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hoped that, as a record of the most varied and wonderful collection of objects ever beheld, and as a book of reference to the philosopher, merchant, and manufacturer, it will constantly prove both interesting and instructive to the reader.

It is probable that, with the return of the Exhibitors and of the articles to the numerous localities abroad whence they were derived, copies of this Catalogue will be sent, and taken also, and that these pages will be read in many lands long after the Exhibition shall have become matter of history. May they be found, on examination, to contain nothing which is not in harmony with the spirit of the motto on the title-page; and, while descriptive of the successful labours of man, may it not have been forgotten that the glory and praise are due to God alone.


Chelsea, 1851.


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24. Glass .

25. China, Porcelain, Earthenware, &c.
26. Furniture, Upholstery, Paper Hangings,

Decorative Ceilings, Papier Mache, and

Japanned Goods
27. Manufactures in Mineral Substances, for

Building or Decorations.
28. Manufactures from Animal and Vegetable

Substances, not being Woven or Felted
29. Miscellaneous Manufactures and Small Wares


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Engraved Title-page, drawn by J. TENNIEL, R.A., engraved by Mr. Jackson.
Geographical View of the Great Exhibition of 1851, showing at one view the relative and territorial

distribution of the various localities from whence the raw materials and manufactures contributed to

the Exhibition have been severally supplied. By AugustUS PETERMANN, F.R.G.S.
Thirty-one Engravings illustrative of the Construction of the Building.
View of the Interior of the Building from the South Entrance
View of the Exterior of the Building from the North-west Angle -
Coloured Lithographic Plan of the Building


page 57


Description of Illustrations.

Name of Exhibitor.




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Compartments of electro-deposit table-top

Her Majesty Table of gold and silver electro-plate

Her Majesty
Table-top in silver

Her Majesty
Shield presented by the King of Prussia to H. R. H. the Prince of

H.R. H. Prince Albert -
Portion of a slab for a table

H.R.H. Prince Albert Theseus and the Amazons

H.R.H. Prince Albert
Mineral map of the United Kingdom

Hunt, Robert -
Coal-fields of Europe, and of the United States and British North

Ansted, D. T., F.R.S.
Improved blasting cartridge

Rogers, E., F.G.S. Diagram of a section and plan of a shaft

Ditto Ground plan, elevation, and sections of furnace, chimneys. &c.

Buccleuch, His Grace the

Duke of, Crystals of sulphate of iron

Spence, Peter Nutt's beehives

Bentley, John F. Patent marine trunk engines

Penn, J., & Son Marine oscillating engines

Ditto Pendulous high-pressure engine, side and front elevation

Joyce, William Patent double cylinder steam-engine

McNaught, William Steam pump, front and end elevation

Garrett, William Elliot Patent feathering screw propeller, in action and out of gear - Maudsley, Sons, & Field Double cylinder marine engines, end and side elevation

Ditto Direct acting oscillating cylinder steam-engines, end and side) elevation

Ditto Double piston-rod engines, for shallow-river navigation, end and side elevation

Ditto Marine beam steam-engine, end and side elevation

Ditto Annular cylinder marine engines, end and side elevation

Ditto Horizontal direct-acting marine engines for screw propulsion, end)

Ditto elevation and plan Oscillating engine

Clayton & Shuttleworth A new method of converting rectilinear into rotatory motion FitzMaurice, Hon. W. E. Rotatory engine, front elevation and section

Morrell, G. Fire annihilator, entire and in section

Phillips, William H. Balance valves &c., in section

Erskine, Daniel Hollow furnace-bars and fire-bars

Frith, T. & J. Model, showing improvements in lubricating

Hurry, H. C. Carriage fire-engine

Merryweather, M. Cabinet fire-engine

Ditto Improved Brigade fire-engine

Shand & Mason Patent weighing crane

James, J., & Co.
Small patent weighing machine -

Hydraulic press, employed in raising the Britannia Bridge Bank Quay Foundry Co.
The press shown in operation, and end elevation

Patent tubular crane, side and back view

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Fairbairn, W., & Sons Overshot water-wheel

Warner, J., & Sons


231 233

Description of Illustrations.

Name of Exhibitor.




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M Nicholl & Vernon -
L. and N. W. Railway Co.
Smith, R., & Son - -
Freeman & Roe - -
Lambert & Son - -
Thornton, J., & Sons -

Ditto -

Ditto - - -
Crampton, Thomas R.

Ditto - - - -
Wilson, E. B., & Co.
Henson, Henry H. -

Ditto - - -
Kitson, & Co. -
Hawthorn, R. & W.
Hoby, James W. -
Dunn, T. -
Ormerod, R., & S

Ditto - -
Thorneycroft, G.B., & Co.
Dicker, John -

Ditto - - -
Greenway, Charles
Hoy, Joseph - -
Morris, William - -
Nicholl, W., Lewis & Co.

Ditto - -
Richmond, John
Craig, John -

Ditto - -
Pooley, Henry

Ditto -

Ditto - -
Booker, E., & Sons
Cook, Rowley, & Co.
Crosskill, Edmund

Ditto - -
Fowler & Fry -
Kesterton, E. -

Ditto - -
Mason, W. Henry
Rock & Son -
Willoughby, Solomon

216 248 249 250 251 252


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Patent steam travelling crane, end and side elevation -
Crampton's patent express engine -
High-pressure fire-engine-
Ornamental fountain - -
Patent vulcanized India-rubber water-taps -
Patent coupling for railway waggons
Hydraulic lifting jack - -
Improved lifting screw-jack
Express engine - - -
The “ Cornwall” express narrow-gauge engine
Locomotive double-boiler tank-engine, side and half-end elevation
Improved covered railway waggons, end elevation
Improved covered railway waggons, side elevation
Locomotive tank engine -
Locomotive engine - -
Cross section of patent permanent way for railways -
Patent traversing machine - - - - - -
Patent traversing machine, side elevation and plan
Dunn's patent turn-tables, sections and plan - -
Patent charcoal tire for railway wheels and rails and patent axle
Automatic apparatus for mail trains, ground plan
Elevation of the same - -
Patent turn-table for railways
Triform railway signal -
Machine for ascertaining and recording the weight of goods
Improved lever weighing machine -
Dial weighing machine -
Improved engine counter - -
Portable weighing machine -
Bale weighing machine - -
Elevation of office and railway weigh bridge -
Internal construction of weigh bridge
Platform weighing machine
Improved sociable -
Patent park phaeton - -
Improved patent wheel, elevation and side view . - -
Section of globular nave - -
Low-bodied dog cart - - -
The “ Amempton” carriage, closed -
The same carriage, open, as a barouche
Improved pony carriage - - -
Patent “ dioropha,” or two-headed carriage - -
Improved carriage for invalids - -
Perspective view, showing Messrs. Hibbert & Platt's cotton ma-)

chines (lap and carding machine), and Messrs. Hicks and Son's

high-pressure steam-engine and driving-gear - - - Perspective view, showing Messrs. Hibbert and Platt's cotton

machinery (power-looms, throstles, and mules), and Messrs.

Hicks and Son's steam-engine and driving gear - -
Patent self-acting mule - - - -
Carding engine - -


Patent slubbing and roving frame and collars Modern power loom -

- - -


Old power loom

Models of patent sizing and warping machine
A large Jacquard loom -
Patent spinning frame - -
Improved heald machine - - - - -
Sample of healds - - -
Sewing machine - - -
Flax seeding machine - -
Metal disc, for scutching flax -
Front elevation of rotatory disc scutching mill
Improved flax-breaking machine, side and front elevation
Improved holders, for flax-heckling - - - -
Double cylinder heckling machine, side elevation -
Double cylinder heckling machine, end elevation -
Patent double action Jacquard loom
Applegath's printing machine -
Printing machine - - - -
Embossing press - -
Improved galley press - -
Plough-cutting machine -
Numerical printing machine
Patent registering compass -

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Macindoe, G. Park
Mason, J. -

Ditto - -
Harrison, J. -

Ditto - -
Hornby & Kenworthy
Taylor & Son -
Sutcliffe, R. -
Judkins, C. Fiot -

Ditto -

Ditto - -
Robinson, Richard
Plummer, Robert

Ditto - -
Ditto - -
Ditto - -
Ditto - -

Ditto - - -
Barlow, Alfred -
Ingranı, Herbert
Cowper, Edward, F.R.S.
Jarrett, Griffith
Harrild & Sons

Ditto -

Ditto - -
Napier, D., & Son -


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