Annual Report of the Council, with the President's Address ..., 28–50. köide

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Page 1 - Notice of Dr. Hare's Strictures on Prof. Dove's Essay on the Law of Storms Am.
Page 8 - And assuredly, there is no mark of degradation about any part of its structure. It is, in fact, a fair average human skull, which might have belonged to a philosopher, or might have contained the thoughtless brains of a savage.
Page 9 - ... rise to races and permanent varieties in animals and plants, are the same as those which in much longer periods produce species, and in a still longer series of ages give rise to differences of generic rank. He appears to me to have succeeded by his investigations and reasonings in throwing a flood of light on many classes of phenomena connected with the affinities, geographical distribution, and geological succession of organic beings, for which no other hypothesis has been able, or has even...
Page 26 - Address delivered at the Anniversary Meeting of the Geological Society of London by William John Hamilton, Esq., President of the Society : — " The Geological Map of India by Mr.
Page 10 - Every thing, in short, bore the stamp of former ages, as if the world had suddenly rolled back a few centuries. Nor was this to be wondered at. Had not the Island of the Seven Cities been for several hundred years cut off from all communication with the rest of the world, and was it not natural that the inhabitants should retain many of the modes and customs brought here by their ancestors ? One thing certainly they had conserved; the old-fashioned Spanish gravity and stateliness.
Page 8 - ... unity of the human race, but neither Mr. Lyell nor any one else has ventured to point out the primordial stock from which the many varieties which exist proceeded. The Ethiopian represented on Egyptian paintings four thousand years old is exactly the Ethiopian of the present day. The skeleton of an Egyptian mummy of the same date does not differ from that of a modern Copt, A Persian colony settled in Western India one thousand years ago, and which have rigorously refrained from intermixture with...
Page 5 - By JOHN KIDD, MD, FRS, Regius Professor of Medicine in the University of Oxford. III. Astronomy and General Physics, considered with reference to Natural Theology.
Page 13 - A Notice of the Origin, Progress, and Present Condition of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia.
Page 9 - Geology, by which he has been led to the conclusion, that those powers of nature which give rise to races and permanent varieties in animals and plants, are the same as those which, in much longer periods, produce species, and, in a still longer series of ages, give rise to differences of generic rank.
Page 1 - PREsENTs. ANONYMOUS (continued). Twenty-ninth Annual Report of the Council of the Royal Geological Society of Cornwall, with the President's Address, and Papers and Notices read to the Society. 8vo. Penzance 1842.

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