Public General Statutes (of Practical Utility) and the Rules, Regulations, By-Laws, &c: 1902-14, 2. köide,1904–1905. number

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Page 68 - It is within his own knowledge, or would have come to his knowledge if such inquiries and inspections had been made as ought reasonably to have been made by him...
Page 136 - An adequate amount of ventilation shall be constantly produced in every mine, to dilute and render harmless noxious gases to such an extent that the working places of the shafts, levels, stables, and workings of such mine, and the travelling roads to and from such working places, shall be in a fit state for working and passing therein.
Page 58 - On a sale of any property, the expenses of the production and inspection of all Acts of Parliament, inclosure awards, records, proceedings of courts, court rolls, deeds, wills, probates, letters of administration, and other documents, not in the vendor's possession, and the expenses of all journeys incidental to such production or inspection, and the expenses of searching for, procuring, making, verifying, and producing all certificates, declarations, evidences, and information not in the vendor's...
Page 74 - Where a mortgagor is entitled to redeem, he shall, by virtue of this Act, have power to require the mortgagee, instead of re-conveying, and on the terms on which he would be bound to re-convey, to assign the mortgage debt and convey the mortgaged property to any third person...
Page 57 - includes any charge on any property for securing money or money's worth ; and mortgage money means money or money's worth secured by a mortgage, and mortgagor includes any person from time to time deriving title under the original mortgagor or entitled to redeem a mortgage according to his estate interest or right in the mortgaged property, and mortgagee includes any person from time to time deriving title under the original mortgagee ; and mortgagee in possession...
Page 88 - An order of the Court under any statutory or other jurisdiction shall not, as against a purchaser, be invalidated on the ground of want of jurisdiction, or of want of any concurrence, consent, notice, or service, whether the purchaser has notice of any such want or not.
Page 81 - Act may be exercised on his behalf by the trustees of the settlement, and if there are none, then by such person and in such manner as the Court, on the application of a testamentary or other guardian or next friend of the infant, either generally or in a particular instance, orders.
Page 62 - ... to the person to whom the conveyance is made, and to those deriving title under him, subject as, if so expressed, and in the manner in which the conveyance is expressed to be made...
Page 28 - I, the undersigned, public analyst for the do hereby certify that I received on the day of 18 , fromf , a sample of for analysis (which then weighed]: ), and have analysed the same, and declare the result of my analysis to be as follows: — I am of opinion that the same is a sample of genuine or, I am of opinion that the said sample contained the parts as under, or the percentages of foreign ingredients as under.
Page 60 - A conveyance of land having houses or other buildings thereon shall be deemed to include and shall by virtue of this Act operate to convey with the land...

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