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LETTERS to and from Mr. STE ÉLE, Mr.


From 1712 to 1715., p. 249 Letter I. Mr. Steele to Mr. Pope. Of Sir Charles

Sedley's death. The author's Eclogue on

the Mesab. II. Concerning a public, private, or mixed

life. III. Of sickness and dying young. IV. On the Emperor Adrian's verses on his

death-bed. V. From Mr. Steele. VI. VII. Of the Emperor Adrian. VIII. From Mr. Steele. IX. X. On Dennis's remarks on Cato. XI. From Mr. Addison. Concerning Mr.

Pope's translation of Homer. XII. From Mr. Addison. On the same. XIII. Against party spirit. XIV. Of the freedom of a friend, the incon

gruity of Man, and the vanity of the

World. XV. Of the Version of Homer : Party ani

mosty. XVI. Concerning some misunderstandings.



From the Year 1714 to 1721. P. 313 LETTER

I. From the Reverend Dean Berkley to Mr.

Pope. Of the Rape of the Lock; the state

of learning in Italy. II. Mr. Pope to Mr. Jervas. III. To the fame. IV. To the fame. V. The Hon. Mr. Craggs to Mr. Pope. VI. To Mr. Fenton. Concerning Mr. Secreo

tary Craggs's advice to him to write. The

author's manner of pasing his time. VII. From Dean Berkley. description of the

island Inarime. Character of the Italians. VIII. Mr. Pope to - the author building and

and planting : Death of several friends,

and particularly of Dr. Garth. IX. To Mr.

- on the circuit. X. To the Earl of Burlington, an account of a

journey to Oxford with Bernard Lintott, a

bookseller. XI. To the Duke of Buckingham in answer to

bis Letter on Buckingham-house. XII. From the Duke of Buckingham to Mr.

Pope, on the dispute in France concerning


XIII. Anfwer to the former.
XIV. From Dr. Arbuthnot, after the Queen's

death, of the papers of Scriblerus and Dr.

Swift. XV. To Dr. Arbuthnot, on his return from

France, and on the calumnies about the

XVI. To Robert Earl of Oxford.
XVII. The Earl of Oxfords answer.



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