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have access to the books and accounts of the
company they may, at the expense of the
company, employ accountants or other persons
to assist them in investigating such accounts,
and they may in relation to such accounts
examine the directors or any other officer of
the company.

(34.) The audit committee shall make a report to

the members upon the balance sheet and ac-
counts, and in every such report they shall state
whether in their opinion the balance sheet is a
full and fair balance sheet, containing the par-
ticulars required by these regulations of the
company, and properly drawn up, so as to ex-
hibit a true and correct view of the state of the
company's affairs; and in case they have called
for explanation or information from the di-
rectors whether such explanations or infor-
mation have been given by the directors, and
whether they have been satisfactory, and such
report shall be read together with the report of
the directors at the ordinary meeting.


(35) A notice may be served by the company
upon any member either personally, or by send-
ing it through the post in a pre-paid letter
addressed to such member at his registered
place of abode.


Schedule II. Form B.

(36.) Any notice, if served by post, shall be deemed to have been served at the time when the letter containing the same would be delivered in the ordinary course of the post; and in proving such service it shall be sufficient to prove that the letter containing the notice was properly addressed, and put into the postoffice.

Winding up.

(37.) The company shall be wound up voluntarily whenever an extraordinary resolution, as defined by the Companies Act 1862, is passed, requiring the company to be wound up voluntarily.

See section 129 of the Act, supra.

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Memorandum of Association.

1st. The name of the company is "The Highland Hotel Company, Limited."

2nd. The registered office of the company will be situate in Scotland.

3rd. The objects for which the company is established are "the facilitating travelling in the Highlands of Scotland, by providing hotels and conveyances by sea and by land for the accommodation of travellers, and the doing all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above object."

4th. Every member of the company undertakes to contribute to the assets of the company in the event of the same being wound up during the time that he is a member, or within one year afterwards, for payment of the debts and liabilities of the company contracted before the time at which he ceases to be a member, and the costs charges and expenses of winding up the same, and for the adjustment of the rights of the contributories amongst themselves, such amount may be required not exceeding twenty pounds.


WE, the several persons whose names and addresses

are subscribed, are desirous of being formed into a company, in pursuance of this memorandum of association.

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Articles of Association to accompany preceding Memorandum of Association.

1. The capital of the company shall consist of five hundred thousand pounds, divided into five thousand shares of one hundred pounds each.

2. The directors may, with the sanction of the company in general meeting, reduce the amount of hares.

3. The directors may, with the sanction of the company in general meeting, cancel any shares belonging to the company.

4. All the articles of Table A. shall be deemed to




be incorporated with these articles, and to apply to the company.

WE, the several persons whose names and addresses

are subscribed, agree to take the number of shares in the capital of the company set opposite our respective names.

[blocks in formation]

Dated the 22nd day of November, 1861.
Witness to the above signatures,

A. B., No. 13, Hute Street, Clerkenwell,


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