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THE LIFE OF NELSON: (No. VI. of the Family Library.) By ROBERT SOUTHEY, Esq. In 1 vol. 18mo. [Stereotyped.]

"We are pleased to find that each succeeding number of the Family Library is worthy of the promise held out by the first numbers, and the literary talents which they display. The present is among the most interesting of those that have yet appeared."-Courier.

THE LIFE OF ALEXANDER THE GREAT: (No. VII. of the Family Library.) By Rev. J WILLIAMS. In 1 vol. 18mo. [Stereotyped.]

"Judging by the present specimen, the Family Library must become a favourite to all classes, and benefit society in general.”—B. Journal.

GIBSON'S SURVEYING. Improved and enlarged. By JAMES RYAN.


This is now the only edition of Gibson's Surveying published in the United States, and is accompanied with all the necessary Tables and Engravings, and sold at a very reduced price.

HISTORICAL VIEW of the LITERATURE of the SOUTH OF EUROPE. By M. DE SISMONDI. Translated from the Original, with Notes. By THOMAS ROSCOE, Esq. In 2 large vols. 8vo.

"This is a valuable and interesting work. It presents a broad and general view of the rise and progress of modern literature, which will be read by those who are uninformed on the subject with equal gratification and improvement."-New Times.

BROWN'S DICTIONARY OF THE HOLY BIBLE. From the last genuine Edinburgh edition. 8vo.

This edition contains the Author's last additions and corrections, and farther enlarged and corrected by his Sons; with a Life of the Author; and an Essay on the Evidence of Chris. tianity.

A CONCORDANCE to the HOLY SCRIPTURES of the OLD and NEW TESTAMENTS; by the Rev. JOHN BROWN, of Haddington. Printed on Diamond type, in the 32mo. form. [Stereotyped.]

This convenient and beautiful little pocket volume, contains, verbatim, the same as the original duodecimo edition.

SERMONS ON IMPORTANT SUBJECTS, by the late Rev. and pious SAMUEL DAVIES, A.M., some time President of the College of New-Jersey. In 3 vols. 8vo.

To this edition are prefixed, Memoirs and Character of the Author; and two Sermons on occasion of his Death, by the Rev. Drs. Gibbon and Finley, and contains all the Author's Sermons ever published."

DARNLEY. A Novel. By the Author of "Richelieu." In 2 vols. 12mo.

"Darnley' is a superior work, and will sustain the high reputation its author has already acquired."-New-York Mirror.

"Its language is vigorous, its description vivid, and its conception of character calculated to attract the general reader. Mr. James takes in this work a higher tone than in 'Riche lieu.'"-Court Journal.

WAVERLEY; or, "Tis Novel. In 2 vols. 12mo. enlarged, by the Author.

Sixty Years Since. A
Revised, corrected, and

Harper's stereotype edition of Waverley contains upwards of thirteen thousand words, in alterations and additions, not in any former edition.

BEATRICE; a Tale founded on Facts. By Mrs. HOFLAND. In 2 vols. 12mo.

"This is a work which may be read, with profit and pleasure, by every person, young or old, religious or irreligious."-Examiner.

CONTRAST. A Novel. By REGINA MARIA ROCHE. author of "The Children of the Abbey," &c. &c. In 2 vols. 12mo.

"Who has not read the Children of the Abbey,' and who remembers not the delight it afforded in the earlier days of romance and youth? The present volumes are not found to detract from the writer's well-earned reputation.The work is deeply inte resting."-New-York Mirror.

LAWRIE TODD; or, The Settlers in the Woods. By JOHN GALT, Esq., Author of "The Annals of the Parish," "The Ayrshire Legatees," &c. In 2 vols.


"To the numerous admirers of Mr. Galt's previous works, we can confidently say, his youngest child is likely to share the general fate of the youngest-that of being a favourite." -Lit. Gazette.


A Novel. In 2 vols. 12mo. By the Author of "High-Ways and By. Ways."

"The stories are all extremely interesting.We take great pleasure in cordially recom. mending these volumes to our readers."-N. Y. Mirror.

"To the materials of the traveller, Mr. Grattan has brought the imagination of the novelist. His works have a value equal to their amusement."-London Literary Gazette.

POPULAR NOVELS.-In addition to the preceding, J. & J. H. have now on hand an extensive assortment of fashionable novels, and are constantly publishing new works of this class, by the best authors, both English and American.

DOMESTIC DUTIES; or Instructions to Married Ladies. By Mrs. WILLIAM PARKES. In 1 vol. 12mo. [Stereotyped.]

"The volume before us is one of those practical works, which are of real value and utility. It is a perfect vade mecum for the married lady, who may resort to it on all questions of household economy and etiquette-There is nothing omitted with which it be hooves a lady to be acquainted."—New Monthly Mag.

THE COOK'S ORACLE, AND HOUSEKEEPER'S MANUAL. BY WILLIAM KITCHINER, M.D. Adapted to the American Public, by a Medical Gentleman. 12mo. [Stereotyped.]

"This is a very good book-not calculated, as many may suppose, to promote luxur and excess in eating, but imparting information that will enable housekeepers to diminish their expenses, while they add to their enjoyments."-N. Y. American.

"Dr. Kitchiner's Manual, combining, as it does, for every rank of life, all that is useful in domestic arrangements, with much that is amusing, will, we venture to say, be in possession of every one that can possibly obtain it. The poor man will soon gain from its maxims of frugality more than its cost, and the rich will find its price tenfold in the increased delicacies of his table."-N. Y. Courier and Enquirer.

ENGLISH SYNONYMES, with copious Illustrations and Explanations, drawn from the best Writers. By GEORGE CRABB, M.A. A new Edition, enlarged. 8vo. [Stereotyped.]

"The work is valuable to every reader; but it is precious to the student, and almost indispensable to the public writer."-N. Y. Merc. Adv.

LIFE OF LORD BYRON. BY THOMAS MOORE, Esq. In 2 vols. 8vo. With a Portrait. [Stereotype.]

"This is the best piece of biography of modern days, not excepting Southey's Life of Nelson, or Lockhart's splendid biography of Burns."-Blackwood's Mag.

THE HISTORICAL WORKS of the Rev. WILLIAM ROBERTSON, D.D.; comprising his HIS TORY of AMERICA; CHARLES V.; SCOTLAND, and INDIA. In 3 vols. 8vo. Embellished with

Plates. [Stereotyped.]

Harper's edition of these valuable standard works is far superior, in every respect, to any other edition ever published in this country; and is to be preferred to Jones's University edition, as the type is larger, the printing and paper are equally good, and they are sold for less than the cash price of that condensed edition. Each volume is a separate history in itself; and may be purchased separately, or bound uniformly with the other volumes in sets.

GIBBON'S HISTORY of the DECLINE and FALL of the ROMAN EMPIRE. In 4 vols. 8vo.

With Plates.


Harper's edition of Gibbon's History is stereotyped, and great care has been taken to ren der it correct and perfect. The dates originally introduced by the author are preserved in the Tables of Contents prefixed to the Volumes, and also embodied in the text. This will render the present edition decidedly preferable to the English ehtion in four volumes, as in the latter the dates and Tables of Contents are entirely omitted.








Sold by Collins & Hannay, Collins & Co., G. & C. & H. Carvill, White,
Gallaher, & White, O. A. Roorbach, E. Bliss, and C. S. Francis;-
PHILADELPHIA, Carey & Lea, John Grigg, Towar & J. & D. M.
Hogan, U. Hunt, E. L. Carey & A. Hart, and M'Carty & Davis.

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