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be Distinct and Deliberate"; "Let Your
Pronunciation be Bold and Forcible »
Acquire Compass and Variety in the
Height of Your Voice"; "Pronounce
Your Words with Propriety and Ele-
gance"; "Pronounce Every Word Con-
sisting of More Than One Syllable with
its Proper Accent "; " In Every Sentence
Distinguish the More Significant Words
by a Natural, Forcible, and Varied Em-
phasis"; "Acquire a Just Variety of
Pause and Inflection »; Accompany the
Emotions and Passions Which Your
Words Express by Correspondent Tones,
Looks, and Gestures."

Farrar, Frederick William (England, 1831-) 395
The Same Old Tears, Old Crimes, and
Oldest Ill. Celebrated Passages.


Field, David Dudley

Fénelon, François de Salignac de la Mothe
(France, 1651-1715) 152-160
Intellectual Independence Necessary for
Eloquence; The Objects of Eloquence;
The Whole Art of Eloquence, Elocution,
Gesture, and Delivery.

Celebrated Passages:

The Power of Self-Forgetfulness.

(American, 1805-1894) 395
Civil Liberty vs. Martial Usurpation.-
Celebrated Passages.
Field, Stephen J. (American, 1816-1899) 396
Intimidation of Judges.- Celebrated Pas-
Fisher, John

(England, c. 1459-1535) 396
"A Pot That is Bruckle."-Celebrated Pas-

Flanagan, Webster M.


(American, Nineteenth Century) 396

Gallatin, Albert

(American, 1761-1849) 398
Against the Alien and Sedition Laws.—
Celebrated Passages.

Gambetta, Leon

(France, 1838-1882) 398
Foundations for an Enduring Republic.-
Celebrated Passages.

Garfield, James A.

(American, 1831-1881) 398
"Great Ideas Travel Slowly." - Celebrated
Garrison, William Lloyd

(American, 1804-1879) 398
"Covenant with Death and Agreement
with Hell."— Celebrated Passages.
Gellius, Aulus
(Rome, c. 130-180) 123
The Three Kinds of Eloquence.
Gibbons, James, Cardinal (American, 1834-) 398
"Every Man Has a Mission."- Celebrated
Gladstone, William Ewart

(England, 1809-1808) 399
The Covetousness of Nations; The Secret

of Success; The Company of Books;




(Greece, c. 50 A. D.-(?) 109-112
On the Power of Speaking.
Erskine, Thomas, Baron (England, 1750-1823) 392
Degradation of Religion by Politics; Prec-

edents of Madness; "The Age of Rea-
son." - Celebrated Passages.

Evarts, William Maxwell (American, 1818-) 393
The Wisdom of Second Thought.- Cele-
brated Passages.
Everett, Edward


(American, 1794-1865) 393
American Responsibilities; The Cloud of
Witnesses; Liberty Protected by Law;
Efficiency the End of Existence; The
Village School; The People Always Con-
quer; Imperishability of Great Exam-
ples.- Celebrated Passages.

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Abuses Under Charíes I.-Celebrated Pas-
Guizot, François Pierre Guillaume
(France, 1787-1874) 403

The Two Elements of Civilization.-Cele-
brated Passages.

Helmholtz, Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand von
(Germany, 1821-1894) 407
Duration of Life on Earth. - Celebrated
Henderson, John B.

(American, Contemporaneous) 407
The Right to Make Foolish Speeches.-
Celebrated Passages.

Henry, Patrick

(American, 1736-1799) 407
"Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death"; A
Prophecy of Progress; Why Should
We Fetter Commerce?"- Celebrated
Herder, Johann Gottfried von

(Germany, 1744-1803) 409
"It Is No Tenet of Religion to Abjure
Thinking." Celebrated Passages.
Higginson, John

(England, 1616-1708) 409
Cent Per Cent in New England. - Cele-
brated Passages.
Hill, Benjamin Harvey (American, 1823-1882) 409
"I Was Born a Slaveholder." - Celebrated
Hilliard, H. W.
(American, 1808-1892) 409
Constitutional Government; Manhood. -
Celebrated Passages.
Hoar, George Frisbie

(American, 1826-) 410
The Puritan.- Celebrated Passages.
Hobbes, Thomas
(England, 1588-1679) 135-146
Analysis and Synopsis of Aristotle's
"Rhetoric." Of the Original of Elocu-
tion and Pronunciation; Of the Choice
of Words and Epithets; Of the Things
That Make an Oration Flat; Of a Simili-
tude; of the Purity of Language; Of the
Amplitude and Tenuity of Language;
Of the Convenience or Decency of Elo-
cution; Of Two Sorts of Styles; Of
Those Things That Grace an Oration,
and Make it Delightful; In What
Manner an Oration is Graced by the
Things Aforesaid: Of the Difference
Between the Style To Be Used in
Writing, and the Style To Be Used in
Pleading; Of the Parts of an Oration
and Their Order; Of the Proem;
Places of Crimination and Purgation;
Of the Narration; Of Proof, or Confirma-
tion, and Refutation; Of Interrogations,
Answers, and Jests; Of the Peroration.
Holborne, Sir Robert (England, c. 1594-1647) 410
Against Ship Money.-Celebrated Passages.
Holmes, Oliver Wendell

(American, 1809-1894) 410
Boston the Hub.- Celebrated Passages.
(Greece, c. 850-800 B. C.) 471
Achilles to the Envoys of Agamemnon;
Achilles to the Envoys,-Lang's Literal
Version; Hector's Rebuke to Polyda-
mus.- Celebrated Imaginary Addresses
and Soliloquies.

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Laurier, Sir Wilfrid

(Canada, 1841-) 418

Four Great Men.-Celebrated Passages.
Lee, Henry
(American, 1756-1818) 418

"First in War, First in Peace."-Celebrated

Legaré, Hugh S.
(American, 1789-1843) 418
Constitutional Liberty a Tradition.-Cele-
brated Passages.
Lincoln, Abraham

(American, 1809-1865) 419
A House Divided Against Itself "; " Gov-
ernment of the People, By the People,
and For the People."-Celebrated Pas-


(Rome, 59 B. C.-17 A. D.) 419
Canuleius Against the Patricians.- Cele-
brated Passages.

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Macaulay, Thomas Babington, Baron
(England, 1800-1859) 262-269

On the Athenian Orators.
Celebrated Passages:

The Life of Law; The New Zealander in
the Ruins of London; Fitness for Self-
Government; Government Makes the

MacDuffie, George (American, 1788-1851) 421
Representative Government. - Celebrated
McKinley, William

(American, 1843-) 422
Abra Kohn to Abraham Lincoln; Benevo-
lent Assimilation."- Celebrated Passages.
Mackintosh, Sir James (Scotland, 1765-1832) 422
"Pernicious Activity of Government";
Corruptionists in Politics.- Celebrated

Mann, Horace.
(American, 1796-1859) 422
Ignorance a Crime.- Celebrated Passages.
Manning, Henry Edward, Cardinal

(England, 1808-1892) 423
The Greatest Glory of Man."- Cele-
brated Passages.


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Lowell, James Russell

(American, 1819-1891) 419
The Empire of the Soul.-Celebrated Pas-
Lubbock, Sir John

(England, 1834-) 419
A Rule of Study; Bags of Wind for Sacks
of Treasure."- Celebrated Passages.

Luther, Martin

(Germany, 1483-1546) 420
Here I Stand, I Cannot do Otherwise.-
Celebrated Passages.


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Massillon, Jean Baptiste (France, 1663-1742) 425
The Power of an Evil Tongue; "If We
Must Wholly Perish."- Celebrated Pas-
Mather, Cotton

(American, 1663-1728) 425
The Only True Prosperity.- Celebrated
Matthews, William

(America, Nineteenth Century) 325-328
The Power and Influence of the Orator;
Mirabeau's Delivery; Triumphs of Pul-
pit Eloquence.
Maury, Jean Siffrein (France, 1746-1817) 234-236
The Orator and His Audience; The Sever-
ity of Pulpit Eloquence.

Mazzini, Giuseppe

(Italy, 1805-1872) 426
To the Young Men of Italy. - Celebrated
Meagher, Thomas Francis (Ireland, 1823-1867) 428
"Abhor the Sword-Stigmatize the
Sword; The Curse of Dependence.-
Celebrated Passages.
Meredith, Sir W.
(England) 428
Government by the Gallows.- Celebrated
Miller, Hugh
(Scotland, 1802-1856) 429
The Procession of Being; The Sown Seeds
of Life.- Celebrated Passages.
Milton, John
(England, 1608-1674) 481-484
"Hail, Horrors, Hail!"; Satan to the
Fallen Angels; Satan Addresses the
Council of War; Moloch's Speech for
War; Belial's Speech Opposing War;
Milton's Apostrophe to Light; Satan's
Address to the Sun.-Celebrated Imagin-
ary Addresses and Soliloquies.


"An Eagle Mewing Her Mighty Youth." 429
Celebrated Passages.
Mirabeau, Gabriel Honoré Riquetti, Comte de
(France, 1749-1791) 429
Educating Conscience a Duty; Announc-
ing the Death of Franklin; And Yet
You Deliberate! From the Capitol to
the Tarpeian Rock."- Celebrated Pas-

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