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Lately published, by James Nisbet and Co.,

At their select Theological Circulating Library, 21, Berners-street.

In one vol. 8vo., 10s. 6d. cloth boards and lettered,

SAIAH UNFULFILLED: being an Exposition of the Prophet, with New
Version and Critical Notes. By the Rev. R. GOVETT, jun., M.A., Fellow
of Worcester College, Oxford, and Curate of St. Stephen's, Norwich.

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"The Author has pleasure in referring to a work that has only just been pub-
lished and come under his notice, Isaiah Unfulfilled,' being an Exposition of
the Prophet with New Version and Critical Notices. By the Rev. R. Govett,
jun. He sees much in this work in accordance with his own views."-Bicker-
steth's Restoration of the Jews. Second Edition.


Part First.


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London: James Nisbet and Co., 21, Berners-street. Wonston, J. Shayler;
and may be obtained of any bookseller in town or country.

At their Select Theological Circulating Library, 21, Berners-street,


HE COTTAGER'S GUIDE to the NEW TESTAMENT, that is, the Life

and Doctrine of our Lord Jesus Christ plainly set forth. By the Rev.

ALEXANDER DALLAS, M.A., Chaplain to the Lord Bishop of Winchester, and

Rector of Wonston, Hants.

This work is intended to convey, in a simple form, all the information neces-

sary for a right understanding of the New Testament. Every thing is explained
as it occurs in the Scriptures, without supposing any preparatory knowledge; an
application is made of such points as seem to be most obvious in the passage, and
directions are given for prayer upon the subjects.

The work continues to be published in Monthly Numbers, of which the volume

just completed forms the fourth. Volumes I., II. and III. may still be had, 3s. 6d.

each. The numbers are published at 2d. each.

PASTORAL SUPERINTENDENCE: its Motive, its Detail, and its Support.
Post 8vo. Price 12s. cloth boards and lettered.


JESUS TEMPTED: a Practical Consideration of our Lord's Temptation; in

a Course of Six Familiar Lectures preached during Lent. Cloth boards, 1s. 3d.

WONSTON CONFIRMATION TRACTS. Fifth Edition, cloth bds., 1s. 6d.

In 12mo., 2s. 6d. cloth,

LOOK to JERUSALEM: a Scriptural View of the Position of the Jews, in

the great crisis of the World's History.




JANUARY, 1842.

STATEMENT OF PROCEEDINGS RELATING TO THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A BISHOPRIC OF THE UNITED CHURCH OF ENGLAND AND IRELAND IN JERUSALEM. Published by Authority. London: Rivingtons. 1841. AIDS TO REFLECTION ON THE SEEMINGLY DOUBLE CHARACTER OF THE ESTABLISHED CHURCH, with reference to the Foundation of a "Protestant Bishopric" at Jerusalem; recently announced in the Prussian State Gazette. By WILLIAM PALMER, M.A., Fellow and Tutor of St. Mary Magdalen College, Oxford; and Deacon in the Church of England. Oxford: Parker. 1841.

THE BISHOPRIC OF THE UNITED CHURCH OF ENGLAND AND IRELAND AT JERUSALEM; Considered in a Letter to a Friend. By JAMES R. HOPE, B.C.L., Scholar of Merton, Chancellor of the Diocese of Salisbury. London: Stewart. 1841.

WHEN the Apostle of the Gentiles had accomplished his perilous voyage, and was arrived almost in sight of the Imperial city, he "thanked God, and took courage." The toils and dangers through which he had passed were forgotten in the animating prospect which lay before him. The handful of disciples, who came to meet him at Appii Forum, were to his eagle-vision an earnest of the future triumphs of the Gospel through all the wide-extended provinces of Imperial Rome. His prophetic ear, in the greetings

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