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Toll houses, 528: where, and in what cases, 528. 589;-toll

collectors' names to be affixed to toll houses, 528. 589.
Possession of toll houses, how recovered, 529. 589;-
form of the order, 530;—destroying or damaging them,

Tools for coining, making or having, punishment, 216, 217;

taking them out of the mint, 216.
Tools, to aid the escape of prisoners, conveying into a prison,

punishment, 453.
Towns corporate, constables in, 252 ;-special constables in,

260 ;-borough rate, and what expenses paid out of the
borough fund, 309 ;-remedy against, for houses, &c.,

demolished by rioters, 572.
Town clerk, salary of, paid out of the borough fund, 309.
Towns, manufacturers selling their wares in, not within the

statute against hawkers, 463, 464.
Township, liability of, to repair highways, 488;—to repair

turnpike roads, 527. 486.
Trade, buildings for, setting fire to, punishment, 184, 185,

commitment, 185.
Trading by hawkers, without or contrary to licence, 466. See

Training to arms, 114: training, punishment, 114, commit-

ment, 114;-being trained, punishment, 114, commitment,

Transfer of ale licence, 19, 22.
Transfer of stock, or power of attorney for making it, forging

or altering, punishment, 373;—making, in the name of a

person who is not the true owner, punishment, 374.
Transportation, expenses of, paid out of the county rate, 298.
Traverse, none, in misdemeanors relating to the coin, 218.
Treason, in counterfeiting the seals, punishment, 364.
Treason, no accessories in, all are principals, 5 ;-accused not

to be admitted to bail by justices, 139 ;-commitment
for, 223, for treason committed at sea, 230;-a married

woman may be guilty of, 574.
Treason, person convicted of, incompetent as a witness, 341.
Treasurer of county, salary of, paid out of county rate, 298 ;

-in boroughs, out of the borough fund, 309.
Treasurer of board for the repair of highways in large parishes,

Treason, petty, what, 550, 551;-now deemed murder only,

Trees, plantation of, setting fire to, punishment, 186.
Trees, not to be near a highway, 509 ;-by whom to be cut or

pruned, 510.
Trent, river, regulation of the fisheries in, in 350.
Trespass, in search of game, 402: in the day time, penalty,

402, conviction, 402;—the like, by five or more persons,

penalty, 403, conviction, 403 ;--the like in Her Majesty's
forests, &c., penalty, 403 ;-the like, by five or more, any
of them being armed and using violence, penalty, 404,
conviction, 405 ;---who not trespassers within the act,
405. Trespassers not quitting the land, and giving their
address, may be apprehended, 403. Game may be taken

from trespassers, 405. Night poaching, 408. See Game.
Trial of an appeal, 68. SeeAppeal."
Trial of offences committed at sea, 10 :

-of murder or man.
slaughter committed abroad, 11.
Truck, drawing, upon a causeway at the side of a highway,

penalty, 513.
Trustees of turnpike roads, 526; justices to be, 526. See

Highways (Turnpike roads.)
Turf, stack of, setting fire to, punishment, 186, commitment, 186.
Turks, may be witnesses, 340.
Turnpike gates, 528 : when and in what cases, 528. 589 ;--

destroying or damaging them, 530.
Turnpike roads, 525. 473. See Highways (Turnpike roads.)"
Turnpike ticket, forging or altering, penalty, 536, 537.

Undersheriff, not to be keeper of a gaol or house of correction,

Unions of parishes into districts, for the purpose of jointly

maintaining their highways, 477.
Universities, saving of the rights of, in the statutes relating to

alehouses, 37, and beer shops, 56.
Unlawful games, permiting, in alehouses, 29, or beer shops, 45.
Unlawfully taking or killing game, 397. See Game.''
Unloading gunpowder, delay in, penalty, 460.
Unsizable fish, taking, penalty, 350.
Using forged paper or plates for bank notes, punishment, 369,

370 ;--the like, for other bankers' notes, 371,
Uttering counterfeit coin, 214, 215. See Coin."
Uttering forged instruments, 364; see Forgery ;” how
proved, 366.

Vagrant, by gaming in the street, 422 ;--in refusing to show

hawkers' licence, 467.
Vagrants, costs of prosecuting, paid out of county rate, 298.
Vagrant, to what prison commitied, 426 : persons conveying

them, exempt from toll on turnpike road, 534.
Venue, in bigamy, 152;—in embezzlement, 328;--in embez-

zlement by officers in Her Majesty's service, 328, 329 ;-
in forgery, 377 ;--in escape or breach of prison, 445 ;-in

homicide, 552.
Verdict, what defects aided by, 316.

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Verniew, river, regulation of the fisheries in, 350.
Vessel. See Ship."
Vestry, inhabitants in, to chuse surveyor of highways, 475,-to

consent to the appointment of collectors of highway rates,
476 ;-to appoint a board for the repair of highways in
large parishes, 476 ;---to consent to direction posts, &c.,
being erected on highways, 479 ;—to consent to a way
reparable ratione tenuræ, &c., being made a parish high-
way, 488 ;-to consent to surveyor contracting for mate-
rials, 497 ;-to consent to a way dedicated to the public,
being deemed a parish highway, 490, 491;—to consent to

a road being stopped up or diverted, 505.
Victuals, selling, not to subject the party to the statute as to

hawkers, 463.
Victualler, not to be licensed to deal in game, 413.
View of body, by coroner and jury, 291. See Coroner.”
View, by justices, in forcible entry, 354. See Forcible Entry.

View, previously to stopping up or diverting a highway,

Vintners' company, saving of the rights of, as to licences to

alehouses, 37, and beershops, 56.
Violent presumptions, what, and their effect, 335.
Violence used by persons in pursuit of game, any of them

being armed, penalty, 404.
Violence, by night poachers, to those who apprehend them,

punishment, 411.
Visiting justices for gaols and houses of correction, 437: how

appointed, and their duties, 437 ;-may authorize the
employment of prisoners, 444;—to report to the sessions,
443 ;-may order prisoners to be removed in case of con-
tagious or infectious disease, 446;—may authorize a sum,
or passes, to be given to prisoners on their discharge, 447.

Visitors to be appointed to Parkhurst prison, 452.
Visitors to prisons, regulations as to, 434.
Voluntary escape, punishment, 331, commitment, 331.
Volunteers, when exempt from toll on turnpike road, 534.


Wages, recovery of, by apprentices, 111.
Wages, combination to raise, assault in pursuance of it, 129.

See Combination.
Wages to prisoners, in what cases, 444.
Waggon with coals, to have a weighing machine attached,

Waggon with gunpowder, how to be loaded, 458.
Waggons on highways, regulations as to, 516; see High-

way;"—the like, on turnpike roads, 538, 590; see High-
ways (Turnpike roads;") -- leaving them on or at the side
of turnpike roads, penalty, 544, how, when loading,

unloading, or when driver taking refreshment, 544.
Waggonway, riotously demolishing, remedy against the

hundred for, 569.
Wales, appointment of gamekeepers in, 388.
Wandering cattle highways, impounded, 514 ;-the like on

turnpike roads, 591.
War, articles of, how proved, 338.
War, prisoners of, aiding their escape, punishment, 331,
Warehouse, breaking and entering, and stealing therefrom,

punishment, 183, commitment, 184 ;-setting fire to,
punishment, 184, commitment, 185 ;-riotously demolish-

ing, remedy against the hundred for, 569.
Warrant of apprehension, before commitment, 224, 225: in

what cases, 225;—to whom directed, 226;-certainty as
to the defendant, 226;—statement of the offence, 226;
has no return, 226; must be under hand and seal, 226;
form of it, 226 ;-arrest under it, 115;-how and in what
cases backed, 227 ; backing of Scotch and Irish warrants,

Warrant of apprehension, before conviction, 264, 266: in

what cases, 266; form of it, 266; arrest under it, 115.
Warrant of commitment, upon a conviction, 280: in what

cases, 280; where there is no sufficient distress, 283 ; by
whom granted, 280; it must shew by whom the party
was convicted, 280; it must correspond with the convic-
tion, 280. Form of it, where the punishment is by impri-
sonment, 8c., 280 ;—where it is in default of immediate
payment of a penalty, 281;-or in default of payment
within a limited time, 282. Arrest upon it, 115 ;-upon

payment of penalty and costs, to be discharged, 283.
Warrant of commitment, for trial, 239 ; must be under seal,

239; to whom directed, 239; offence how stated, 239;
conclusion, 239; form of it, 239. Warrant of commit-
ment by coroner, 293. Charges of conveying prisoner

to gaol, 240.
Warrant of deliverance, after bail of a prisoner, 141 ; form of

it, 141.
Warrant for delivery of goods, forging, punishment, 367 ;

factor pledging, without authority from his principal,

punishment, 15.
Warrant of distress, 280, 282: in what cases, 282; where it

would be ruinous to defendant, he may be committed
instead, 283; by whom granted, 280; it must shew by
whom the party was convicted, 280 ;-it must correspond
with the conviction, 280;-it may order the distress to
be sold within a certain time, 284. Form of it, 284;
constable's return, 285 ;-commitment for want of a
distress, 285. Defendant may be imprisoned until warrant
of distress returned, unless he give bail, 282. Constable

may levy the expenses of the distress, 284.
Warrant of distress, for county rate, 305, and when backed,

Warrant from high constable, to pay or levy the county rate,

Warrant to impound scabbed sheep put out on commons, &c.,

Warrant to levy hue and cry, in what cases, 568, form of it,

Warrant to search, for adulterated bread or flour, 156, 168.
Warrant of restoration, upon inquisition of forcible entry, 360,

form of it, 360.
Warrant, killing officer in executing it, when murder, when

manslaughter, 555 ;-killing by officer, when justifiable,

when manslaughter, 555.
Warren, taking hares or conies in, punishment, 406, conviction

or commitment, 406.
Warrens of the crown, trespassing upon, in pursuit of game,

403-406, 411. See Game.
Waste lands, turning scabbed sheep upon, penalty, 240. See

Waste lands, materials for 'highways when to be taken from,

496, or for turnpike roads, 526.
Watch committee in boroughs, their authority as to borough

constables, 252.
Watch rate in boroughs, how levied, &c., 310.
Watcher of game, may apprehend night poachers, 411.
Water, suffering it to flow upon turnpike road, penalty,

Watercourses near highways, by whom to be cleansed and

scoured, 511.
Way, see Highway ;'-way, whilst highway repairing,

Weight, bread to be sold by, 157, 158. 169, 170;--coals to be

sold by, 206, see Coals."
Weights and measures, expenses of procuring models of, paid

out of county rate, 298.
Weight of waggons, &c., on turnpike roads, 538 ;-weighing

engine for weighing them, 539.
Were, river, regulation of the fisheries in, 350.
Wharf, river, regulation of the fisheries in, 350.
Wheels of waggons, &c., on turnpike roads, toll according to

the breadth of, 531. 540.
Whitewashing gaols, &c., 435.
Wholesale dealers in silk, linen, cotton and woollen, not with-

in the statute as to hawkers, 464.

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