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but the State government representing the people, ceased to regard them as such (see ist Journal of Congress, p. 378).

"In nearly all of the states where the Indians still held or occupied lands, acts were passed by the legislatures declaring the Indians to be wards and incompetent of making contracts upon equal terms with the whites and also incapable of managing their own private affairs. Also some of the states asserted the right to dispose of such wardship lands ‘not actually subdued and improved' to the whites, who were left to conciliate the Indians as best they might.

“Treaties continued to be made by the Government with the Indians until the act of March 3, 1871 (16 Stat. L., 566), by which Congress declared:

"No Indian nation or tribe within the territory of the United States shall be acknowledged or recognized as an independent nation with whom the United States may contract by treaty; and no Indian treaty made with any Indian tribe or nation shall be hereby invalidated or impaired.'

"This act marked the end of the period in which the Indians had been treated with as distinct independent nations and by the solemnities of treaties. Thereafter agreements were made with them.” 1 2045. HAMILTON, SAMUEL S. Indian treaties, and laws and regulations relating to Indian affairs, to which is added an appendix, containing the proceedings of the old Congress, and other important state papers, in relation to Indian affairs. Compiled and published under orders of the Department of War of the 9th February and 6th October, 1825. Washington City, Way & Gideon, 1826. xix, (1), 529 pp. 22 cm. 2046. COLLECTIONS of the Maine Historical Society. Portland, published for the Society, 1831-91. 10 vols. 23 cm. Contents: jii, no. 1, 1717, at Georgetown, Maine; no. 2, 1726, at Falmouth, Maine; no. 3, 1727, at Falmouth, Maine, pp. 359-447. iv, no. 1, at Deerfield, Mass.; no. 2, at Falmouth, Maine; no. 3, at St. George's Fort, Maine.

Vide also Index, vol. x. 2047. AMERICAN STATE PAPERS. Documents, legislative and executive, of the Congress of the United States, from the first session of the first to the third session of the thirteenth Congress, inclusive: commencing March 3, 1789, and ending March 3, 1815. Selected and edited, under the authority of Congress, by Walter Lowrie (17841868] .. and Matthew St. Clair Clarke. [Class II. Indian affairs.] Washington, published by Gales and Seaton, 1832–34. 2 vols. 34 cm. Contents: i, 1789-1814; ii, 1815–27.

· Information concerning Indian tribes will be found in: HODGE, FREDERICK WEBB (1864– ). Handbook of American Indians north of Mexico. Washington, Government Printing Office, 1907-10. 2 vols. 24 cm. (House of Representatives, 59th Cong., ist Sess., Doc. no. 926, parts 1 and 2; Cong. Docs., vols. 5001, 5002. Smithsonian institution, Bureau of American Ethnology, bulletin 30.)

Note: T. p. of ii, reads: . . , from the first session of the fourteenth to the second session of the nineteenth Congress, inclusive: commencing December 4, 1815, and ending March 3, 1827 ... by Walter Lowrie ... and Walter S. Franklin. 2048. TREATTES between the United States of America and the several Indian tribes, from 1778 to 1837: with a copious table of contents. Compiled and printed by the direction, and under the supervision, of the commissioner of Indian affairs. Washington, Langtree and O'Sullivan, 1837. lxxxiii, 699 pp. 24 cm. Editions: 2d ed., 1837.

2049. INDIAN BUREAU. Eighteen treaties made with Indians in California, 1851, 1852. June 7, 1852, ordered reprinted January 19, 1905: 69 pp. (Confidential; Senate executive - 32d Cong., ist Sess.)

Not in Congressional set. 2050. HOUGH, FRANKLIN BENJAMIN (1822-85). Proceedings of the commissioners of Indian affairs, appointed by law for the extinguishment of Indian titles in the state of New York. Published from the original manuscript in the library of the Albany institute. With an introduction and notes. Albany, Joel Munsell, 1861. 2 vols. Maps. 213 cm. (Munsell's historical series. Nos. ix, x.) Cover title: Indian treaties.

Contents: 1784-90. 2051. DURANT, THOMAS J. A compilation of all the treaties between the United States and the Indian tribes now in force as laws. Prepared under the provisions of the act of Congress, approved March 3, 1873, entitled "An act to provide for the preparation and presentation to Congress of the revision of the laws of the United States, and the revision of treaties with the Indian tribes now in force." Washington, Government Printing Office, 1873. 1075 pp. 273 cm. Note: Cf. Checklist, p. 1494.

A second edition was issued in 1876. 2052. Laws of the United States relating to Indian affairs, compiled from the Revised statutes of the United States enacted June 22, 1874, and from Statutes at large from that date to March 4, 1883; also, special acts and resolutions previous to the enactment of the Revised statutes, not embraced in or repealed by the revision; also, list of all ratified treaties and agreements made with the several Indian tribes. Third edition. Compiled by the Indian bureau. Washington, Government Printing Office, 1884. 431 pp. 23 cm. Treaties and agreements, pp. 316–340.

List of all Indian treaties and agreements which have been ratified (alphabetically arranged), with the date of each treaty and where the same appears in the Statutes at large, pp. 341-349. 2053. Royce, CHARLES C. (1845- ). Indian land cessions in the United States ... with introduction by Cyrus Thomas (1825-1910).

Washington, Government Printing Office, 1899.521-997 pp. 67 maps. 293 cm. (Eighteenth annual report of the Bureau of American ethnology to the secretary of Smithsonian institution 1896-97 ... Part 2.) 2054. KAPPLER, CHARLES JOSEPHUS. Indian affairs. Laws and treaties. Washington, Government Printing Office, 1903-13. 3 vols. 291 cm. (57th Congress, ist Sess., Sen. Doc. no. 452; Cong. Docs., vols. 4253, 4254; and 62d Cong., 2d Sess., Sen. Doc. no. 719; Cong. Docs., vol. 6166.)


2d edition. Washington, Government Printing Office, 1904. vols. 291 cm. (58th Cong., 2d Sess., Sen. Doc. no. 319; Cong. Docs., vols. 4623, 4624.) Contents: i, Statutes, executive orders, proclamations, and statistics of tribes, compiled to December 1, 1902; ii, Treaties (and agreements), 1778–1883; iii, Laws compiled to December 1, 1913.

Note: From 1778 to 1871 treaties were made by the United States with the Indian tribes. ... By the act of March 3, 1871 (16 Stat. L., 566), Congress provided “that hereafter no Indian nation or tribe within the territory of the United States shall be acknowledged or recognized as an independent nation, tribe, or power with whom the United States may contract by treaty." Since 1871 the United States have entered into agreements with the Indian tribes, which agreements must pass both Houses of Congress and be signed by the President; whereupon they become laws. In consequence, a division of treaties and agreements is made in the compilation by arranging the former in the volume entitled “Treaties' and the latter in the volume entitled “Laws.” — Preface to the second edition, p. v.

NONCONTIGUOUS TERRITORIES 2055. Acts of Congress, treaties, proclamations, and decisions of Supreme Court of the United States, relating to noncontiguous territory, Cuba and Santo Domingo, and to military affairs. Compiled in the Bureau of insular affairs. Washington, Government Printing Office, 1904-12. 6 vols. 231 cm. Contents: i, Compilation of the acts of Congress, treaties, and proclamations relating to insular and military affairs from March 4, 1897, to March 3, 1903; Bureau of insular affairs, War department, January 15, 1904; ii, 58th Congress, March 4, 1903, to March 3, 1905; Supreme Court cases, January 1, 1898, to December 3, 1906; iii, 59th Congress, March 4, 1905, to March 3, 1907; Supreme Court cases, January 1, 1907-June 1, 1909; opinions of Attorney-General, January 1, 1898, to June 17, 1908; list of officials; iv, both Congress, March 4, 1907, to March 3, 1909; v, bist Congress, March 4, 1909, to March 3, 1911; Supreme Court cases, June 1, 1909, to June 1, 1911; opinions of Attorney-General, June 17, 1908, to March 3, 1911; list of officials, December 1, 1911; vi, 62d Congress, March 4, 1911, to March 3, 1913; Supreme Court cases, June 1, 1911-May 31, 1913; opinions of Attorney-General, March 4, 1911, to March 3, 1913; executive orders of the President, March 4, 1898–March 3, 1913; list of officials, January 1, 1913.

Note: _The volumes are public documents as follows: i, 58th Cong., 2d Sess., Senate Document no. 105; ii, 59th Cong., 2d Sess., Senate Document no. 204; iii, 61st Cong., ist Sess., Senate Document no. 47; iv, War Department, Bureau of Insular Affairs, Doc. no. 353; v, 62d Cong., 2d Sess., Senate Document no. 306; vi, 63d Cong., ist Sess., Sen. Doc. no. 173. Vols. i, ii, iii, v, and vi are respectively vols. 4597, 5071, 5565, 6148, and 6527 in the series of Congressional Documents.


Philippines 72056. PHILIPPINE ISLANDS. Acts of Congress and treaties pertaining to the Philippine Islands in force and effect July 1, 1919. ... Comp. in the Bureau of insular affairs, War Department. Washington, Government Printing Office, 1920. ix, 179 pp. Illus. 24 cm.

TEXAS, REPUBLIC OF 2057. GARRISON, GEORGE PIERCE (1853-1910). Diplomatic correspondence of the republic of Texas. Part i (ii

, iii). In Annual report of the American Historical Association for the year 1907 (1908), vol. ii. Washington, Government Printing Office, 1908–11. 3 vols. 244 cm. (Half-title: Eighth report of the Historical manuscript commission.) Contents: Part i (correspondence with the United States); Part ii, Correspondence with the United States (concluded), Mexico, and Yucatan; Part iii, Correspondence with European states. UNITED STATES OF COLOMBIA.5

- June 30, 1896 (notification Vide COLOMBIA.

by Great Britain of placing

within limits of Uganda UNTERWALDEN, CANTON OF.4 Vide SWITZERLAND.





COLLECTION #2061. HORDEÑANA, OSCAR B.; ESPALTAR, MARIO FALCAO. Note: "Legislation of April 4, 1919, places Señors Oscar B. Hordeñana and Mario Falcao Espaltar in charge of a compilation of the treaties and conventions signed by the Republic from 1830 to the present date, under the direction of the ministry of foreign relations." Bulletin of the Pan American Union, June, 1919, p. 735.

LAW COLLECTIONS 72062. RODRIGUEZ, ADOLFO. Coleccion de leyes, decretos del gobierno, tratados internacionales, y acuerdos del superior tribunal de justicia de la República Oriental del Uruguay. Montevidéo, 1856. 2063. CARAVIA, ANTONIO T. Coleccion de leyes, decretos, y resoluciones gubernativas, tratados internacionales, acuerdos del tribunal de apelaciones, y disposiciones de carácter permanente de las demas corporaciones de la república oriental del Uruguay. Montevideo, Imprenta de la Tribuna, 1867–72. 4 vols. 26 cm. Contents: i, 1825-56; ü, 1857-63; ii, 1864-70; iv, 1870-73.

Note: Vols. i-iii are nueva edicion revisada y correjida.”

The ist edition began publication in 1859. 2064a. CRIADO, MATIAS ALONSO. Colección legislativa de la República Oriental del Uruguay, ó sea recopilacion cronológica de las

leyes, decretos, resoluciones gubernativas, tratados internacionales, acordados del Tribunal, y demas disposiciones de carácter permanente sancionadas con fuerza de ley desde la independencia de la República hasta nuestros dias. Montevideo, Imprenta Rural (etc.), 1876–89. 16 vols. in 19. 184 cm. Contents: 1825-93.

Notes: Vol. xii "continuada . . por Manuel Castro Alonzo.” 2064b. ACEVEDO, EDUARDO. Retrospecto económico y financiero de "el Siglo” seguido de la Coleccion legislativa, 1894-95. Montevideo, Imprenta de El Siglo, 1895-96. 2 vols. Vols. xvii-xviii of preceding. 20640. MARTINEZ, EMILIO ALONSO. Colección legislativa . . . continuada. ... 1896-1903. Montevideo, Imprenta de "El Siglo,' A. Barreiro y Ramos, 1897-1904. 8 vols. in 9. Vols. xix-xxvi of preceding. 2064d. COLECCIÓN legislativa . . . dirigida por B[enjamin) Fernández y Medina, 1904-1907. Montevideo, A. Barreiro y Ramos, 1905-08.

19 cm. Vols. xxvii-xxx of preceding. 2065. GOYENA, PABLO V. La legislación vigente de la República del Uruguay. Montevideo, Tipografia de “La Nacion,” 1888–98. 3 vols. 25 cm. Contents: i, 1770-1888; ii, 1835-95; iii, 1876–97.

Indexes: In each volume. Vol. ji contains "un indice general alfabético de los dos tomos." 2066. ARÉCHAGA, JUSTINO J. DE. Colección de leyes usuales de la república oriental del Uruguay. Montevideo, A. Barreiro y Ramos, 1894. 560 pp. 243 cm. (At head of title: Códigos y leyes usuales de la república oriental del Uruguay coleccionados, esmeradamente corregidos y anotados.)

4 vols.

21 cm.

OFFICIAL REGISTERS 2067. REGISTRO oficial del gobierno de la provincia oriental. Canelones, impreso en la imprenta de la provincia (etc.), 1827–29. 6 vols. in 1. Enero 31 de 1827 diciembre 31 de 1829. 2068. REGISTRO nacional de la Republica oriental del Uruguay, (Montevideo, Imprenta de la Caridad, 1830–35.) 10 vols. in 2. Lib. 1, núm. 1, noviembre 17 de 1830-noviembre 6 de 1835.

Indice at end of vol. ii. 2069. REGISTRO NACIONAL. Montevideo, (Imprenta de la Caridad), 1836–38. Various paging. 201 cm. Enero 1 de 1836-Mayo 30 de 1838.

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