso-
ciation of the Good ; Charters, When
Kept; “Controlled Depravity Is Not
Innocence"; Corruption and Disorder;
« Difficulty will not Suffer us to be Su-
perficial » ; « Epidemical Fanaticism”;
Esteem of the Wise and Good; Fire
Bells as Disturbers of the Peace ; Fit-
ness for Freedom; Flattery, its In-
fluence; Government ; Hampden's
Twenty Shillings; " Humiliation Can-
not Degrade Humanity”; Hypocrisy ;



Confined Views;
Judges and the Law; • Levelers Never
Equalize ; Liberty of Individuals;
« Liberty Nibbled Away for Expe-
dients; Marie Antoinette as the
Morning Star; Political Arithmetic;
Pretenders; Property for the Fittest;
Religion Makes Co-operation Possible ;
Revolutions at their Flood; Shame;
Suspicion More Hurtful than Perfidy ;
« The Road to Eminence Ought Not to
Be Made too Easy"; « Things that Are
Not Practicable Are Not Desirable ;
" Tribunals Fall with Peace *; Virtue

Contagious as well as Vice.
Burke, Father « Tom (Ireland, 1830-1883) 359

All Men fit for Freedom; Freedom of

Conscience.- Celebrated Passages.
Bushnell, Horace (American, 1802-1876) 359

The Greatness and Littleness of Man ;

Habit. - Celebrated Passages.
Butler, A. P.

(American, 1796-1857) 860
The Gullies of Virginia.- Celebrated Pas-

Butler, Joseph

(England, 1692-1752) 360
On Evil Speaking - Celebrated Passages.
Byron, George Noel Gordon, Lord

(England, 1788–1824) 860
Pacification by the Gallows.-Celebrated

Manfred's Soliloquy.- Celebrated Imagin-

ary Addresses and Soliloquies.


Cæsar, Julius Caius ( Rome, 100-44 B. C.) 360

Responsibilities of Greatness ; Bad Prec-

edents from Good Beginnings. — Cele-

brated Passages.
Cahill, Daniel W. ( Irish-American, 1802-1864) 360

The Destruction of the World. - Cele-

brated Pussages.
Caird, John

(Scotland, 1820 - ) 361
The Art of Public Speaking; The Per-

sonal Equation in Eloquence. -- Cele-

brated Passages.
Calhoun, John C. (American, 1782-1850) 362

Against the Force Bill; Legislation Nulli-

fying the Constitution; Avarice and
Political Corruption ; Cohesive Power of
Capital ; Union, Not Nation; Force and
Consent ; Virtues of the Puritans; Gov-
ernmental Power and Popular Incapac-
ity; Liberty and Society; Society and
Government ; Taxation When Unneces-
sary a Robbery; The Unpardonable

Political Sin. – Celebrated Passages.
Calvin, John

(Switzerland, 1500-1564) 363
The Palm and the Dust. - Celebrated Pas-

Campbell, Alexander (American, 1788-1866 ) 363

Intelligence the Supreme Force. – Cele-

brated Passages.
Campbell, George ( Scotland, 1719-1796 ) 208-212

How to be Intelligible in Speaking or

Canning, George (England, 1770-1827) 363
after th

Leipsic; Per-
fection ບໍ່ in
Politics; Banknotes


Coin; Restlessness and Freedom ; Re-
action from Liberty to Despotism ; "I
Called the New World into Existence";
« Measures and Men." - Celebrated Pas-


(Scotland, 1795-1881) 364
Healthiness and Holiness ; Religion has

Higher than Civil Ends; Law Courts, or
Chimneys for Deviltry; Justice and
Success; You Will Have to Pay, My

Friend. Celebrated Passages.
Carnot, Lazare Nicolas Marguerite

( France, 1753-1823) 365
On American Liberty. – Celebrated Pas-

Carpenter, Matthew Hale

(American, 1824-1881 ) 365
National and Individual Life Compared ;

Limiting Principles Geographically.

- Celebrated Passages.
Cass, Lewis

(American, 1782-1866) 365
The Power of Opprobrium; Precedents

and Progress. - Celebrated Passages.
Castelar, Emilio

(Spain, 1832–1899) 365
Immortality and Resurrection. — Cele-

brated Passages.
Cato, The Elder

( Rome, 234-149 B. C.) 366
Woman's Rights. – Celebrated Passages.
Cato, Uticensis

(Rome, 05-46 B. C.) 366
Making the Worse Appear the Better

Part; Good Breeding ; Enemies a Bene-

fit. -- Celebrated Passages.
Chalmers, Thomas ( Scotland, 1780-1847) 366

How a Make a Name." - Celebrated Pas-


Channing, William Ellery

(American, 1780–1842 ) 367
Individual Sovereignty ; Principles Give

Power; The Present Age and the New
Power in the World: A Great Mind
Formed by Great Ideas; Virtue and
the Corruption of Wealth ; Truth to
Higher Convictions ; The Greatest Man;
Religion Against Arbitrary Power;
Books are the True Levelers. - Cele-

brated Passages.
Chapin, Edwin Hubbell

(American, 1814-1873) 368
Labor Directed by Intelligence; The

Source of Modern Progress ; The Hand-
writing on the Wall. Celebrated Pas-

Chase, Salmon P. (American, 1808–1873 ) 368

Jefferson and the West ; Indestructible

Union of Indestructible States. - - Cele-

brated Passages.
Châteaubriand, Francois René, Vicomte de

( France, 1768-1848) 369
« There is a God!", - Celebrated Pussages.
Chatham, William Pitt, Earl of

( England, 1708–1778) 369
The Crime of Being a Young Man; «If

Not, May Discord Prevail Forever ;
« God and the Host of Miters”; On the
Expulsion of Wilkes ; "If I Were an
American "; On Lord North; Whig
Spirit of the Eighteenth Century ; Bay.
onets as Agencies of Reconciliation.-

Celebrated Passages.
Chesterfield, Philip Dormer Stanhope, Earl of

(England, 1694-1773) 168-171
Poets and Orators; Method of Study —

The World and Books ; Mispronuncia-
tion and Misuse of Words ; Books for
Oratory ; Charm of Manner : True Elo-
cution ; Hampden as a Model ; Boling-

broke's Style.
Celebrated Passages:

Taxing Vice for Revenue.
Choate, Joseph Hodges (American, 1832- ) 370

Farragut's Greatness. – Celebrated Pas-

Choate, Rufus

( American, 1799-1859) 370
On the Death of Webster; Heroism of the

Pilgrims ; Glittering Generalities ; Step
to the Music of the Union. - Celebrated

Christy, David

(American, Nineteenth Century ) 371
Cotton Is King. - Celebrated Passages.
Cicero, Marcus Tullius (Rome, 106-43 B. C.) 47-70

The Parts of an Oration; Order and

Arrangement of an Oration; Wit and
Humor in Oratory ; Rhythm and the
Harmonies of Language; Embellishing
the Oration ; A Fundamental Rule ;
The Art of Verdict-Getting; How to
Cultivate the Memory ; Action and De-

Celebrated Passages :

« Quousque Catilina ?»;' Tempora ! O

Mores!»; He is Gone. He is Fled. He
is Escaped ; Against Verres; Excess ;

Example ; Laws and Magistrates.
Clay, Henry

( American, 1777–1852) 373
Jackson's Seizure of Pensacola ; Govern-

ment by Conquest ; Appeal in Behalf of
Greece ; Civil War; « Free Trade and
Seamen's Rights ; Government

Trust; No South, No North, No East, No
West ; Patriotism ; « Rather be Right

thap President. *- Celebrated Passages.
Clayton, John M. (American, 1796–1856 ) 375

Taking Advantage of Weakness. - Cele-

brated Passages.
Clemens, Jeremiah ( American, 1814-1865) 375

« Manifest Destiny"; Foreign War and

Domestic Despotism. — Celebrated Pas-


(Greece, (?)-422 B.C.) 375
Democracies and Their "Subjects." -- Cele-

braled Passages.
Cleveland, Grover ( American, 1837-) 376

Communism of Capital; Condition Not

Theory : Innocuous Desuetude. - Cele-

brated Passages.
Clinton, De Witt ( American, 1769-1828) 876

Law vs. War. - Celebrated Passages.
Cobb, Howell

(American, 1815-1868) 376
The Citizen-Soldier. - Celebrated Passages.
Cobden, Richard (England, 1804-1865) 876

Small States and Civilization ; Armament

Not Necessary. - Celebrated Passages.
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor

( England, 1772-1834) 376
Hissing Prejudices. – Celebrated Passages.
Conkling, Roscoe (Ainerican, 1829-1888) 376

The Candidate from Appomattox. -- Cele-

brated Passages.
Constant, Benjamin ( France, 1767-1830) 378

Censorship of the Press. — Celebrated Pas-

Cook, Joseph

(American, 1838 - ) 377
The Continental Republic. – Celebrated

Cormenin, Louis Marie de la Haye, Viscount

(France, 1788–1868) 255-281
Mirabeau's Style and Methods.
Corwin, Thomas ( American, 1794-1865) 377

" Shoot Them Down, and Then Exhort

Them to be Free; With Bloody Hands
to Hospitable Graves ; God's Judgment

on Nations. Celebrated Passages.
Cousin, Victor

( France, 1792-1867) 378
Truth and Liberty. – Celebrated Passages.
Cox, Samuel S. (American, 1824-1889) 378

True Religion and Politics. – Celebrated

Crapo, William Wallace

(American, Nineteenth Century) 378
Public Office a Public Trust. – Celebrated

Crittenden, John Jordan

(American, 1787–1863) 378
Clay as a Representative Man. -- Cele-

brated Passages.
Crockett, David ( American, 1786–1836) 379

A Raccoon in a Bag; “Be Sure You're

Right." - Celebrated Passages.
Croly, Rev. George

( Ireland, c. 1780-1860) 485
Catiline Defies the Senate. - Celebrated

Imaginary Addresses and Soliloquies.
Culpeper, Sir John
" Monopolies and Polers of the People."

-Celebrated Passages.
Curran, John Philpot

Pensions and Patriotism; Reply to

Threats; The Irresistible March of
Progress; « Such is the Oscitancy of
Man "; Appeal to Lord Avonmore; In-
formers in Treason Cases; Liberty of
the Press. – Celebrated Passages.

England, (?) -1660 ) 379

(Ireland, 1750-1817) 379


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