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Quincy, Josiah, Jr.

(American, 1772-1864) 438
Peaceably, if Possible; Violently, if Neces-
sary.-Celebrated Passages.
Quintilian, Marcus Fabius (Rome c. 35-95) 71-108
The Secret of the Highest Eloquence; On
Natural Oratory: Oratory Manifestly
an Art; The Attic and Ciceronian
Schools; On the Eloquence of Homer,
Virgil, and Other Poets; Oratory and
Literature; On Correct Style in Public


Morley, John

(England, 1838-) 430
Truth-Telling as an Art.- Celebrated Pas-
Morton, Oliver P.

(American, 1823-1877) 431
For Universal Suffrage.- Celebrated Pas-


Quincy, Josiah

(American, 1744-1775) 438
Force Without Right. - Celebrated Pas-

Phillips, Wendell

(American, 1811-1884) 435
"A Better Use of Iron"; Blindness in Pol-
itics; Higher Law.-Celebrated Pas-
Pierrepont, Edwards

(American, 1817-1892) 435
Equality in America.— Celebrated Passages.
Pike, Albert
(American, 1809-1891) 435
Moral Influences.- Celebrated Passages.
Pitt, William
(England, 1759-1806) 435
Civilization for Africa; Against War for
Conquest.- Celebrated Passages.
Pliny The Younger

(Rome, 62-113) 119-122

The Eloquence of the Bar.
Celebrated Passages:

Eloquence and Loquacity.
Plunkett, William Conyngham, Baron
(Ireland, 1765-1854) 436
Conservative Objections to Republics.-
Celebrated Passages.


Poe, Edgar Allan

(American, 1809-1849) 436
The Beautiful in Speech.- Celebrated Pas-
Porter, Horace

(American, 1837-) 437

"Mugwumps."—Celebrated Passages.
Potter, Henry Codman

(American, 1835-) 437
Nobility of Ascent.- Celebrated Passages.
Prentiss, Seargent Smith

(American, 1808-1850) 437
The Village Schoolhouse; The Spoils of
Office.- Celebrated Passages.
Preston, William
(American, 1816-1887) 437
Liberty and Eloquence.- Celebrated Pas-
Pulteney, William

(England, 1684-1764) 437
"The Gentlemen of the Army; The Sol-
dier and his Orders.- Celebrated Pas-

Pym, John

(England, 1584-1643) 438
Law Against Arbitrary Power.-Celebrated

Speaking; The Five Divisions of Ora-
torical Art; On the Three Kinds of Ora-
tory; On Declamation; How to Culti-
vate Good Delivery; The Oratory of the
Bar; The Five Divisions of an Oration;
The Exordium-How to Begin a Speech;
Second Part of a Speech - The State-
ment of Facts; Digressions in Speaking;
Proposition, Partition, and Argument;
How to Close a Speech-The Peroration;
The Art of Remembering in Oratory.
Celebrated Passages:
Brilliancy in Oratory; "Pectus et Vis
Mentis"; Oratory and Virtue.


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Seward, William H. (American, 1801-1872) 444
"Consolidate without Centralizing";
The Irrepressible Conflict"; Higher
Law.- Celebrated Passages.
Shakespeare, William (England, 1564-1616) 474
All the World's a Stage"; "A Fool, A
Fool! I Met a Fool"; "Now Is the
Winter of Our Discontent "; The Dream
of Clarence; The Fall of Wolsey; An-
tony Over the Body of Cæsar; Brutus
on the Death of Cæsar; Antony's Fun-
eral Oration Over Cæsar; Hamlet to the
Players; Hamlet's Soliloquy; Lady
Macbeth Meditating Murder; Mac-
beth's Murder Soliloquy; Macbeth in
the Dagger Vision; Othello's Defense
Before the Senate; Lear in the Tem-


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(England, 1795-1854) 451
Shelley's Genius as an Evidence of God's
Creative Order.- Celebrated Passages.
Taylor, Jeremy
(England, 1613-1667) 452
The Punishment of Tyranny; The Fool-
ish Exchange.- Celebrated Passages.
Taylor, Robert L.


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Storrs, R. S.

(American, 1821-1900) 448
What Heaven and Hell Mean.- Celebrated
Story, Joseph
(American, 1779-1845) 449
Hasty Work is 'Prentice Work; Death of
Adams and Jefferson; Passing of the
Indians; The Latest and the Last Re-
public.- Celebrated Passages.

Strafford, the Earl of (England, 1593-1641) 450
"For a Fair but Bounded Liberty."- Cele
brated Passages.
Sumner, Charles

(American, 1811-1874) 450
The True Grandeur of Nations; Freedom
Above Union.- Celebrated Passages.
Swing, David
(American, 1830-1894) 451
Apothegms.- Celebrated Passages.

(American, 1741-1775) 457
The Fatal Fifth of March"; "An Injury
to One the Concern of All." — Celebrated

Washington, George (American, 1732-1799) 457
"The Great Rule of Conduct in Regard to
Foreign Nations"; Against Machiavel-
lian Politics. - Celebrated Passages.

Uhlman, D. (American, Contemporaneous) 454
The Sovereignty of Individual Manhood.
-Celebrated Passages.

Vallandigham, Clement L.
(American, 1820-1871) 454
What Will Preserve the Union; Money,
Money, Sir, Was at the Bottom."- Cele
brated Passages.
Van Buren, Martin

(American, 1782-1862) 454
• Expansion » Before the Mexican and
Civil Wars.- Celebrated Passages.

Vane, Sir Henry
(England, 1612-1662) 455
Repudiating the Cromwells as a Dynasty;
I Have Otherwise Learned Christ."—
Celebrated Passages.

Vergniaud, Pierre Victurnien

(France, 1753-1793) 455
"Then I am a Moderate"; "Upright Men
Hide Themselves."- Celebrated Pas-


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Watterson, Henry

(American. Contemporaneous) 458
Opening the World's Fair. - Celebrated
Watts, Isaac
(England, 1674-1748) 161-165
The Eloquence of Common Sense; On
Forensic Arguments and Disputes; On
Good and Bad Preaching.

Webster, Daniel
(American, 1782-1852) 459
A Portrait of Murder; The Revolutionary

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