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Use of committee room in house for sale of intoxicating

liquor or refreshment, or in elementary school, to be
illegal hiring ...

157 21. Punishment of illegal payment, employment, or hiring

160 Excuse and Exception for Corrupt or Illegal Practice, or Illegal

Payment, Employment, or Hiring. 22. Report exonerating candidate in certain cases of corrupt and illegal practice by agents

161 23. Power of High Court and Election Court to except innocent act from being illegal practice, &c.

Election Expenses. 24. Nomination of election agent

165 25. Nomination of deputy election agent as sub-agent 26. Office of election agent and sub-agent

172 27. Making of contracts through election agent

173 28. Payment of expenses through election agent

176 29. Period for sending in claims and making payments for election expenses

179 30. Reference to taxation of claim against candidates

183 31. Personal expenses of candidate and petty expenses

ib. 32. Remuneration of election agent and returning officer's expenses

186 33. Return and declaration respecting election expenses

189 34. Authorised excuse for non-compliance with provisions as to return and declaration respecting election expenses

196 35. Publication of summary of return of election expenses

199 Disqualification of Electors. 36. Prohibition of persons guilty of corrupt or illegal practices, &c., from voting ...

200 37. Prohibition of disqualified persons from voting

201 38. Hearing of person before he is reported guilty of corrupt

or illegal practice, and incapacity of person reported
guilty ...

203 39. List in register of voters of persons incapacitated for voting by corrupt or illegal practices

216 Proceedings on Election Petition. 40. Time for presentation of election petitions alleging illegal practice

226 41. Withdrawal of election petition


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42. Continuation of trial of election petition
43. Attendance of Director of public prosecutions on trial of

election petition, and prosecution by him of offenders... 239 44. Power to Election Court to order payment by county or borough or individual of costs of election petition 246

Miscellaneous. 45. Inquiry by Director of public prosecutions into alleged corrupt or illegal practices...

256 46. Removal of incapacity, on proof that it was procured by perjury

257 47. Amendment of law as to polling districts and polling places ...

258 48. Conveyance of voters by sea in certain cases

261 49. Election Commissioners not to inquire into elections before the passing of this Act

262 Legal Proceedings. 50. Trial in Central Criminal Court of indictment for corrupt practice at instance of Attorney-General

263 51. Limitation of time for prosecution of offence

265 52. Persons charged with corrupt practice may be found guilty of illegal practice ...

266 53. Application of enactments of 17 & 18 Vic. c. 102 and

26 & 27 Vic. c. 29, relating to prosecutions for bribery ib. 54. Prosecution on summary conviction, and appeal to quarter sessions

271 55. Application of Summary Jurisdiction and Indictable

Offences Acts to proceedings before Election Courts ... 272 56. Exercise of jurisdiction of High Court, and making of rules of Court

273 57. Director of public prosecutions, and expenses of prosecutions

274 58. Recovery of costs payable by county or borough or by person...

275 Supplemental Provisions, Definitions, Savings, and Repeal. 59. Obligation of witness to answer, and certificate of indemnity

276 60. Submission of report of Election Court or Commissioners to Attorney-General

281 61. Breach of duty by officer



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62. Publication and service of notices
63. Definition of candidate, and saving for persons nominated

without consent
64. General interpretation of terms
65. Short titles
66. Repeal of Acts
67. Commencement of Act


284 286 292 ib. 293

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Application of Act to Scotland. 68. Application of Act to Scotland

Application of Act to Ireland. 69. Application of Act to Ireland

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The urgent necessity of a measure for repressing actual corruption, and curtailing the unnecessary and extravagant expenditure at Parliamentary Elections, has been, ever since the General Election of 1880, so generally admitted, that the principle of the present Act was never seriously opposed during its passage through Parliament. As the Attorney-General said on the second reading of the Bill, “When the summer and autumn of 1880 had closed, when the country knew there had been electoral corruption, which seemed to increase as the constituencies grew in size, when it was found that that corruption had been applied to that portion of the constituencies not long existent-he meant those men who had been lately enfranchised, and whose poverty rendered them an easy object to those who wished to corrupt—there was general feeling that some steps must be taken by the



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