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He speaks--and lo! the softest tears

Of deep contrition flow.

He knows to bend the heart of steel,

He bows the loftiest soul;
O'er all we think and all we feel,

How matchless his control!

And ah! how precious is his love,

In tenderest touches given; It whispers of the bliss above,

And stays the soul on heaven.

From mind to mind in streams of joy,

The holy influence spreads ; 'Tis peace, 'tis praise, without alloy,

For God that influence sheds.

Dear Lord, to thee we still will pray,

And praise thee as before;
For this, thy glorious gospel day,

Teach us to praise thee more.


THINE earthly Sabbaths, Lord, we love,
But there's a nobler rest above;
To that our lab'ring souls aspire,
With ardent pangs of strong desire.

Nomore fatigue, no more distress,
Nor sin nor hell shall reach the place;
No groans to mingle with the songs,
Which warble from immortal tongues.
No rude alarms of raging foes,
No care to break the long repose;
No midnight shade, no clouded sun,
But sacred, high, eternal noon.

Oh, long-expected day, begin,
Dawn on these realms of woe and sin ;
Fain would we leave this weary road,
And sleep in death; to rest with God.


*Tis my happiness below,

Not to live without the cross, But the Saviour's power to know,

Sanctifying ev'ry loss :Trials must, and will befal;

But with humble faith to see Love inscrib'd upon them all,

This is happiness to me.

God in Israel sows the seeds

Of affliction, pain, and toil;
These spring up and choke the weeds

Which would else o'erspread the soil. Trials make the promise sweet;

Trials give pew life to pray'r; Trials bring me to his feet,

Lay me low and keep me there.

Did I meet no trials here,

No chastisement by the way;
Might I not, with reason, fear

I should prore a cast-away?
Some may perchance escape the rod,

Suvk in earthly rain delight;
But the true-born child of God,

Must not, would not, if he might.


God of my life, to ibee I call,
Aflicted at thy feet I fall;
When the great water floods prevail,
Leave not my trembling beart to fail.

Friend of the friendless and the faint!
W bere should I lodge my deep complaint ?
V bere, but with thee, whose open door
invites the helpless and the poor?

Diderer mourner plead with thee,
and thou refuse that mourner's plea ?
Loes not the word still fix'd remain,
That none siiall seck thy face in vain ?

That were a grief I could not bear, Didst thou not hear and answer pray'r; But a pray'r-hearing, answering God Supports me under every load. Fair is the lot that's cast for me; I have an advocate with thee; They whom the world caresses most, Have no such privilege to boast. Poor though I am, despis’d, forgot, Yet God, my God, forgets me not; And he is safe, and must succeed, For whom the Lord vouchsafes to plead.


When darkness long has reil'd my mind

And smiling day once more appears; T'hen, my Redeemer, then I find

The follies of my doubts and fears. Straight I upbraid my wand'ring heart,

And blush that I should ever be Thus prone to act so base a part,

Or barbour one hard thought of thee. Oh! let me, then, at length be taught

What I am still so slow to learn, That God is love, and changes not,

Nor knows the sbadow of a turn.

Sweet truéb, and easy to repeat;

But when my faith is sharply try'd, I find myself a learner yet,

Unskilful, weak, and apt to slide. But, O my Lord, one look from thee

Subdues the disobedient will; Drives doubt and discontent away,

And thy rebellious worm is still. Thou art as ready to forgive,

As I am ready to repine ; Tuou, therefore, all the praise receive,

Be shame and self-abhorrence mine.



HAPPY the soul wb wishes climb

To mansions in the skies !
He looks on all the joys of time

With undesiring eyes.
In vain soft pleasure spreads her charms,

And throws her silken chain;
And wealth and fame invite his arms,

And tempt bis ears in vain,
He knows that all these glittering things

Must yield to sure decay;
And sees, on Time's extended wings

How swift they fleet away!

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