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American states 140, 6. His Bonn, electoral palace of burnt
proclamation, commanding 45
fuch as are well affected to Books:
government to put themselves
under Gen. Howe's protec-
tion 147.
His reafons for

refufing an exchange of pri-
foners 365. Acknowledges
a defeat by Gen. Howe 597.
642. Letter to his lady 689
-Weft-India islands fupplied
by the Dutch and French
with provifions 358

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Weymouth packet-boat ta-
ken by the provincials 503
· Witherspoon's fermon 93.
His addrefs to his country-

men 113

-Young, Gov. killed in a
duel by John Franklyn, Efq;



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Religion, &c.

Beattie on truth 30
Hurd's fermons 36
Theofebes on the worship
of Chrift 37

Blair's fermons 42. 197
Scots Preacher 42
Bp Pearce's Commentary 97
Chandler on the Galatians,
&c. ib.

On the generation of Jefus



Strictures on Jenyn's inter-
nal evidence ib.

On materialism, &c. ib.
Sandeman on the honour
of marriage 98

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Antidote against Deifm 152
On education 152. 316
Carr's fermons 193
Tucker's fermons 204
Fordyce's addreffes to young

men 255

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Abingdon, E. his Thoughts
on Mr Burke's letter 708
America, the defolation of 715
American war, Lord North's
excellent conduct with re-
gard to 49.
On 436. Co-
lonies, their vaft improve-
ment, to what owing 115.
Veffels taken, Cockney's o-
pinion of their value 672
Americans, on the power of
parliament to tax them 33.
Abfurdity of their propofals
The folly of their re-
fiftance 49
Anecdote of the Duchefs of
Marlborough 89.' Of the
Emperor of Germany 242.
Of Mr Foote and his mother
Annuities, fupplement to cal-
culations on the value of 155
Affembly, general. See Scot-Watfon's history of Philip II.

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Abp of York's fermon 429
Dodd's thoughts in prifon


Fleming's ingratitude of in-
fidelity 497
Worthington on the gofpel-
demoniacs 545
- Priestley's harmony of the
Evangelifts 7c6
Hiftory, &c.

of Spain 37

-Wefley's hift. of England ib.
Sullivan on the conftitu-
tion 38


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Mifcellaneous works of the
Earl of Chesterfield 205
— Cook's voyage 252.306.487.


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The history of the Flagel-
lants 257

- A code of Gentoo laws 258.


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Robertfon's history of A-
merica 302. 701

The trial of J. Horne 434
A hiftory of literature 498

Faft-fermons 32, 9. 99.154
Price's additional obferva-
tions 98

Effays on the interests of G.
Britain and her dependen
cies 98

Montcalm's letters 206
Burke's letter, answer, &c.
312, 14, 20, 708
Washington's letters 320
Natural Hiftory, &c.
Gellert's metallurgick chy.
mistry 40

Gentleman Farmer 30
Born, Baron, his travels thro'
Italy 40. His letters to Pro-
feffor Ferber 207
Borthwick, Mr, his claim to
peerage rejected 92
Bowyer, Mr, confolatory let-
ter to him on the lofs of his
printing-house 668. His will

Brewing, theoretic hints on an
improved practice of 547
Britain and her dependencies,
essays on the interests of 98.
Henry's hiftory of 612
British fleet, lift of, in all
parts of the world 342
Burke, Mr, his letter on the
American Habeas corpus bill
Anfwered 314.
fwers from the people of
Bristol to him 377. His let-
ter to them 619.
E. Abing
don's Thoughts on his letter

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Campbell, Dr, on allegiance

Cambray, Archbishop of, de-
fended against Lord Chester-
field 36

Cafes, medical, chirurgical,
and anatomical 259
Cafpipina's letters, with the
life of William Penn 261
Caftration, a new method of
propofed 700
Caterpillars in Hay-ftacks 557
Chesterfield, Lord, antidote
against his works 152. Cha-
racters by him 186. His mif-
cellaneous works 205. His
proof of a Deity 226.
physical and moral evil 341
Children, on their difeafes 438
Chrift, on the worship of 37.
Inquiry into opinions, con-

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cerning him 97. On fome of parliament 569

Glasgow friends. Cruger and Burke

his remarkable names and memorial against $70. An- 619

titles 317

fwered $73




-Copernicus, his picture pre-
Chriftian memoirs 204. Reli- Corn-laws of Scotland, on 198 fented to the royal fociety
gion, philofophical differta- Curates, on their grievances
sions on 257 Compared with
other religions 545
Christianity, hiftory of the c-
ftablishment of 375
Chronic weakness, on 378
Circuit. See Scotland
Colours, experimental inqui-
ries into the caufe of changes
in 546

Cole, W. on light and comets


Danes, their treachery with
regard to the Americans 216
Dark Monday, account of 251
Death, confolatory reflections
on 26. Prefentiment of 19
Demoniacs, impartial inquiry
into their cafe 545
D'Eon, Chev actions concern-
ing the fex of 451
vered to be a woman ib.
Leaves England 454.
dote concerning ib.
Has a
penfion fettled on her 502.
Confined 617


Commons on the fupply 15.
On the pacific declaration 16.
On the American Habeas-cor-
pus bill 90. 134. Petition of
the city of London against Devonshire, letters to the Do-
134. Mr Wilkes's fpeech a
chefs of on her conduct 256
gainst the bill 136. On the Dialogues moral and enter-
augmentation of the civil lift_taining 545
191. 297, 8. Contest between Dignani, David Brown, his
Mr Rigby and the Speaker, fentence for fraud 270.
on account of his speech to tends a plot against the King
the King 198 Speech of the ib.
Speaker on prefenting the
money-bills to the King 329.
On the ways and means 345.
On the rum-contract 347,
so. On the hopes of an end
to the American wir 348.
Their addrefs in fef 1777-8
607. Debate on it 627 De.
bate on capital punishments
697. Sir W. Meredith's
fpeech on ib.
Compliment, a well-turned


-Eaft-India court.-Dalrym
ple's account of Lord Pigot's
conduct 2 18. Debate on fet-
ting him at liberty ib. Com-
plaint of the court of direc
tors concerning their treat-
ment in two pamphlets 219.
Advertisement by the Nabob
of Arcot's Agent in defence
of the pamphlets 220. Ac-
count of Lod Pigot's impri-
fonment ib: His bad con-
duct fet forth 221. Debates,
refolutions, &c. concerning
his reftoration 265 Extract

of a letter from him in his
own vindication 167. Ori-
gin and progress of the dif
putes in 437

Exportation of gunpowder,
&c prohibited 384 451
Foot-guards, their new me.
thod of firing 557


King's-bench, a gentleman
in, keeps his coffin by him 50.
Laws and conflitution on


Letters of marque, &c.
granted 168

Løndɔn, freedom of the ci-
ty given to Sir Fletcher
Norton 329

Manchester, Earthquake at


Divine, dialogue between one
in the shades, and a Welch
member of parliament 441
Dodd, Rev Dr, apprehended
for forgery 105. His trial
107. Found guilty 110.
invitation to his triends 329.
Receives fentence of death
330. Petitions in bis favour
331, 85. Memoirs of 369
Account of his works 374
His fpeech before his fen-Mercer prize floop, proper-
tence 384. Sentence pro- ty of determined 672
Conchology, elements of ror nounced 385. His behaviour
Convict's (Dr Dodd's) addrefs after femtence 386. Execu-
to his unhappy brethren 316 ted 387. His laft prayer
Convicts, their new employ- 463. On imprisonment 492
ment on the Thames 344 Dog difcovers a thief 139
Cook, Capt. means ufed by Drowned perfons, account of
him for preferving the health the fociety for their recovery
of his feamen 57. His letter

one 612


Platt, Ebenezer, imprison-
ed for correfponding with the
congrefs 268. Argumen in
his favour 435
-Portsmouth, difcovery of
the perion who fe: the dock-
yard on file 48 He is fei-
zed, tried, condemned, and
executed 161. His acc unt
of himself 163. Hefias ar-
rive at 384
-Privateers fitted out 502

to Sir John Pringle $8. Sir Duff, John, recovers after
John's difcourfe on his me hanging half an hour 559
thod of preferving the health Edinburgh. See Scotland
of feamen 58. 129. Fatal ef- Education, letter on 152
fects of other fea voyages England. - American prifon--Wefley's history of 37
compared with his 60. For ers, places for keeping them Englithman's fortnight in Paris
fter's account of his voyage appointed 169. Examined 435
252. 306. 487. His own ac-
count of it $39

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Feyjoo, four difcourfes of his
tranflated 441
Fires, Hoffman's method of
extinguishing 92

Fits, remarkable cure of 151.
Fixed air a folvent for the stone
Flagellants, history of 257
Fordyce, Dr, his addrelles to
young men 255
Forgery too feverely punished
in Britain 470
Forster, Mr, See Cook
France. Americans not fuf-
fered to put into the ports of

Boulogne, Commiflary of
the marine there fires on two
English cruifers 617

-Deane and Franklin Meff.
Ld Stormont's memorial con-
cerning 216

--Dunkirk, Princess of Orange
packet-boat brought into by
an American privateer 447.
Ordered to be reflored ib.
Owner of the privateer com
mitted to the Baftile 448
-Ile of, new paffage from to
the coaft of Coromandel 617
King difpleafed at letting
the American privateers re-
main in his ports 616
-L'Epee, Abbe, his extraor-
dinary ability in teaching
dumb people 46
-Newfoundland fishery ftop-
ped by order of the King 617
-Paris, Dr Franklin's grand-
fon arrives at 615- Genuine
Jetter from the Doctor and
Mr Deane to Ld Stormont
-Protestants in murdered 46
-French language, expedi-
tious method of learning 322
Game-laws, confiderations on

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Gout, receipt for the cure of


Grace divine, and human co-
operation, on 193
Gravitation, thoughts on 378
Gunnery, true principles of
explained 260

Hay, receipt for preferving
369. Contradicted 461
Heirefs, one carried off 559
Henriade, memoirs of the au-
thor of 38

Henry, Dr, dedication of his
history 92. Account of the
history 612
Hoffman, his method of ex-
tinguishing fires 92
Horne, Mr John, his trial for
a libel 393. 435.465. Found
guilty 470

Howard's ftate of the prifons

Horror, effects of 576. Hu-
man understanding, theolo-
gical furvey of 152
Hume, David, Efq; his life
written by himself 1. 153.
Smith's account of his death
5. Apology for his life 497
Hyman, Ifaacs, executed for
forgery 105

Hysteric and hypochondriac
difcafes on 548

Ice, water, wholesomeness of
132. from Salt water, con-
tains no Salt 155
Infidelity, ingratitude of 497
Infant, life of one preferved

[blocks in formation]

-Dublin, Earl of Bucking-
hamshire arrives at 50. Free-
dom of the city prefented to
John Lees, Efq; ib
—Embargoes, legality of tried


-Government, expences of
debated 676
-Lord Lieutenant's fpeech to
the parliament 557

General affembly. See Scot---Lucas, Dr, monument to

[blocks in formation]

Jerufalem, account of the a-
cient city of 301

John the Painter, taken up
for wilful fire-raifing 48. His
trial, execution, confeffion,
&c. 161.–166. Justification
of his conduct 258. Account
of his trial ib

Kames, Lord, his dedication
to the Lord Advocate 96
Keeling, Mr, his profecurion
concerning lands in Barba
does 674

Kelly, Hugh, Efq; his cha
racter 380

Kennicott, Dr, his defence of
his collations 316
King, account of his expences
for one year 192
Leake on the chronic difeafes
of women 208
Libellers, method of punish-
ing them in Ruffia 398
Light, Cole, on 710
Lightning, ships struck by 503
Linnæus, Dr, his fyftem il-
Juftrated by Dr Miller 259
Lords, House of, on the Ha-
beas-corpus bill 135. Ld A-
bingdon's protest against it ib.
On the civil list 227. 94
Proteft 296

-Pacific motion by Lord Chat-
ham 401. Debated 405 61.
528. Rejected 33. Addrefs
in Seff. 1777-8. 606. Proteft
against 607. Debate on it


Lottery, different plans for
getting money by 527
Lyne river dries up 50
Lynx, one prefented to the
King of France 447
Mad dog, receipt for the bite
of 245
Madras, cafe of the prefident
and council of 437
Magna Charta, Dr Henry's ac-
count of the manner in which
it was obtained 225
Man, treatife on 497
Marriage, honour of, opposed
to all impurities 98
Materialifm, letters on 97
Maty, Rev. Mr, his reafons
for feparating from the church
of England 681
Mesmer, Dr, his cures by the
loadstone 213
Midwifery, new operation in

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Juve--Peace concluded with Spain

concerning him 399.
nile adventures of 625
Montcalm, Gen. his letters
on the British colonies 206.

Morocco, marine of, entirely
destroyed by the Dutch 46
Murderers discovered by a dog


Mufic, of the modern tafte in
Specimen of that of


the South-fea islanders 488
National debt, method of dif-
charging it 319
Natural hiftory, fystem of 321.
Elements of ib.
Niordolski island fplits into fe-
veral parts 265
North-weft paffage, attempt
to discover it 334
Oratory and Criticism, Prieft-
ley on 439
Overbury, Sir Thomas, a tra-
gedy 156

Painting challenge 139
Parliament, King's fpeech to,
at the close of feffion 1777
328. On the opening of the
feffion for 1778 606. His
anfwers to the addreffes of
both houfes 607
Parliament, Irish, conftitution
of it different from the Bri-
tish 8
Parliamentary register 319
Peers. See Scotland
Penn, W. his life 261
Pennsylvania, curious parti-
culars relative to the natives
of 262

Perfian and Arabic dictionary

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Rullia, flourishing state of 501
- Nieper river, attempt to
render it navigable 381

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Peasants, their cuftom of
burying their money sor

Petersburg, jubilee of the
academy of fciences at 313.
King of Sweden arrives at
381. Terrible inundation at

Revenue of the empire, ac-
count of 213

Turks, war with them
threatened 161. 213
Ruffians, their method of ma-
king a fermented liquor at
fea 63.
Make themselves

mafters of the Crimea 213
Rutty's obfervations on the
London and Edinburgh dif-
penfatories 207
Rye-meal affis fermentation
4 2 x

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Scawen, Mr, of the causes of
his death 4 8

Scotland, American privateers
infeft different parts of the
coafts of 389. 559-561
Aflembly, general, meets
Proceedings in Mr
Gillies's cate 272.

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On the
fettlement of a minifter in
Lady Glenorchy's chapel ib.
On Mr Lawton's petition a-
gainst the prefbytery of Auch-
terarder 275. On licensing
Dr Young ia Cupar of Fife
276 On a meeting houte in
Dunfermline 276, 8. On
Meff. Taylor, Duff,
their appeal against the fy-
nod of Aberdeen 277.
the widows fund 278


Canal between Forth and
Clyde, fhips fail along 562
Circuit trials 621
-Dunfermline, chapel of eafe
at ib.


Edinburgh, letter to Prov.
Stoddart on fome grievances
in the mode of elections 51.
Funeral proceffion of Prov.
Kincaid ib Charitable fo-
ciety, contributions to ib.
Protections to fishermen, &c.
ib. Plan for providing for
the poor of 157. Founda-
tion of the new high fchool
laid 332.
Speech on laying
the foundation stone
Infeription of the new high
fchool criticifed, with an-
fwers and replies 443. Adm.
Greig arrives at 561.
count of the expences and
collections for the police
fund 562. Charity - fchool
propofed at ib.
difputes, account of 563-
566 Journeymen tailors,
refolution of the maflers con-
cerning 621
-Glasgow, veffels fitted out
at for the protection of trade
507 559. Prizes determined
at 562.

- Jedburgh, fheriff officers
tried for murder at 504
-Peers, letter to them on the
23d article of the Union 683

Royal bank, forgery on 563
Scotofcopy, or feeing in the
dark, on 74
Scrofula, cure for 186
Sea- feurvy defcribed by Sir
John Pringle 6x
Sea-voyagesy fatality of fore

mer ones, compared with
Capt. Cook's 60
Seamen, Capt. Cook's method
of preferving their health 57
On impreffing 767
Sermons, faft day ones 99 -
10. 154 Carr's 193. Blair's
197. Tucker's 204.
graphical ib. One preached
Before the university of Ox
ford on Eafter Monday 375
Servants, act for taxing 337.
Rules recommended to 667.
Seven, on that number 590
Simfon on porifms 712
Shakespeare, letter on a paf
fage of Stevens's preface to 260
Shebbeare, Dr, epiftle to 442
Skinner and Co. deny the pro-
perty of a veffel 357
Small pox, on the inoculated
kind 548

Smith, Dr Adam, letter to
him on the life, &c. of D.
Hume, Efq; 203
Smollet's plays 441
Sour krout, wort, &c. their
ufefulness at fea 57, 58, 63.129
South-fea iflanders, fpecimen
of their mufic 488
Spain.-Academy of hiftory,
Dr Robertfon elected a mem-
ber of 555

[blocks in formation]


Tanjour, ketch of the contro-
verfy concerning 175. Ori-
ginal papers relative to 436
Tænia, of 711
Temple, on Chrift's driving
the merchants out of it 36
Thief, one difcovered by a
dog 139

Thomas, Madame, tried for
forgery 270
Thorley, Samuel, his horrid
cruelty ib.

Traveller, modern 257
Trifler, the 323
Truth,, advertisement for Dr
Beattie's effays on 30. Con-
trafted with error 316
Turks diftreffed by the Per-
fans 213
Turky. Gilas, Prince Gre-
gory, murdered by order of
the Porte 615. His murder-
ers deftroyed ib
-War with Ruffia threaten-
ed 161. 213
United Provinces: Reduction
of import on India ftock 45.
Complaint from Britain a-
gainft the governor of St Eu-
Answer deliver

Peace concluded with Por
tugal 671
tatia 234
Supplies granted by the Bri- ed to the King 215. His
tilh parliament in 1776-7 350 Majefty's reply 447 Expor-
Sweden -Gottenburg, Ametation of warlike ftores to
America forbid 615

rican trade with 501. 671

- Marstrand, American fami- Virtue, champion of 441
ly fettles at 615

Voltaire's appeal on the me
rits of Shakespeare 209
Watton's history of Philip II.


Weekly magazine taxed 388
Welley's history of England


Weft India planters, remarks
on the evidence delivered on
their petition 206
Weft-India difeafes, remarks
on 321

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Wellminster difpenfary 438:
Whirlwind, one fucceeds a
fhock of the earth 559
White, Dr, his treatife on
the management of pregnant
and lying in women 208
White fea, ifland in splits in
to feveral parts 265
Winter, account of the fevere
one in 1674 253
Witherspoon, Dr,extracts from
his faft fermon 93
His ad-
dress to the natives of Scot
land refiding in America 113.
A paffage in that address
cenfured as immora! 533
Woman of no taste, journal
of one 27
Wort, four krout, &c. their
efficacy in the fea-fcurvy 57,
58, 63. 129

Yacht, magnificent one be
longing to the Duchefs of
Kingston wrecked 553. De-
fcribed $54

York, Archbishop of, his serg

mon 429

Young men, Fordyce's ad-
drefles to 255

INDEX to the POETRY, &c. 1777.

A Bington, Mrs, her vale- The Chelsea penfioner 551

address 455

Addrefs, a poetical one 212
Alico, the death of 614
Averfions 500

Birth-day ode 325

Blair, to Dr, on his fermons


Colonies, revolted, elegy ad-
dreffed to 103
Corbet, Bp, to his fon 449
Curiofity, on the use and abuse
of 326

Death, on that of an infant.
44. On a brother 159.

Bloffom, Betty, obfervation by a florift ib.


Brand, to Mifs Chrifty 44
Bridgewater's canal 446
Brother, clegy on the death of

one 159

Browne, Ferdinando, verfes
written by 552
Cat, ode on one who was
ftung by a wafp 210
Chamber-ftove, infcription on
a curious one 326


D'Eon, Chevalier, on 446
Devonshire, Duchefs of, on
feeing her in full dress 160
Divine, on the melancholy fi-
tuation of a certain one 159
Dodd, Dr, the royal penitent
by 211. On the unhappy cafe
of 263. Epitaph for 326. His
thoughts on imprisonment 493
Dorfet, verfes by the Earl of,
on his Countess 230

Elegies 103. 159 552. 614
Epilogues: To Sir Thomas O-
verbury 43
To Know your
own mind 264 To the Word
to the Wife 325. To the
School for Scandal 379.
Percy 669.
Sacrifice 670
Florist, on the death of one 159
Foote, Samuel, epitaph on 552
Friendship 380
Garrick, Epilogue by, to Know
your own mind 264 Epi-
taph on Paul Whitehead ib.
On Quin's comparing him to
Whitefield 614
Gentleman, verfes by one to
his lady 449

To the Roman

Haffiz, an ode of 449
Happiness, on truc 160


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