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Mitford, Mary Russell (England, 1787-1855) 486

Rienzi to the Romans.- Celebrated Imagin-

ary Addresses and Soliloquies.
Monroe, James

(American, 1758–1831) 430
The Monroe Doctrine.- Celebrated Pas-

Montaigne, Michel Eyquem de

(France, 1533-1592) 130-132
A Consideration upon Cicero.
Montalembert, Charles Forbes, Comte de

(France, 1810-1870) 430

Devotion to Principle. - Celebrated Pas-

Moody, Dwight L. (American, 1837–1899) 430

Character.- Celebrated Passages.
Morley, John

(England, 1838-) 430
Truth-Telling as an Art.- Celebrated Pas-

Morton, Oliver P. (American, 1823-1877) 431

For Universal Suffrage.- Celebrated Pas-



Newman, John Henry, Cardinal

(England, 1801-1890) 431
Money and Self-Worship.-Celebrated Pas-

O'Connell, Daniel (Ireland, 1775-1847) 431

The Beauty of Ireland ; Plea for Magee.-

Celebrated Passages.
Otis, James

(American, 1725-1783) 432
For Liberty at Any Cost.–Celebrated Pas-

Palmer, Benjamin w.

(American, Contemporaneous) 432
Lee and Washington.- Celebrated Pas-

Parker, Theodore (American, 1810–1860) 432
a A Man of the Largest Mold"; Govern.

ment of, by, and for the People; How

Empires End. - Celebrated Passages.
Parnell, Charles Stewart (Ireland, 1846-1891) 433
Why Land is Scarce in Ireland.- Cele-

brated Passages.
Payne, John Howard (American, 1792-1852) 487

Lucius Junius Brutus Over the Body of

Lucretia.- Celebrated Imaginary Ad-

dresses and Soliloquies.
Peel, Sir Robert

(England, 1788-1850) 433
The Steam Engine and the Mind.- Cele-

brated Passages.
Pendleton, Edmund (American, 1721-1803) 433
Government as a Defense of Freedom.-

Celebrated Passages.
Penn, William

(England, 1644-1718) 433
Magna Charta Defined. - Celebrated Pus-


(Greece, c. 495-429 B. C.) 434
Democracy at Athens.-Celebrated Pas-

Phillips, Charles (Ireland, c. 1787-1859) 434

Ireland and America.-Celebrated Passages.

Phillips, Wendell (American, 1811-1884) 435
"A Better Use of Iron ; Blindness in Pol-

itics; Higher Law. Celebrated Pas-

Pierrepont, Edwards (American, 1817-1892) 435

Equality in America.- Celebrated Passages.
Pike, Albert

(American, 1809-1891) 435
Moral Influences.- Celebrated Pussages.
Pitt, William

(England, 1759–1806) 435
Civilization for Africa ; Against War for

Conquest.— Celebrated Passages.
Pliny The Younger

(Rome, 62-113) 119-122
The Eloquence of the Bar.
Celebrated Passages :

Eloquence and Loquacity.
Plunkett, William Conyngham, Baron

(Ireland, 1765-1854) 436
Conservative Objections to Republics.-

Celebrated Passages.
Poe, Edgar Allan (American, 1809-1849) 436

The Beautiful in Speech.- Celebrated Pas-

Porter, Horace

(American, 1837-) 437
" Mugwumps. Celebrated Passages.
Potter, Henry Codman (American, 1835-) 437

Nobility of Ascent.- Celebrated Passages.
Prentiss, Seargent Smith

(American, 1808-1850) 437
The Village Schoolhouse ; The Spoils of

Office. - Celebrated Passages.
Preston, William

(American, 1816–1887) 437
Liberty and Eloquence.- Celebrated Pas-

Pulteney, William

(England, 1684-1764) 437
« The Gentlemen of the Army); The Sol.

dier and his Orders. Celebrated Pas-

Pym, John

(England, 1584-1643) 4.38
Law Against Arbitrary Power.-Celebrated



Quincy, Josiah

(American, 1744-1775) 438
Force Without Right. — Celebrated Pas-

Quincy, Josiah, Jr. (American, 1772-1864) 438

Peaceably, if Possible ; Violently, if Neces-

sary.-Celebrated Passages.
Quintilian, Marcus Fabius (Rome c. 35-95) 71-108

The Secret of the Highest Eloquence; On
Natural Oratory : Oratory Manifestly

Art ; The Attic and Ciceronian
Schools ; On the Eloquence of Homer,
Virgil, and Other Poets; Oratory and
Literature ; On Correct Style in Public

Speaking; The Five Divisions of Ora-
torical Art; On the Three Kinds of Ora-
tory; On Declamation: How to Culti-
vate Good Delivery ; The Oratory of the
Bar; The Five Divisions of an Oration ;
The Exordium - How to Begin a Speech;
Second Part of a Speech — The State-
ment of Facts; Digressions in Speaking;
Proposition, Partition, and Argument;
How to Close a Speech-The Peroration;

The Art of Remembering in Oratory.
Celebrated Passages :
Brilliancy in Oratory; " Pectus et Vis

Mentis »; Oratory and Virtue.



Randall, S. J.

(American, 1828-1890) 439
Protection and Free Trade Under the

Constitution.-Celebrated Passages.
Randolph, Edmund (American, 1753-1813) 439

The Charity of the Law.-Celebrated Pas-

Randolph, John (American, 1773-1833) 439
a The Union of Puritan and Black leg";

English Literature in America ; « The
Gamecock of Europe); National Debt

as a Curse.-Celebrated Passages.
Raynor, Kenneth

(American, Nineteenth Century) 440
Revolutionists of Seventy-Six.-Celebrated

Reed, Thomas B.

(American, 1839-) 140
The Bond of Universal Humanity.-Cele-

brated Passages.
Robespierre, Maximilien Marie Isidore

(France, 1758-1794) 440
« Solemn Crimes Committed by Law";

Public Morals and Law ; "If God Did
Not Exist, It Would be Necessary to In-

vent Him."-Celebrated Passages.
Rollins, James Sidney (American, 1812-1888) 41

Southern Patriotism.-Celebrated Passages.
Rousseau, Jean Jacques (France, 1712-1778) H11

Immortality the Reward of Life.-Cele-

brated Passages.
Rumbold, Richard (England, 1622–1685) 441
« No Man Born With a Saddle on His

Back. Celebrated Passages.
Rush, Benjamin (American, 1745-1813) 442

Extent of Territory.--Celebrated Passages.
Ruskin, John

(England, 1819-1899) 442
« With A11 Brave Men Their Work Is

First”; “ Bag-Baron and Crag-Baron."-

Celebrated Passages.
Rutledge, John

(American, 1739-1800) 442
" Truth Being Known, Will Prevail."--Cele-

brated Passages.


pest. – Celebrated Imaginary Addresses

and Soliloquies.
Sheridan, Richard Brinsley

(England, 1751-1816) 444
Filial Piety; Commercialism Militant ;

Justice.- Celebrated Passages.
Rolla's Address to the Peruvians.

- Celebrated Addresses and Soliloquies.
Sherman, John

(American, 1823-1900) 445
American Resources. - Celebrated Pas-

Sidney, Algernon (England, 1622–1683) 145

His Prayer when Condemned as a Traitor.

- Celebrated Passages.
Smith, Gerrit

(American, 1797-1874) 446
The Arrogance of Prosperity ; " No Proud

Nation is for Liberty." — Celebrated Pas-

Smith, Goldwin

(Canada, 1823-) 446
Moral Nature and Character. - Celebrated

Smith, Sidney

(England, 1771-1845) 446
« The Atlantic Ocean Beat Mrs. Parting-

ton”; Post Quod, Propter Quod ; Taxes
the Price of Glory ; Wounds, Shrieks,
and Tears in Government.- Celebrated


(Greece, c. 470-399 B. C.) 447
Peroration Before his Judges.- Celebrated

Soulé, Pierre

(American, 1802-1870) 447
American Progress. - Celebrated Passages.
Spalding, Martin John, Archbishop

(American, 1810-1872) 447
« Post Nummos Virtus. "-- Celebrated Pas-

Spencer, Herbert (England, 1820-) 292-312

The Philosophy of Style. – The Principle

Sargent, Epes (American, 1812-1880) 270-280

Oratory, Ancient and Modern ; Success in

Oratory ; Divisions of Oratory ; Elocu-
tion ; Elocution Among the Ancients;
Modern Theories of Elocution - The
Measure of Speech ; Walker's Elements
of Elocution - Inflections of the Voice ;
Rush's Philosophy of the Human Voice;
Insufficiency of Arbitrary Systems of

Saurin, Jacques

(France, 1677-1730) 442
Partiality and Prejudice as Causes of

Blindness. - Celebrated Passages.
Savonarola, Girolamo (Italy, 1452-1198) 449

Compassion in Heaven.- Celebrated Pas-

Schurz, Carl (German-American, 1829-) 443

Sumner and the Battle Flags. - Celebrated

Scipio Africanus

(Rome, 234-183 B. C.) 443
Carrying War into Africa. - Celebrated

Sergeant, John

(American, 1779-1852) 444
Militarism and Progress. - Celebrated Pas-

Seward, William H. (American, 1801-1872) 444
"Consolidate without Centralizing ";

* The Irrepressible Conflict"; Higher

Law.- Celebrated Passages.
Shakespeare, William (England, 1564-1616) 474
"All the World's a Stage" : "A Fool, A

Fool!-I Met a Fool ; "Now Is the
Winter of Our Discontent * ; The Dream
of Clarence; The Fall of Wolsey ; An-
tony Over the Body of Cæsar; Brutus
on the Death of Cæsar; Antony's Fun-
eral Oration Over Cæsar; Hamlet to the
Players; Hamlet's Soliloquy; Lady
Macbeth Meditating Murder ; Mac-
beth's Murder Soliloquy; Macbeth in
the Dagger Vision; Othello's Defense
Before the Senate; Lear in the Tem-

of Economy Applied to Words : The Ef-
fect of Figurative Language Explained;



Spencer, Herbert – Continued

Arrangement of Minor Images in Build-
ing up a Thought ; The Superiority of
Poetry to Prose Explained; Causes of
Force in Language which Depend upon

Economy of the Mental Sensibilities.
Stanley, Arthur Penrhyn (England, 1815-1881) 448

* One-Man Power."-- Celebrated Passages.
Stephens, Alexander H. (American, 1812–1883) 448

On the Compromise of 1850.- Celebrated

Stevens, Thaddeus (American, 1793-1868) 448

Against Politicians in the Pulpit ; Hero

Worship, the Danger of Republics.-Cele-
brated Passages.

Storrs, R. S.

(American, 1821-1900) 448
What Heaven and Hell Mean.- Celebrated

Story, Joseph

(American, 1779-1845) 449
Hasty Work is 'Prentice Work ; Death of

Adams and Jefferson ; Passing of the
Indians; The Latest and the Last Re-

public.- Celebrated Passages.
Strafford, the Earl of (England, 1593-1641) 450

« For a Fair but Bounded Liberty." - Cele-

brated Passages.
Sumner, Charles (American, 1811-1874) 450

The True Grandeur of Nations; Freedom

Above Uniok.- Celebrated Passages.
Swing, David

(American, 1830-1894) 451
Apothegms.- Celebrated Passages.


Uhlman, D. (American, Contemporaneous) 154
The Sovereignty of Individual Maphood.

- Celebrated Passages.

Tacitus, Cornelius (Rome, c. 55-117) 113-118

The Rewards of Oratory; On the Educa-

tion of an Orator ; Oratory and the

Genius of the Age.
Imaginary Addresses and Soliloquies: 473

Galgacus to the Caledonians.
Talfourd, Sir Thomas Noon

(England, 1795-1854) 451
Shelley's Genius as an Evidence of God's

Creative Order.- Celebrated Passages.
Taylor, Jeremy

(England, 1613-1667) 452
The Punishment of Tyranny; The Fool-

ish Exchange.- Celebrated Passages.
Taylor, Robert L.

(American, Contemporaneous) 452
Irish Heroism. — Celebrated Passages.
Thiers, Louis Adolphe (France, 1797–1877) 452

Foreign War and Domestic Abuses. -Cele-

brated Passages.
Thurman, Allen G. (American, 1813-1895) 453

Vested Rights and Sovereignty. — Cele-

brated Passages.
Tooke, John Horne (England, 1736-1812) 453
« What Is the Best Government?" - Cele-

brated Passages.
Toombs, Robert (American, 1810-1885) 453

The Sword as a Title to Territory.- Cele-

brated Passages.
Tyler, John

(American, 1790-1862) 453
The Flag of Yorktown.- Celebrated Pas-

Tyndall, John

(England, 1820-1893) 453
America's Most Difficult Problem.- Cele-

brated Passages.

Vallandigham, Clement L.

(American, 1820-1871) 454
What Will Preserve the Union ; "Money,

Money, Sir, Was at the Bottom," - Cele-

brated Passages.
Van Buren, Martin (American, 1782-1862) 154
• Expansion » Before the Mexican and

Civil Wars.- Celebrated Passages.
Vane, Sir Henry (England, 1612–1662) 456

Repudiating the Cromwells as a Dynasty;

• I Have Otherwise Learned Christ."-

Celebrated Passages.
Vergniaud, Pierre Victurnien

(France, 1753-1793) 455
« Then I am a Moderate "; " Upright Men

Hide Themselves. - Celebrated Pas-

Vest, George Graham (American, 1836-) 656

Imperialism old and New. - Celebrated

Villemain, A.

(France, 1790–1870) 456
Christian Oratory.- Celebrated Passages.
Vinet, Alexander (Switzerland, 1797-1847) 456

The Meaning of Religion. – Celebrated

Voorhees, Daniel W. (American, 1827-1897) 466
« We Are Entering Upon a New Century."

- Celebrated Passages.

W - Z

Walpole, Sir Robert (England, 1676-1745 ) 456

Patriotism. Celebrated Passages.
Warren, Joseph ( American, 1741-1775 ) 457

« The Fatal Fifth of March "; "An Injury

to One the Concern of A11." – Celebrated

Washington, George (American, 1732-1799 )
« The Great Rule of Conduct in Regard to

Foreign Nations); Against Machiavel-
lian Politics. — Celebrated Passages.

Watterson, Henry

(American, Contemporaneous) 158
Opening the World's Fair. - Celebrated

Watts, Isaac

(England, 1674-1748) 161-165
The Eloquence of Common Sense; On

Forensic Arguments and Disputes; 01

Good and Bad Preaching.
Webster, Daniel

(American, 1782-1852) 459
A Portrait of Murder; The Revolutionary

Webster, Daniel - Continued

Veterans at Bunker Hill; Advance,
Then, Ye Future Generations ; « They
Went to War Against a Preamble";
England's Drumbeat; Liberty and
Union ; Eloquence in Great Crises ; The
Progress of Liberty ; Moral Force and
Civilization ; «My God's and Truth's);
• Matches and Overmatches >; Massa-
chusetts; Secession in Peace Impossi-
ble ; « Sink or Swim, Live or Die ;
Public Opinion ; Popular Government.

- Celebrated Passages.
Weed, Thurlow (American, 1797-1882) 463
"A Good Enough Morgan." – Celebrated

Wesley, John

(England, 1703-1791) 468
• Pleasures, Shadows, Dreams!»; « Paint-

ed and Gilded, but Empty Still." – Cele-

brated Passages.
Whately, Richard (England, 1787–1863) 248-254

The Art of Persuasion; The Power of

Suggestion; The Necessity of Being
Understood ; Of Elegance and Strength;

The Strength of Natural Delivery.
Wilberforce, William (England, 1759-1833) 463

On the British Slave Trade. – Celebrated

Wilkes, John

( England, 1727-1797) 464
a The Wide Arch of the Raised Empire

Will Fall”; Rebellion and Revolution.

- Celebrated Passages.
Williams, George H. (American, 1823-) 464

Pioneers of the Pacific Coast. - - Celebrated


Wilmot, David ( American, 1814-1868) 464

« Fanaticism and « Property Rights."

- Celebrated Passages.
Winthrop, Robert C. (American, 1809-1894) 465

Washington; The Union of 1776. — Cele-

brated Passages.
Wirt, William

(American, 1772-1834 ) 465
Jefferson's “ Nunc Domine ); Genius and

Work. – Celebrated Passages.
Wise, Henry A. (American, 1819-1869) 466

« Dark Lanterns'in Politics. - Celebrated

Wiseman, Nicholas P. S., Cardinal

(England, 1802-1865) 466
The Church Bell. - Celebrated Passages.
Woodbury, Levi ( American, 1789-1851) 466

The Tariff of 1842. - Celebrated Passages.
Woolworth, James M.

( American, Contemporaneous) 466
Individual Liberty. – Celebrated Passages.
Wyckliffe, John ( England, c. 1324-1384) 467

« Truly and willfully Do Thy Labor."

-- Celebrated Passages.
Wyndham, Sir William (England, 1687-1740) 467

« Not Prophesying – Only Supposing."

- Celebrated Passages.
Zollicofer, Joachim (Switzerland, 1730-1788 ) 467

Continuous Life and Everlasting Increase

in Power. — Celebrated Passages.
Zwingli, Ulrich (Switzerland, 1484-1531 ) 467

Extracts from His Sermons During the

Reformation. – Celebrated Passages.

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