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turning to this Lamb and Saviour for help, is the only means of obtaining a hearing. “ If any have sinned and cannot come, if the enemy have carried them away captive into a strange land, and they çannot worship or pray to thee in this house, but shall turn and make their prayer looking towards this house (said Solomon in his prayer at dedicating the temple) then do thou hear from heaven and forgive.” Thus we find Daniel opening his window in the captivity," and looking toward the holy temple at Jerusalem,” when he prayed; and the angel tells bim, from the first day he sought the Lord, he was heard. Just so, if a soul has sinned, and Satan has led him captive at his will, into a state far distant from the Lord, so that if he would give all the world he cannot come, he fails and is afraid and ashamed to venture, let him turn and look toward the temple, let him look at Jesus, and see his wounds, and arms, and heart all open to receive him, let him pray with his face toward the crucified Jesus, and he shall feel what reality is in him, he shall know," He is gracious and inerciful, and bis compassions fail not.

John says, “I saw no temple in heaven, for the Lord God and the Lamb are the temple." This is that of which Solomon's was only a picture and figure that is destroyed, and all the worshippers scattered, but this has foundations, and shall be the house of God for ever; whoso enters in hither shall go no more out.

The six cities of refuge and the sanctuary were also other shadows of Christ. His torn head, his back where the plowers plowed and made deep furrows, his hands and feet, are the six cities of refuge, bis wounded side is the sanctuary. If you are convinced of your sinful state, are in danger of the wrath of God, and afraid lest the avenger of blood should pursue you, O fly to these cities, there is room enough to harbour the whole world; fly like doves before the storm into the clefts of this rock, and you shall find the best refuge. You have not many miles to journey, you have no long pilgrimage to undertake ; you need not travel to Jerusalem, or Medina, or Loretto; Jesus is near to you, his hands are spread out to embrace returning prodigals, they are the horns of the altar, the only refuge of poor guilty sinners.

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When Joab fled for sanctuary and took hold on the horns of the altar, he was dragged thence and slain ; but no man can pluck you out of Jesus Christ's hands. Whoever have escaped thither are in safety as long as the sun and moon endureth. The remembrance of their sin and past ill life may make them blush for shame, and force tears from their eyes, but no avenger of blood, no Satan, no law, no judgment can drag a soul thence; they shall dwell safely under bis shadow, and none shall make them afraid.

In the same manner, Adam, Noah, Isaac, Moses, Joshua, David, &c. in other respects, have been shadows of our Immanuel. As by Adam came death, sin, the curse, and misery upon all born out of his loins, so by Christ came the restoration, righteousness, blessing, happiness, and eternal life, upon all born again of him, and who have received a new birth out of his side, through the Spirit, the water, and the blood, - As Noah prepared the Ark and saved his family, so Jesus has prepared also an ark for the saving his family, and is himself that great salvation,

Like as Isaac also would marry his wife out of a far country, and sent for her with camels, a guard of young men, and fine raiment, jewels, and riches to adorn her, and provision by the

way; so Jesus sends down into the world, to inz vite us to be the bride, the Lamb's wife: he sends many angels to guard and bring us home'; bis righteousness and merits are the wedding-garment and jewels which make us shine in the mars riage-chamber, and his body and blood is our provision in the way

Moses was a Saviour, and led out the children of Israel from the land of Egypt, and from the house of bondage; but Christ was a better Saviour, who saves his people from their sins, and releases them out of the hands of all tyrants, death, hell, and the grave, and will be their Saviour in eternity.

Because of Moses's weakness at the waters. he died, and might not enter the good land ; he brought them into the wilderness, and there left them; and then Joshua, which is the same name with Jesus, took them and brought them into the land of Canaan over Jordan. Hereby God signified, that the law brings people out, as it were, into a wilderness, and there shews them their sin and cursed estate, and leaves them ; there we should have been left for ever, if our true Joshua had not vouchsafed to lead us over Jordan into the good land above; for what the law could not do through the weakness of our flesh, that Jesus does, and not only convinces the soul of sin, but brings grace and truth, reality and substance with him, and at once looses the captive from the condemnation of the law, cancels the bond, and is our Surety and Saviour.

Above all the rest David was his shadow, and that in so eminent a manner, that Christ is often called David in the scripture.

David was a shepherd, and when a lion and a bear came and took a lamb out of the flock, he VOL. I.

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ventured his life for the lamb, and slew the lion and the bear, and brought back the sheep he had lost. Our good Shepherd saw when the devil like a roaring lion seized his sheep, and though all the heavens were his with all their hosts, and the world, with its numerous inhabitants, were to him, in coinparison, like a drop of the bucket, yet for that worthless little drop, that poor sheep, he ventured and lost his life to save it: he made war with the lion and the dragon, and overcame by his blood, and brought back the sheep upon his shoulders, which he had lost. David was also a king, a priest, and a prophet : Jesus is the King of kings, and Prince of the kings of the earth; he is the King of Israel, the Prince of peace, whose kingdom shall have: no end. David, indeed, was not of the family of Aaron, nor the first born of his mother, but was called of God to minister in a white ephod, and to burn sacrifices before the Lord; so Jesus was no Levite, but made a priest by him that sware and will not repent, saying, “ Thou art a priest for ever after the order of Melchisedech.”. He only was chosen out of all in heaven and earth to offer the great oblation, and he alone was found worthy to make intercession for the people, and to atone for siu. He also was the “ Prophet mighty in word and in deed," and the chief Doctor and Teacher in all his Father's house. His doctrines, his prophecies alone the Holy Ghost uses to awaken, help, and save the lost world. His words are spirit and life. But the time forbids me to add more, for all other blessed men, all the mysteries of the law', all offerings, festivals, sacraments, washings, and laws are shadows of him. He is our Righteousness, Holiness, Wisdom, Redemption, our Head, our Shepherd, our Master, our Elder, our Light, our Truth, our Resurrection, our Sun, our Guide, our


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Way to heaven, our Door into the sheepfold, our Saviour, our Maker, our Preserver, Mediator, Advocate, Peace, Rest, and eternal Life; he is our Foundation, our Doctrine, our Glory, our Lord God, and All!

He was once preached in visions, in shadows, and darkly by the law, but now plainly and without a veil; now as the crucified Lamb, as the only One that can save, and cannot be set forth too openly, too distinctly and clearly ; for the night is past, and the true light shineth ; the winter is over, and the shadows fly away, and he, our Lord Jesus, is set forth as a propitiation for the remission of sins, and is and must be preached alone, by all his ministers, as the “ only Saviour, the First and Last, the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, without whom we can do nothing." He is our eternal God and Creator, who for our sakes was incarnate and made a man, and is now our Father, Husband, and Brother, our All in all.

Whatever is sacred, or mysterious, or dear, in respect of him, nust be esteemed little and invaluable; they are all shadows, but the substance and body is Christ. To whom be glory for ever and ever.

May you all possess him in your hearts ! Amen.

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