British Theatre: Comprising Tragedies, Comedies, Operas, and Farces, from the Most Classic Writers ; with Biography, Critical Account and Explanatory Notes, 5. köide

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Baudry, 1828 - 908 pages

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Page 483 - I'll wager the rascals a crown, They always preach best with a skinful. But when you come down with your pence, For a slice of their scurvy religion, I'll leave it to all men of sense, But you, my good friend, are the pigeon. Toroddle, toroddle, toroll ! Then come, put the jorum about, And let us be merry and clever, Our hearts and our liquors are stout, Here's the Three Jolly Pigeons for ever.
Page 5 - Of his throng'd legions, and charge home upon him. Perhaps some arm, more lucky than the rest, May reach his heart, and free the world from bondage.
Page 484 - It's a damn'd long, dark, dirty, dangerous way. Stingo, tell the gentlemen the way to Mr. Hardcastle's ! ( Winking upon the Landlord.) Mr. Hardcastle's, of Quagmire Marsh — you understand me ? LAND. Master Hardcastle's...
Page 349 - Men are ever in extremes; either doting or averse. While they are lovers, if they have fire and sense, their jealousies are insupportable; and when they cease to love (we ought to think at least) they...
Page 483 - Now, if I pleased, I could be so revenged upon the old grumbletonian. But then I'm afraid — afraid of what ? I shall soon be worth fifteen hundred a year, and let him frighten me out of that if he can ! Enter Landlord, conducting Marlow and Hastings. MARLOW. What a tedious uncomfortable day have we had of it ! We were told it was but forty miles across the country, and we have come above threescore ! HASTINGS.
Page 483 - I believe they may. They look woundily like Frenchmen. TONY. Then desire them to step this way, and I'll set them right in a twinkling. (Exit Landlord.) Gentlemen, as they mayn't be good enough company for you, step down for a moment, and I'll be with you in the squeezing of a lemon.
Page 486 - Yet, George, if we open the campaign too fiercely at first, we may want ammunition before it is over. I think to reserve the embroidery to secure a retreat. HARD. Your talking of a retreat, Mr. Marlow, puts me in mind of the Duke of Marlborough, when we went to besiege Denain.
Page 481 - You may be a Darby, but I'll be no Joan, I promise you. I'm not so old as you'd make me, by more than one good year. Add twenty to twenty, and make money of that.
Page 484 - No, sir; but if you can inform us — TONY. Why, gentlemen, if you know neither the road you are going, nor where you are, nor the road you came, the first thing I have to inform you is, that — you have lost your way.
Page 14 - Content thyself to be obscurely good. When vice prevails, and impious men bear sway, The post of honour is a private station.

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