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[blocks in formation]

Barton's garden hose nozzlo, 443

Carlow collision, tho, 1
Baumann's direct-acting steam pump, 257, 3


Carlyle, Mr., and cottage homes, 237
Bavarian rife, the Werder, 278

Carpenters and joiners, Davidson's drawing for, 58
ABYSSINIA," trial trip of tho, 333; tbe broastwork Belgium compared with England as an iron producing
Beckton Gas Works, tbe, 112

Carriage and waggon sack, Ball's improved, 6; and cart

wheels, Partridge's improvements in axle-boxos for,
monitor, 372

Accelerator gun, the Lynam, 97

country, 174; the coal and iron districts of, 30
Accident to the Irish mail, the, 217, 235
Belgian coalfield, East, 119

Cartridges, Hanson's improved breech loading irearms
Accommodation, railway, 251

Benovides' apparatus for indicating the propertios of and, 119
Addis's single line tramway, 65

steam and latent heat, 245

Cement, apparatus for tosting, 458; Portland, 280
Additions to our war materiel, 426
Bessemer steel, American improvemeats in, 169

Chaff-cutters, Southwell's improved shifting gear for, 81

Chalon aerial machine, the, 78
Adjustable pyrometers, Bailey's, 11

Beuther's improvements in railway axle-boxes, 348
Admiralty, the, 379; the Chief Constructor and the, 39; Birmingham, the explosion at, 434
Bibles or breech-loaders, 155

Chameroy's improvements in apparatus for regulating the

flow of water, 191
coal for the, 100
Advance of science and art in war, and on the economy Black Country, the truck system in the, 854, 362
Black's improved sea messenger, 299

Channel ferry, Leigh's proposed, 297

Chassopot and the needle gun, the, 66, 427
and efficiency of an educated national army,
Aeral machine, the Chalon, 78
Boats, Moore's torpedo, 351

Chatham dockyard, extension works at, 40
Bogie engines, Smith's improved, 49

Chalwood's improved hydro-pneumatic sale, 28
Aeronautical science, the progress of, 21; society, 6, 58, Boiler explosions, 201; their number and causes, 192; Cheapside, asphalting de 199

Affairs, colonial, 300

inspection, on steam, 23 ; fittings, Bailey's improve Chelsea, the Albert bridgo at, 313
African diamonds, South, 421

ments in, 260

Cheshire, description of the salt mines and salt manulao-
Boilers, Green and Son's improved construction of steam,

ture in, 7
Age, the problem of the, 154
Agricultural labourers, improved cottages for miners and,

387; Macabie's sell-acting water feoders for, 377; for

Chief Constructor and the Admiralty, 39; Constructor's

heating buildings, Trass's improved, 317; and furnacos, Chimney, the Goole Alum Works, 207
164 ; Show at Islington, 373, 415, 433
Air and steam, the combination of, 134

Hopkinson's improvements in, 330
Albert and Victoria Embankments, the, 74; Bridge at
Bono crusher, Hancock's improved, 99

China, the natural and artiicial productions of, 93: and

Japan Extension Telegraph Company, 420
Chelsea, 313; Hall, Royal, 463


Chloralum, 367, 385
Allen's sowor flushing apparatus, 263
Aliott and Sellers's improved axle-box, 85

Australian almanac and handbook for 1871, the, 472 Chronoscope, the practical application of the, 74
Alum Works' chimney, the Goole, 207

Barry's Russian metallurgical works, iron, copper, and

Church clock, new, 464
America, how patont agents are treatod in, 192; the

gold, 95

City of London, a directory for the, 194
Cassell's technical educator, 454

Civil Engineers, Institution of, 295, 314, 370, 888
sleeping car system in, 201; the storm signal service in,

Davidson's drawing for carpenters and joiners, 58

Clark's machine for knitting stockings, 460
American Gatling mitrailleuse, the, 152; Government

Day's patents for inventions, 343, 397

Claudet's improvements in separating silver from oros,

eclipse expedition, the, 336 ; improvements in Beesomer

Diaries, Messrs. Letts, Son, and Co.'s, 471
steel, 169; Iron and Steel Association, 30; steel manu.

Dircks' perpetuum mobile, 246

Clips or shears, improvements in, 281
factures, 408; supply of silver, 373 ; wonders, 136

Duthie's utilisation of town sewage, 95

Clock, the Strasburg, 154
Anderson's powder pellet machine, 281

Everybody's year book, 436

Closets, Parker's improvements in dry earth, 29, 300
Anemometer, on a new electro-magnetic, 282

Mechanic, the young, 454

Coal, Professor Huxley on the formation of, 390; for the
Animals, Wilson's apparatus for shearing and washing,

Partridge and Cooper's almanac, 454

Admiralty, 100; for our navy, 92; and iron districts of
Penfold on rating, 272

Belgium, the, 30; mines along the Union Pacific
Annual International Exhibition, 852

Scott's tables of logarithms, 454

Railroad, 9; trade of New South Wales, 211
Anthropology, Mr. Evans on, 301

Spence's specifications as bases of patents, 436

Coal-feld, East Belgian, 119; the Silkstone, 133
Stationers' Gazette, the, 193

Coast defences, our Portsmouth, 253
Apparatus for clearing the surfaco of rails of sand, &c., 12;
for dressing and inishing leather, Priestman and Son's,

Telegraph Handbooks, 436

Coinage at the British Mint, last year's, 454; of silver
Textbooks of science, 352

coins for Canada, the new, 2
423; for guiding and controlling the movements al

Whitaker's almanac for 1871, 454

Colonial affairs, 300
torpedo boats, 153; improvements in optical, 132; for

Collision, the Harrow, 451; the Carlow, 1
indicating, the properties of steam and lateut heat, Boring for water at Farleigh, 6

College, the new engineering, 435
Benevides', 245; for the manulacture of sugar, Hardy's, Boundaries of scientific knowledge, the, 256

Combination of air and steam, the, 134
330; for moving railway carriages into stations and Bourne's spherical steam engino governor, 209

Combined clinometer and spirit level, 476
sidings, Freeman's, 137; for puddling iron, Ponsard's Breastwork monitor" Abyssinia," the, 372

Commercial aspect of invention, the, 55
improvements in, 188; for preventing waste of water, Brooch-loading firearms, Treller's improvements in, 206 ; Commission, river's pollution, 129
Hawley and Hill's improved, 295; for regulating the and cartridges, Hanson's improved, 116; rifles, our ships Composing and distributing type, 314
flow of water, Chameroy's improvements in, 191; for

and, 383

Conference of Mechanical Engineers, 119
refrigerating beer and other liquids and for making ice, Breech-loaders for England, 127 ; Bibles or, 155

Construction of steam boilers, Green and Son's improved,
404; for separating metallic substances by magnetism, Bridge at Chelsea, the Albert, 312; for the Oudh and 387; of ships, Wilkins' improvements in the, 314; of
Vavin's, 117; for sell-flushing the main sewers of Rohilound Railway, 327

railways, improvements in the, 146
London, 263; for shearing and washing animals, 245 ; | Brighton, the "Hodgson " tramway at, 226

Continental ironworkers, English and, 389
for spinning tobacco, Wharton's, 276 ; for steering, Bristol and North Somerset Railway, 81

Contracts, 200
Jackson Brothers' improved screw, 173; for testing British Association at Liverpool, tho, 185, 203, 221, 239, Contrasts in railway making and working, 405
cement and other blocks, 458; for ventilating ships, 244, 258, 262, 274; Milner's safes and the, 229; Hospital Cooke's improved rotary pump and water pressure en-
buildings, and mines, Elliot's, 315

for diseases of the skin, 137; British India, resources gine, 171
Architects, Naval, 382

of, 167; Indian extension submarine cable, 220; iron Cooking apparatus, Captain Warren's, 353
Armour plates, trial of, 207

trade, 103; meteorology, 73, 437; Mint, last year's Copper and brass, on the electro-deposition of, 282 ; pye
Army, organisation of the Prussian, 334, 383

coinage at the, 454

rites, improvemonts in treating, 474
Artidcial productions of China, the, 93; stone and various Brittain's patent spanner, 11

Cottages for miners and agricultural labourers, improved,
kinds of silica, 354
Brockbank's improved pianoforto action, 315

161; homes, Mr. Carlyle, on, 237
Artillery, feld, 140; our, 300

Brown and Polson's improvements in hulling grain, 332
Asphalting of Cheapside, 199
Brown's improvements in moving heavy guns, 224;

Assessment of railways, 246

thrust blocks for screw shafts, 443
Association, American Iron and Steel, 30
Brusch's improvements in operating the dampers of stoam

Aerial navigation, Thomas Moy, 427
Aurora borealis, the, 330, 349

boilers, 333

Aeronautical science, on, .R. S. Stoward, 13; Walter F.
Australian enterpriso, South, 313
Buildings, the Exhibition, 155

Olare, 32
Auxiliary steam power afloat, 309
Burleigh rock drill, the, 102

Arms of defence for modern armies, Gustav Julius
Arle-box, Alliott and Sellers's improved, 85
Burning gas without the aid of a blast, 458

Gunther, 266
Axle-boxes, Beuther's improvements in railway, 343; for

Balloon capacity, B. R. K., 302
carriage and cart wheels, Partridge's improvemente in,

Ballooning, Thomas Livesay, 427

* Captain," the loss of the, a Constant Reader, 337; Ob-

Borver, 266; Practical, 373, 284; Thoughtful, 283; Ve-

ritas, 355
CABLE, the British-Indian Submarine, 220; repairing the

Cast-iron battery, new, James Howard, 409
French Atlantic, 365; system of river navigation in Chloralum in a bath for invalids, James Howard, 409

Germany, the, 391
"BAG OF BAGS," the, 441

Coal supply and colliory waste, George Ryland, 157
California, the resources and railways of, 76

Cottages for miners, improved, J.M., 194
Bailey's adjustable pyrometers, 11; steam pressure re Camroux's stone crusher and mineral pulveriser, 8

Double-furrow ploughs, W. Woofe, 140
corder for the "Times" ofice, 9; improrenieuts in Canada, the coinage of silver coins for, 2

Electro-dynamic law, new, H. Highton, M.A., 337
boiler fittings, 260

Canals, projected ship, 99
Ball's improved screw carriage and waggon jack, 6

Electro-plating battery, James Howard, 337
Cape of Good Hope, diamonds at the, 2, 71

Howarit's galvanic battery, James Howard, 257
Ballard's apparatus for guiding and controlling torpedo Captain," the loss of the, 199, 217, 236, 265, 282, 809; Irish Mail, the accident to the, H. J. S., 266
boats, 153

proposed recovery of the, 277
Balloons for war purposes, 354

Kinzler and Keppler's propellers, J. B. Mansfield, 284
Bank, the London and County, 115

Captain john Moody's sailing craft, 25; telegraph ships London Institution, the, a Mechanical Engineer, 392 ; a

and soa refuge, 12; Warren's cooking apparatus, 353
Barking farun, the, 345

Proprietor, 319; Another Proprietor, 337; Joseph
Carbon photographs, permanent, 312

Newton, 355; Marcus Sharpe, 337

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