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le commandments and traditions of men, and , as it were, the law of God of no effect; i law which should have convinced of sin, d all under the curse, and so obliged them to d feel the want of a Saviour, that they had o serve other ends, and persuaded the people uld be obtained thereby, and so contented and ed the worshippers under that covenant, with obedience and observances of the law. This javiour calls whitening the wall, painting the

washing the outside of the dish and platter, ise all the righteousness, godliness, goodness, ess, and whatever else under such names have the work of men, is no other, since it is all

it is all outward ; it is put on, and does not ge the evil nature, or alter the mind, or convert heart. It may please men, and be esteemed and ired by the world, but must be an abomination e sight of God, who tries the hearts and reins, knows the same old, rotten, and filthy heart, ame bad and impure nature, still lives under ind the whole of such a righteousness is in his a cloak, a covering, but not the wedding gar: it is not the white robe, the righteousness of ints; their robe is the salvation of God, and Tinent the righteousness of Christ, and withch the best attainments, the most admired

and holiness is no better than the righteof scribes, pharisees, and hypocrites, and bund of the same piece in the day when rs into judgment with all flesh, and shall lan's work of what sort it is.

Saviour might make his law shine in its rness, and serve whereto it was ordained, es all the false glosses and expoundings sees, and shews how he is guilty who eives honour of men ; that whoso serves God Father, taketh his name in vain, 2 A 2


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we before our faith in Christ' made a league with
death and a covenant with hell, it should not stand,
Satan must give up, Death must deliver back, and
the fetters of sin, which are like brass and iron,
must be dissolved, and become like tow that had
touched the fire, and we should be free indeed.
" But here it would not be amiss to observe, that
though the children of God, and such as are in
the new covenant, and not under the law, nor in
danger of perishing, yet have they no license to
sin ; nor can a faithful soul be ever persuaded of
that delusive doctrine, that there is no sin to a be-
liever ; they can sin, but no human tongue can
describe what pain and inward remorse such must
feel, who again grieve the Lamb willingly, and
venture to defile their raiment. “ If thy children
sin I will visit their offences with a rod, and their
sin with scourges, saith the Lord.” But should a
soul, conscious of his continual weakness, poverty,
and faults, feel a thought amiss, or see he has done
wrong, or spoken or behaved ill, he cannot rest
till our Saviour has taken it away; nor may we be
afraid to suspect their estate, who, with all their
clear and orthodox opinions of grace, live in sin,
or are drunkards, unclean, unchaste, irreligious,
covetous, worldly-minded, proud, boasters, lovers
of pleasure, passionate, and intemperate, for they
are not born of God, and are still of the world.
At the same time, the abuse wherewith some have
abused the gospel of free grace must not stumble us,
or make us legal in our doctrine, manners, or
ideas, nor must we darken the covenant by making
any condition of our being accepted but what God
has made. We are accepted for Jesus Christ's sake,
and saved as freely as a brand taken out of the fire
by one who thought it a pity it should be burned ;
and should we ascribe the least part of our peace,


pardon, or righteousness, to a tirer tar fuze his blood and merits, we roi the LTL 2.43 LEITE spiritual thieves.

But then some thmi we sestro z ma 2 the law. No: it is not s2 TOL. I and condemns wicked sel 21 i sve urdu who urge the necessity of ODTU, Lbreak it, and wind, our: o 2 IS Dave owo rigbteousneSE, sigir tie TEDUNT Lord Christ. The lay ma se ka dient, and over suci E CON EL 2 witpess, but I love .. righteous ; “ fur tie av sez. 1941B, at if righteousnes Sane stsee me vain.

Tbe strict sect of the Pizare. I Lime, were of this mont be w of the la* ** * 12 szt. fore with great ar: a sus ***** pound the word tie spezzarer: could love, acting i ter eshtra under their; ik lises images, bowed dur á un sme $* nations, but TRUNDA VT tz's they cute om te irk Emese did not mine the same terable mne a G is teszi 10 Moses, he vez ez * rain.

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